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Welcome back, Goose Creek CISD sports fans! We are so excited to begin another year that I’m sure will be filled with exciting athletic endeavors that we will talk about for years to come. Last year, our student athletes dominated in several sports and set state and national records. I believe we will see that happen again this year and more! Athletics is built into the fiber of this nation. It brings people together and provides a level of entertainment that you cannot find anywhere else. Nearly every day of the week, you can find Goose Creek families filling the stands, supporting their favorite team and players. Our Athletic Department, led by Athletic Director Lee Martinez and Assistant Athletic Director Greg Services Dr. Demetrius McCall, provide our student athletes and coaches with the support they need to not only be successful in their sport of choice, but in life. As a former athlete myself, I understand the importance athletics plays in the life of a student; coupled with the high academic rigor we provide in our district, our student athletes continue to rank amongst the best in the state and nationwide. Our Athletic department works hand in hand with our educators. If our students are not learning and excelling in the classroom, they don’t play. Smith, with support from Deputy Superintendent of Administrative

We are so grateful for our amazing teachers that provide every student, regardless of any challenges they may face, with the tools they need to succeed academically. They go above and beyond to prepare our students for life after high school graduation and this is evident in the number of students that matriculate to two- and four-year colleges year after year. Several of our Class of 2022 valedictorians were student athletes, which is a testament to the level of education we provide in our district. Our students understand that education comes first; and everything else comes second and when they are successful in the classroom; there is no doubt that they will be successful in other areas. As we prepare for the 2022-2023 athletic season kick-off, we want to thank our community in advance for their unwavering support. Our student athletes look to you for support and knowing you will always be there to support them-in good times and in bad-makes a world of difference. To our 4,000 employees and over 24,000 students, I wish you the best during this new school year. Let’s make this a GIANT year to remember! Sincerely, Dr. Randal O’Brien Goose Creek CISD Superintendent


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on the cover Photo by Bradley Collier

BOX OFFICE HITS: Welcome to the 4th annual Goose Creek CISD Fall VYPE Edition! Congratulations to [Back Row]: Brock Glasscock (Baytown Sterling), Caleb Smith (Baytown Sterling) and Katy Barger (Baytown Sterling); [Front Row]: Christian Stringer (Goose Creek Memorial), Gloria Martinez (Goose Creek Memorial) and Matthew DeLuna (Baytown Sterling) for gracing the cover.

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We l come Back !

It is exciting to be back for another school year. The student-athletes of Goose Creek CISD are ready to showcase their talents. We are proud of the accomplishments we had in the 2021-2022 season and look forward to continuing our relationship with VYPE to consistently promote our students. We have come a long way in the past several years, as we are able to provide our community with fall and spring versions of the VYPE magazine, as well as livestreaming several of our intra-district events. WE are so grateful to VYPE for allowing us to showcase the best and brightest in Goose Creek CISD. Throughout our athletic programs, we have incorporated five core values — enthusiasm, competition, college ready, community, and accountability. We have held each of our campus leaders responsible for incorporating these values into each one of our programs and holding our student athletes to a higher standard. The results have been outstanding, as we have accumulated a total of 44 scholarships, and almost 7,000 hours of community service throughout the district. All our coaches and kids have done a spectacular job of making sure our student athletes win; both on and off the field. Our campuses are also responsible for submitting reports after each grading period. Our office compiles that data and we create a competition among the schools for highest eligibility rate, and they are awarded a championship belt to display for the student body to see. So far, Sterling has dominated the competition, as they won every report card. At the junior high level, the competition has been extremely close as Horace Mann, Cedar Bayou (x2), and EF Green all shared the title. We look forward to another year as we continue to create a competitive culture with everything we do.

The actual competition has been even more exciting, as we have had 21 of our programs earn a place in postseason play. Among the postseason appearances from Sterling were volleyball (bi district), men’s cross country (regional), women’s basketball (bi district), swim team (regional), team tennis (regional semifinals), and individual tennis (regionals). Goose Creek Memorial sent women’s cross country (regional), team tennis (bi district), men’s basketball (regional quarter final), men’s soccer (area), women’s soccer (bi district), men’s track (regional), and women’s track (regional). Lee also had their share of appearances with women’s cross country (regional), men’s soccer (regional quarterfinal), men’s track (regional), and women’s track (regional). Aside from each of these amazing performances by our athletes, we saved the best for last; as we had four individuals perform at the State level. Tayler Edwards and Diana Moncada of Lee High School competed for a powerlifting State Championship in Corpus Christi, while Sergio Hinojosa of Goose Creek Memorial competed for a men’s powerlifting State Championship in Abilene. To top it all off, Sterling High School’s Cameron Chin captured a State Championship by posting a time of 47.05 in the 400m. As you can tell, there are wonderful things happening in Goose Creek that we are all immensely proud of. We will continue to improve and work to maximize the potential of our student athletes. Serving the district and the City of Baytown has been an honor and I look forward to seeing what the 2022-2023 season will bring. Lee Martinez Director of Athletics

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Mov i ng Fo rwa rd !

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year, Goose Creek Giants! The start of a new year is always an exciting time and we will continue to do the work and prepare our over 24,000 students for an ever changing world and diverse workforce. In GCCISD, athletic and extracurricular activities for our students are an integral part of the educational process. In fact, several of our Class of 2022 valedictorians were athletes! That says something about the quality of education that we provide in Goose Creek, but it also says just as much about our coaches and coaching staff. Our student athletes understand the importance academics plays in their lives and our coaches and coaching staff do as well. Our Athletic department, led by Lee Martinez, works diligently with our educators to ensure every student rises to the occasion of academic excellence that the district is known for.

We are thankful for organizations such as VYPE that serve as partners in celebrating the successes of our students. From organization to academic success, VYPE is a powerful advocate for student involvement. A new school year presents an opportunity for increased optimism. Reflecting on our past, valuing the present and shaping the future keeps our focus on what matters most: the students. We are ecstatic for another opportunity to show and prove what makes Goose Creek CISD one of the most premiere districts in the state of Texas. Here’s to a prosperous 2022-2023 school

year. Let’s go, giants! Dr. Demetrius McCall Goose Creek CISD, Deputy Superintendent of Administrative Services

goose creek cIsd Board Members

Richard Clem President

Tiffany Guy Vice President

Howard Sampson Secretary

Helen Berrott-Tims Assistant Secretary

Shae Cottar Trustee

Mercedes Renteria III Trustee

Jessica Woods Trustee

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GCCISD held a two-day safety training in June. Attendees participated in a reunification exercise at Stallworth Stadium.


The safety of students and staff remains the district’s top priority. The district’s Safe and Secure Schools department, led by director Robert Marquez, reviews and updates the district’s Emergency Response Guide (ERG) quarterly and evaluates the safety measures on a year-round basis. The ERG provides a step-by-step method on crisis best practices. The department stays abreast of current events, and as methods of communication continue to evolve, updates its response methods to maximize the reliability and affectability of the crisis plan currently in place. Dr. Anthony Price, Chief Operations Officer, provides guidance to the department to ensure every step of the safety and reunification process is up-to date and complete. Goose Creek CISD continues to do the work to provide staff with access to training that will ensure the highest level of competence as it relates to the safety and security of our buildings and its inhabitants. “The district currently has fences surrounding all of our campuses, badges are required for entry, security cameras and more,” Marquez said. “We are grateful for the support and expertise of our Technology department as well as the GCCISD Police Department and it is our duty to remain steadfast in ensuring that our campuses are a safe place for our students to learn and our staff to work. Nothing is fool-proof and there is still more work to be done, but we are well on our way.” Training is one of the many ways in which the Safe and Secure Schools department provides resources to district staff members. Goose Creek was the host site for a reunification training in early June. The Harris County Department of Education’s Safe and Secure Schools department brought in the “I Love U Guys” Foundation to provide attendees with training on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) as well as the Standard Reunification Method (SRM). District employees and local law enforcement from the Beaumont and Houston area attended the two-day event. The Foundation was the brainchild of John-Michael Keyes, who lost his daughter in the Platte Canyon High School shooting in 2006. Since then, he and his wife, along with Foundation members, have made it their mission to provide training on school and public safety to more than 30,000 schools, districts, departments, agencies,

organizations and communities across the globe. According to the Foundation’s website, the SRP is action based and is a response to any given situation; not on individual scenarios. The premise is the five specific actions that can be performed during an incident. Goose Creek CISD has adopted the Foundation’s SRP and included it in their annual Safe Schools training for all employees for the 2022-2023 school year. Dr. Price believes in the importance of keeping students, staff and stakeholders informed on the protocol. “We send a copy of the SRP home to all of our families because we want them to be aware, if and when the times comes, of what each step of the process means,” he said. “Our main priority is the safety of our students, faculty and staff and we continue to build upon and improve the safety measures we currently have in place from year to year.” John-Michael Keyes, founder of the I Love U Guys Foundation, goes over the reunification process with a training attendee.

loCKdoWN “l o cks, lights, out o f Sight” Stu d ents are trained to: • Move away from sight • Maintain silence • Do not open the door A d u l ts an d staff are trained to: • Recover students from hallway if possible • Lock the classroom door • Turn out the lights • Move away from sight • Maintain silence • Do not open the door • Prepare to evade or defend

STANDARD ® RESPONSE PROTOCOL INFoRMATIoN FoR PARENTS ANd GUARdIANS Our school has adopted The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s Standard Response Protocol (SRP). Students and staff will be training, practicing, and drilling the protocol. CoMMoN lANGUAGE The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is based on an all hazards approach as opposed to individual scenarios. Like the Incident Command System (ICS), SRP utilizes clear common language while allowing for flexibility in protocol. The premise is simple - there are five specific actions that can be performed during an incident. When communicating these, the action is labeled with a “Term of Art” and is then followed by a “Directive.” Execution of the action is per formed by active participants, including students, staff, teachers and first responders. The SRP is based on the fol lowing actions: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter.

EVACUATE “T o a l o cati o n” Stu d ents are trained to: • Leave stuff behind if required to • If possible, bring their phone • Follow instructions A d u l ts an d staff are trained to: E “

Hold “In Y o ur C l assr oo m o r Area” Stu d ents are trained to: • Clear the hallways and remain in their area or room until the “All Clear” is announced • Do business as usual A d u l ts an d staff are trained to: • Close and lock the door • Account for students and adults • Do business as usual SECURE “Get Insi d e. l o ck o utsi d e doo rs” Stu d ents are trained to: • Return to inside of building • Do business as usual A d u l ts an d staff are trained to: • Bring everyone indoors • Lock the outside doors • Increase situational awareness • Account for students and adults • Do business as usual H “

• Bring roll sheet and Go Bag (unless instructed not to bring anything with them, dependent on reason for evacuation.) • Lead students to Evacuation location • Account for students and adults • Report injuries or problems using Red Card/Green Card method. SHElTER “State Hazar d an d Safety Strategy” Hazar d s might include:

• Tornado • Hazmat • Earthquake • Tsunami Safety Strategies might include: • Evacuate to shelter area • Seal the room • Drop, cover and hold

• Get to high ground Stu d ents are trained in: • Appropriate Hazards and Safety Strategies A d u l ts an d staff are trained in: • Appropriate Hazards and Safety Strategies • Accounting for students and adults • Report injuries or problems using Red Card/Green Card method.


Nataly Velasco, Baytown Sterling

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6 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

Water Polo

JUMPING IN! B AY T OWN S T E R L I N G R E A D Y F O R F I R S T U I L S E A S O N O F WAT E R P O L O \\ By J o s h u a Ko c h

Baytown Sterling’s Kaleb Brownlee, Stephanie Miranda, Aaron Avant, Cooper Moore, Nautica Chapman and Sebastian Kingston

wants to be the leader the Rangers need. “I want to learn more about [being a leader] and grow more as a person and as a leader,” she said. “Be more competitive and try our best .” The goal for the season is, of course, winning games and advancing in the UIL playoffs come October. “I really like being competitive,” Miranda said about what she likes about water polo. “I also like getting in the water and getting real physical with people. When you score you get the emotion.” So, be sure to go check out the UIL’s newest sport this fall – in the pool.


PLAYED IN THE FALL AND UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF THE UIL. Both are new for a sport that has played for years under TISCA and a program that has brought home titles in the past and looking for its first UIL banners is Baytown Sterling. The Rangers will field a boys and girls team this upcoming season. “I’m excited,” Stephanie Miranda said. “I really hope that we can win. I’m hoping that more girls get into the game.” Miranda enters her senior season as the team captain of the girls squad. Entering this year, Miranda

Aaron Avant, Baytown Sterling

Nautica Chapman, Baytown Sterling

g c c i s d . n e t / / A U G 2022 / / G O O S E C R E E K C I S D / / 7

Photo feature

Ka’Don Booker, Gentry

8 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

Ava Martinez, EF Green

Xavier Oviatt, Highlands

Zayleigh Sayers, Horace Mann

Swai Turpen, Cedar Bayou

GEN ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ N E X T

T H E S E F A C E S A R E T H E F U T U R E O F G O O S E C R E E K C I S D AT H L E T I C S . F R OM T H E F O O T B A L L F I E L D T O T H E T E N N I S C O U R T, WE H A D T H E S TA R S O F B AY T OWN J U N I O R , C E D A R B AY O U , E DWA R D ( E F ) G R E E N , G E O R G E H . G E N T R Y, H I G H L A N D S A N D H O R A C E MA N N C OM E O U T F O R T H E 2 0 2 2 V Y P E F A L L G O O S E C R E E K C I S D M E D I A D AY ! T I M E T O M E E T T H E S TA R S T H AT A R E C OM I N G U P T H E P I P E L I N E I N S I D E G C C I S D !

Photo feature

Mario Jackson, Cedar Bayou

Cara Miller, Baytown Junior

Reese Malpass, Gentry

Chris Collins, EF Green

10 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

Lisbet Jimenez, Horace Mann

Gabriel Howard, EF Green

Andrew Castro, Baytown Junior

Amanda Thomas, Highlands

g c c i s d . n e t / / A U G 2022 / / G O O S E C R E E K C I S D / / 11

Photo feature

Reina Jones, Cedar Bayou

Carter Anderson, Gentry

Kaylee Huron, Highlands

Bryant Balderas, Horace Mann

Ingrid Jimenez, Baytown Junior

12 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

Cross Country

TOWN ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ WE RUN THIS Hailey Pequeno, Goose Creek Memorial

cross country

MOM E N TA RY PA I N . . . BIG SUCCESS B AY T OWN S T E R L I N G ’ S G L A S S C O C K R E A D Y F O R B I G S E N I O R S E A S O N \\ By J o s h u a Ko c h

EVERY FEBRUARY IN BAYTOWN FOR THE PAST 11 YEARS, RUNNERS WILL BUNDLE UP AND COMPETE IN THE ANNUAL JAIL BREAK RUN HALF MARATHON AND 5K. When Brock Glasscock was just in the third grade, him and his father ran that race – hence his love for running was born. Now, Glasscock begins his senior year at Baytown Sterling High School as one of the top runners in all of Goose Creek CISD entering the 2022 cross country season after reaching the Regional Meet a year ago. “Last season, I went out hoping to place in the top runners in the district ,” Glasscock said. “That ’s exactly what I did. I went on to have a pretty good Regionals run. All my success is from just going out there and listening to Coach McDowell and his plans. Doing exactly what he says and putting in the work every day.” Glasscock placed 21st overall in the Region III Championship with a time of 16:49.80. This followed a fifth place finish at the District 22-5A meet 11 days prior. His personal best for the season came at the Longhorn Stampede on September 23 with a time of 16:07.72. Ask the senior his goals for the 2022 campaign, he’s upfront and clear about them – Top 3 in District , Top 5 in Regionals and a “good appearance” at State. So, what does it take to reach those aspirations? “It is when you are out

journey in mind. “I want to go on and run in college and get a degree in engineering,” he said. Glasscock is goal-oriented, so everyone better just get out of his way in 2022 because he is coming for gold.

Outside of running, Glasscock enjoys going off roading in his Jeep, mountain biking, binging the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix , while also getting hyped to a J. Cole song. After high school , Glasscock has his next

there training and you get to that third, fourth or fifth mile, you block out the pain. You keep going,” Glasscock said. “You know even though it is going to hurt in the moment , the success in the future is going to be worth the momentary pain.”

14 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

THE 411 G O O S E C R E E K M E MO R I A L’ S G L O R I A MA R T I N E Z \\ By J o s h u a Ko c h

country help you in soccer? MARTINEZ: Stamina. In soccer you are back and forth a lot , so it helps. VYPE: What do you want to do in the future and what is your style of play in soccer? MARTINEZ: I want to go pro in soccer and I think I am quick and very aggressive. VYPE: You are a good student as well , being in the Top 10 percent . What is the next step when it comes to college? MARTINEZ: A scholarship hopefully, I want offers and I’m sure I can get some. They’re coming. VYPE: What is your dream school? MARTINEZ: The University of Texas or Texas A&M. VYPE: What ’s your favorite movie? MARTINEZ: Zootopia. VYPE: What would be your superpower? MARTINEZ: Flying. VYPE: What would you as a senior tell your freshman self as a piece of advice? MARTINEZ: Be ready.

GLORIA MARTINEZ IS THE DEFINITION OF A TWO-SPORT STAR. The Goose Creek Memorial senior has excelled on the cross country course in the fall and then the soccer pitch in the spring. Last year, Martinez Country Meet after a 10th place finish at the District 22-5A Meet . VYPE caught up with Martinez prior to the start of her senior swan song for the Patriots. VYPE: You had a tremendous season last year, tell us about it . MARTINEZ: I made it to Regionals, which was my main goal. I came up a little short because I wanted to go to State as well. But it was good. [My key to success] was not giving up, even with school going on and a lot of stress. VYPE: How does soccer help you in cross country? MARTINEZ: The competitiveness. I’m a very competitive advanced to the Region II Cross

person; being in soccer helps me a lot . VYPE: Let ’s flip it , how does cross

g c c i s d . n e t / / A U G 2022 / / G O O S E C R E E K C I S D / / 15

cross country

Goose Creek Memorial’s Chris Collins (EF Green), Giovanni Constante Salazar, Oliver Reyes, Carlos Gonzalez and Andrew Dehoyos (EF Green)

Lesly Dejesus, Baytown Lee

Baytown Lee’s [Back Row]: Lesly Dejesus and Heaven Perkins; [Middle Row]: Jezebel Diaz (Baytown Junior), Gabriella Mendieta (Horace Mann), Andrew Diaz (Baytown Junior), Cara Miller, Gabrielle Arriaga (Horace Mann), Andrew Castro (Baytown Junior), Makayla Herrera (Baytown Junior), Mia Herrera (Baytown Junior) and Elijah Castro (Horace Mann); [Front Row]: Yadhira Monrreal (Baytown Junior), Ingrid Jimenez (Baytown Junior), Zayleigh Sayers (Horace Mann), Ava Wygal (Baytown Junior) and Makayla C. Gonzalez (Baytown Junior)

Baytown Sterling’s [Back Row]: Cera Bernshausen, Jackelyn Arevalo, Lauren Kinder, Samara Huerta, Nevaeh Sosa, Abbigayle Garcia, Alexandra Nava, Paola Leon and Jaylee Anderson; [Front Row]: Itzel Villasenor and Autumn Stowe (Cedar Bayou)

Giovanni Constante-Salazar, Goose Creek Memorial

16 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

Baytown Sterling’s [Back Row]: Gael Garcia (Gentry), Phillip Newcomer, Juan Hernandez, Brock Glasscock, Alex Mendez, Stephaun Franklin, Jason Alvarez (Gentry) and Hudson Bernard (Cedar Bayou); [Front Row]: Evan Minx (Cedar Bayou), Thomas Moreno, Marquel Gobert (Gentry), Saad Mahmood and Maddox Reynaga

Jaylee Anderson, Baytown Sterling

Goose Creek Memorial’s Keana Edwards (Highlands), Vanessa Tellez (EF Green), Kayleen Figueroa, Gloria Martinez, Hailey Pequeno, Jenna Rojas (EF Green) and Kaylee Huron (Highlands)


G I R L S Jaylee Anderson, Baytown Sterling 18th at District 22-5A Meet Jackelyn Arevalo, Baytown Sterling 32nd at District 22-5A Meet Gloria Martinez , Goose Creek Memorial 2021 Region III Qualifier (50th overall) Hailey Pequeno, Goose Creek Memorial 2021 Region III Qualifier (53rd overall) Luna Lerma, Goose Creek Memorial 2021 Region III Qualifier (82nd overall) Kayleen Figueroa, Goose Creek Memorial 2021 Region III Qualifier (90th overall) Patricia Torres, Goose Creek Memorial 19th at District 22-5A Meet Lesly DeJesus, Baytown Lee 28th at District 22-5A Meet Heaven Perkins, Baytown Lee 29th at District 22-5A Meet Emily Martinez , Baytown Lee 41st at District 22-5A Meet

BOYS Brock Glasscock , Baytown Sterling 2021 Region III Qualifier (21st overall) Juan Hernandez , Baytown Sterling 2021 Region III Qualifier (63rd overall) Matthew Gonzalez , Baytown Sterling 25th at District 22-5A Meet Saul Chavez , Goose Creek Memorial 19th at District 22-5A Meet Ramon Diaz , Goose Creek Memorial 20th at District 22-5A Meet Carlos Gonzalez , Goose Creek Memorial 26th at District 22-5A Meet Oliver Reyes, Goose Creek Memorial 31st at District 22-5A Meet Alejandro Saenz , Baytown Lee

21st at District 22-5A Meet Jay Ondabu, Baytown Lee 38th at District 22-5A Meet Isaiah Mireles, Baytown Lee 50th at District 22-5A Meet

g c c i s d . n e t / / A U G 2022 / / G O O S E C R E E K C I S D / / 17

GrowingGiantCareerOpportunities! BY: KENDALL DAVID, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & MARKETING Goose Creek CISD has committed to giving

students diverse opportunities and rich experiences to prepare for life after high school. As a result, we are confident that our district provides one of the nation’s most hands-on, opportunistic, career and technical systems. Currently, we have 10 career academies where students are engaged through a rigorous curriculum, inspired through industry

partnerships, and empowered through real-world experiences, to succeed in post secondary education and the global workforce. In addition, three of our academies (STEM, Global Business, and Health Science) have achieved national model status from the National Career Academy Coalition; the highest rating granted to campuses. The NCAC creates the instructional framework and sets national standards of practice for career academies across the country. This year, districts from all over the country will participate in onsite visits at our model academies. Not only do our academies benefit students, but they act as a service to the community. Did you know that our students run a pet spa? You can take your pet to the Stuart Career Spa 4 Paws for grooming. Stuart Career also offers an auto repair storefront and is opening Titan Table, a fully operational restaurant and coffee shop, in the fall for public use. Currently, SCTHS is working to open a computer repair shop for basic technology repair. In addition, the Global Business Academy has an onsite Beacon Federal Credit Union branch open to its students and staff. Goose Creek CISD students in the eighth grade can begin to apply for academies in the fall. Please review our High School Options brochure to learn more about opportunities for our Giants.



ACADEMY OF MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE AT SCTHS Students in the Academy of Culinary Arts earn college credit while learning to feed the world while developing their passion for creating beautiful, healthy meals. Students study culinary techniques, nutrition, food chemistry, food processing, and restaurant management. In addition, students gain experience in the industry working in the on site Culinary Café, along with catering community events and serving in internships in local business and industry. Students in the Manufacturing and Industrial Maintenance Academy learn about the many exciting careers in the petrochemical industries, from entry-level craft occupations to careers requiring two- and four-year college degrees. We offer exciting opportunities for academy students, from designing and improving products, operating high-tech equipment, and analyzing problems to developing creative solutions. In addition to working on their associates degree or certificate in welding or pipefitting, students can earn NCCER, AWS, and other credentials and certifications. ACADEMY OF ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE AT SCTHS In the Advanced Automotive Academy, students learn the skills required to begin a successful career in the automotive and collision repair industries. Academic and technical classes combine automotive workplace knowledge and skills using a NATEF-certified facility. By partnering with Lee College, students can earn high school and college credit for many of their academic and technical courses. ACADEMY OF CULINARY ARTS AT SCTHS The Academy of Agricultural Sciences provides students with a solid academic foundation in veterinary studies with an emphasis on hands-on learning and problem solving, which prepares students to sit for the Certified Veterinary Assistant Exam offered through the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. As a result, students will be well prepared to enter the workforce as a CVA and/or continue their post-secondary education to work towards becoming a veterinary technician or veterinarian.

The Global Business Career Academy at Goose Creek Memorial (GCM), an NCAC National Model Academy, offers students an engaging business curriculum, job shadowing and internships, career certifications, and preparation for college and the business world. Students even have an opportunity to intern in places like the Beacon Credit Union, Walgreens, and Chick-fil-A as part of their senior year experience. The Sterling Health Science Career Academy, an NCAC National Model Academy, places students on a path of excellence. Academy students can complete the Project Lead the Way-Biomedical Science Pathway, the Healthcare Diagnostics & Therapeutics pathway, or an EMT Level 1 Certificate pathway. Our students can gain experience in many healthcare fields and can earn a CAN, CCMA, Pharmacy Technician, EKG, or Phlebotomy certification. In the EMT pathway, students take dual credit courses to earn a level 1 certificate in EMT at Lamar Institute of Technology. In the EMT course, students participate in emergency room and ambulance clinicals. Lee High School hosts the STEM Career Academy, an NCAC National Model Academy, which has earned a Texas Education Agency T-STEM designation. Students even have an opportunity to design new products that can change the world. Business partners such as ExxonMobil, Covestro, Samson, and the City of Baytown provide opportunities to learn about the engineering world. Lee College offers dual credit classes for the students to graduate with college credits. The STEM Academy also offers students the opportunity to acquire industry-based certifications in Microsoft Office and FAA Drone Pilot’s license. In addition, students enjoy a well-rounded education with site-based industry field trips, robotics competitions, guest speakers, internships, job shadowing, and college visits. HEALTH SCIENCE ACADEMY AT STERLING SCIENCE , TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATH (STEM) ACADEMY AT LEE The Career Academy for Future Educators (CAFÉ) at Sterling prepares students for a career in education. Students engage in exciting education curriculum, job shadowing, internships, and college preparation activities. Students participate in Texas Association for Future Educators (TAFE) and Educators Rising (state and national organizations), where they can compete against other students in education related events. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY AT SCTHS In the Information Technology Academy, students learn the skills required to begin a successful career in the network and computer systems/support industry. By partnering with Lee College, students can earn both high school and college credit for many of their academic and technical courses. In addition, four years with the Information Technology Academy will lead students to a college associate degree or certificate and a Performance Acknowledgment if they earn CompTIA A+, Network+, or CISCO certifications. Students in the Digital Communications Academy will learn about different audio, video, and digital media formats that will prepare them for a career in Digital Communications. The courses in the pathway prepare students for occupations and educational opportunities associated with producing audio and visual media formats, such as TV broadcasts, advertising, video production, or motion pictures. This Academy may also include exploring operating machines and equipment to record sound and images, such as microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, video monitors, sound and mixing boards, and related electronic equipment. DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS ACADEMY AT SCTHS ACADEMY FOR FUTURE EDUCATORS AT STERLING GLOBAL BUSINESS ACADEMY AT GCM


Dominic Medina, Baytown Lee


THE 411 B AY T OWN S T E R L I N G ’ S C A L E B S M I T H \\ By J o s h u a Ko c h

CALEB SMITH IS LOOKING FOR A BIG SEASON THIS FALL FOR BAYTOWN STERLING IN MULTIPLE SPOTS ON THE GRIDIRON. The 6-foot-1, 170-pound junior can lock it down at defensive back , come down hill for a tackle at middle linebacker or tote the rock out of the backfield. Both sides of the ball , the junior is primed for a big year. VYPE caught up with the star – who also boasts a 4.51 40-yard dash time to go with his 4.0 GPA – and learned more about him. VYPE: What are the goals for this upcoming season? SMITH: Going out there and try and win every game. That ’s it . That ’s the goal. VYPE: What have your worked on the most this offseason? SMITH: Footwork and speed. VYPE: When did football become a big deal for you? SMITH: Just recently, when I got into high school. VYPE: What is your Netflix go-to? SMITH: Stranger Things . It is the best . VYPE: What is your hype song for the 2022 season? SMITH: Love Sosa by Chief Keef VYPE: You are entering your senior year. What would you tell your freshman self as a piece of advice? SMITH: Work harder.

g c c i s d . n e t / / A U G 2022 / / G O O S E C R E E K C I S D / / 21


✯ T E AM P R E V I EW✯ FOOTBALL \\ By J o s h u a Ko c h

Baytown Lee’s [Back Row]: Carlos Zamarripa, Adrian David (Baytown Junior), LeVay Duncan Jr., Tommy Gonzalez (Baytown Junior), Josh Huerta, Louis Schatte (Horace Mann) and Keven Ortiz; [Middle Row]: Josiah Joseph, Aedan Squires (Baytown Junior), Wanyae Barnes, Bryant Balderas (Horace Mann), Dominic Medina, Luis Gonzalez Jr. (Baytown Junior) and Harold Gibson; [Front Row]: Ehret Calloway, Jayden Nelson (Baytown Junior) and Denzel Taylor

while Gibson holds it down at linebacker. GOOSE CREEK MEMORIAL PATRIOTS Goose Creek Memorial enters a new era this fall. Daniel Ragsdale takes over the reigns for Shannon Carter who took a job at the collegiate level with Abilene Christian University. Ragsdale has served as the offensive coordinator for the Patriots for the past few seasons. Prior to arriving at GCM, Ragsdale had stops at perennial power North Shore and Summer Creek , working for the likes of David Aymond, Brian Ford and Jon Kay. “I’ve been so fortunate to be around some great

BAYTOWN LEE GANDERS Tim Finn has worked his magic at Baytown Lee, which has resulted in a pair of solid seasons back-to-back for the Ganders. In 2020, they reached the playoffs for the first time since 2009 – a huge accomplishment . They followed that up last season going 7-3 and just barely missing the playoffs. Now, what can they do this year having to replace quite a few big-time pieces – including Trudell Berry (Vanderbilt) – on both sides of the ball? The Ganders do return second-team, all-district offensive lineman Keven Ortiz to lead the line. On defense,

first-team, all-district outside linebacker Josh Huerta is back along with second team, inside linebacker Harold Gibson, who is a four year starter for the Ganders. At quarterback expect LeVay Duncan Jr. to be slinging the rock and can let it fly. Some of his targets will include Josiah Joseph in the slot and Huerta, who will also flip to receiver at times. Ehret Calloway will be a nice big target as well , while Dominic Medina and Carlos Zamarripa hold it down up front . Watch for Wanyae Barnes and Denzel Taylor to come rumbling out of the backfield as well. Defensively, Taylor will play some free safety for the Ganders along with Nelson,

programs and leaders,” Ragsdale said. “God has put me in the right places at the right time. Each has taught me something different .” Now, down to business. Ragsdale takes over a program that is still fairly new onto the landscape and last made the playoffs in 2020. Prior to that it was 2013, which was on the back end of a three-consecutive playoff berth streak. The Patriots will have to replace some pieces but do return second-team, all-district defensive end Joseph Holmes. He will be the anchor of that unit . Staying on defense, Ragsdale believes they will be bigger up front and his linebacker and secondary will be “pretty

22 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

said. “I think any district you get in right now down in this area is a tough district . Kids love football , parents love football , and the community loves football. “You’re going to have to compete every week.” The ultra-talented Reece Sylvester (Washington State), who was the District 9-5A-DI Multi-Purpose Player of the Year in 2021, is gone, and someone will have to step up in his role and they have some people to do that . First-team, all-district fullback Enijah Evans returns along with second-team, all-district receiver Robert Adams. Along with Adams, the Rangers bring back Jace Greer and Kody Arceneaux at receiver, who were both starters as well. Up front , Gage Woodard, Antonio Salazar and Malachi Godfrey bring back some experience in the trenches. Entering fall camp, the quarterback spot was still being battled for. Other names to remember include Trenton Smith (RB), La Javian Hagan (OL/DL) and Caleb Smith (RB/LB). On the defensive side, it is going to be a pretty new group, especially up front on the line. Toomer is set to build up the unit , led by Smith at linebacker, Issac Solorio at safety, Eugene Dersone at outside linebacker and Jaden Clark at corner. As they head into the season, wins and losses are of course important but at the end of the day, Toomer is trying to teach life lessons along with football. “I tell these kids all the time, your emotions may change but your character never should,” he said. “You shouldn’ t play this game for wins and losses; it is about camaraderie. They’re going to remember this family for the rest of their life. Are wins great to have? Absolutely. But I want these young men to know there is life after sports.”

kids, there’s a certain kind of toughness that comes with them,” Ragsdale said. “That may not be the way that things are perceived but this is a different group … They respond. I think when we get on the field to play and strap it up and go nose-to-nose with people they’re going to show up just like they have all offseason.” BAYTOWN STERLING RANGERS Realignment shook some

GCCISD programs landed in District 8-5A-DI and moved from Region III to Region II, which for playoffs means more travel. As far as the competition goes, trade Beaumont United for Crosby, Friendswood for Barbers Hill giving Baytown Sterling a “competitive district ”. For head coach Robert Toomer, he is looking to get the Rangers back into the playoffs for only the second time in program history and the first time since 2008. “It ’s not about the district but it is about what we do and how we go about handling things,” Toomer

salty” led by Eli Lewis, Ahmad Kerl and Holmes to hold it down. Other names to remember on defense include Luis Salas (DE) and Verdell English (OLB/S). Offensively, Brian Samuel will be a gamechanger at receiver who is “super talented” and Desmond Wade-Johnson is a “dynamic kid” also at receiver. There will be youth on the offensive line, but Ragsdale believe they will be good to go. Also, watch out for Darius Carr (WR), Jermaine Garcia (FB/ TE) and Cadin Sharp (OT). “When it comes to our

things up for the Goose Creek CISD programs. When the UIL made changes in February,

Goose Creek Memorial’s [Back Row]: Dustin Aguayo (Highlands), Brian Samuel, Darius Carr, Cadin Sharp, Matthew Thomas (EF Green), Joseph Holmes, Desmond Wade-Johnson, Verdell English, Ahmad Kerl and Luis Salas; [Front Row]: Derek Campbell (EF Green), Xavier Oviatt (Highlands), Gabriel Howard (EF Green), Amario Allen (Highlands) and Jermaine Garcia

Baytown Sterling’s [Back Row]: Jace Greer, Jaden Clark and Eugene Dersone; [Middle Row]: Tre Collins (Cedar Bayou), Kody Arceneaux, Trenton Smith, Ethan Abraham (Gentry), Malachi Godfrey, Mario Jackson (Cedar Bayou), Teighan Herrin (Cedar Bayou), Gage Woodard and La Javian Hagan; [Front Row]: Noah Benitez (Gentry), Issac Solorio, Caleb Smith, Enijah Evans, Robert Adams, Antonio Salazar and Ka’Don Booker (Gentry)


LeVay Duncan, Baytown Lee

Jermaine Garcia, Goose Creek Memorial

Robert Adams, Baytown Sterling

Josh Huerta, Baytown Lee

Jace Greer, Baytown Sterling

24 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

Eugene Dersone Baytown Sterling

Ehret Calloway, Baytown Lee

Brian Samuel, Goose Creek Memorial

Joseph Holmes Goose Creek Memorial

A N C HO R O F THE DEFENSE F O U R -Y E A R S TA R T E R G I B S O N R E A D Y T O L E A D G A N D E R S \\ By J o s h u a Ko c h


the Ganders made the playoffs for the first time since 2009 and last year, they finished just on the outside looking in, despite going 7-3 overall. “We were the best defense in the league last year and we plan to come back and show the teams that we’re still here,” Gibson said. The ultimate dream for Gibson is to play college football. A dream that his father saw shattered when he broke his collar bone in high

getting thrown into the mash pit as we called it . “I was 165 pounds against people that would warm up with that weight . For me, it was all about going hard, giving it 110 percent no matter what . Obviously, they had size on me but I loved the sport .” The Baytown Lee middle linebacker and long snapper has been a crucial piece to the revitalization of Ganders football. In his sophomore season,

SINCE HIS EARLIEST MEMORIES, HAROLD GIBSON HAS HAD FOOTBALL IN HIS LIFE. Gibson’s first baby outfit was some Houston Texans gear. His father playing high school football and it has been a big part of his life. At Baytown Lee, he was thrust into the spotlight early as a freshman on varsity. “Coming in my freshman year, I was pretty childish, but I was more mature than my freshman classmates,” Gibson said. “I grew up pretty fast

The second-team, all district inside linebacker when asked about his style of play is up front with you. He is aggressive. Likes to hit and send a message when he does so. “I like to come down field and show you that you’re playing on our turf,” Gibson said. “I like to be aggressive, quick , fast , physical – the All-American linebacker you envision.”

26 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t


Tanishua Joseph, Baytown Sterling

STARS ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ S P I K E



B A R G E R E M E R G E S A S T O P R A N G E R \\ By De n n i s S i l v a I I

This year, MVP, maybe? “That ’s definitely my goal , as well as being able to reach 1,000 career kills,” Barger said. “That ’s a huge milestone and I want to be able to accomplish that or District MVP by my senior year.” Barger has 454 kills through two varsity seasons with two more to go. She’s on her way to 1,000. And her confidence is sky high after emerging as the Rangers’ primary attacker as a sophomore. “I know where I stand,” Barger said, “and I got a sense that I can do whatever I put my heart to.” Barger continues to grow and mature. She said it ’s different playing at Sterling, where a lot of the emphasis is on relationships and learning how to play together. “It ’s a lot different from other schools because we focus so much on how much energy we have as a team and team chemistry,” she said. “It has helped me improve so much. I never realized how much that team chemistry and bond really does help with how you play on the court .” Barger is already a leader by example. The numbers talk. Now, she is eager to show that she has what it takes to be a voice others will listen to. “Last year, there were a lot of seniors,” she said. “This year, I feel like it will be a lot easier for me to become a leader on the court and to step up.” There will be no backing down.

LAST SEASON WAS MORE OR LESS A GUT-CHECK CAMPAIGN FOR BAYTOWN STERLING JUNIOR KATY BARGER. After an impressive debut varsity season as a freshman in 2020, Barger saw her spot up for grabs with 10 seniors fighting for playing time last year. Competition was heated, intense. The seniors forced Barger to prove herself. They wanted to play just as badly as she did. Barger could have backed down or stepped up. “Being able to compete for a spot on the court was challenging,” she said. Barger was able to win a starting spot . It wasn’ t easy, but it set the tone for the rest of her season. Beating out a plethora of seniors for an outside or right-side hitter role was exactly what she needed to take the next step in her career. “Being able to make it on top and get a starting position on the court was really rewarding,” Barger said. “I had a spot when I was a freshman. Knowing there were more people coming to take my spot , it was hard. Being able to keep it was good.” Barger had a tremendous season as a result . She led the Rangers in kills with 336 and added 180 digs, 45 total blocks and 18 aces. After earning a second team, all-district selection as a freshman, Barger took first-team honors in 2021.

28 \\ G O O S E C R E E K C I S D \\ A U G 2022 \\ g c c i s d . n e t

L E A D I NG THE WAY PAT R I O T S ’ S T R I N G E R R E A D Y T O R E B O U N D O N V O L L E Y B A L L C O U R T \\ By De n n i s S i l v a I I

Nava has made it clear that her time is now. She certainly has the chops. Stringer is committed and no-nonsense when she’s on the court . She has ambitions of playing at the next level. But , more importantly, she wants to win as a Patriot . “It ’s my time to lead,” Stringer said. “I really have to step in and lead and be able to encourage my team.” She knows what she wants. “My goal is to have a better team connection and just be a family overall ,” Stringer said. “Win some games. Last year wasn’ t the best , as far as that team connection. But I really think we can make a comeback .”

and if you don’ t have that team connection, your game will not be all the way there. During the hard times, you have to lock in. Even if you’re messing up, it ’s important to dig deep and find that fire.” Stringer found all of those elements in then-senior Zoe Martinez and studied Martinez ’s ways. Stringer knew there would come a time when it would be her team to lead. She admired Martinez ’s relentlessness and determination, no matter how hard the moment or difficult the game. “She would play to the very last point , and I loved that about her,” Stringer said. Stringer said coach Alicia

outside all the time growing up. If the weather was bad, they’d take their game inside. Volleyball was their bond. Stringer tried out for volleyball in the seventh grade and fell in love with it . Now she will be looked upon as a senior leader for a Goose Creek Memorial team hoping to bounce back from a subpar 2021 season. The Patriots went 12-7 in non-district play last year but faltered in district , going 3-12. Stringer, a middle blocker, totaled 184 kills, 25 digs, 23 blocks and 14 aces for a senior-laden team. “I learned it ’s a lot deeper than just playing a game,” she said. “It ’s about a team,

AS A YOUNG CHILD, CHRISTIAN STRINGER DIDN’T THINK SHE’D BE MAKING HEADLINES BECAUSE OF HER PLAY ON THE VOLLEYBALL COURT. She always figured it ’d be because of hoops. But growing up with two older sisters, Amyah Polius and Kierra Polius, who loved the sport and got their younger sister involved at an early age, Stringer discovered she preferred kills and digs to rebounds and steals. “I originally wanted to be a basketball player,” Stringer said. “But watching them, it really made me fall in love with the game.” The three sisters would play “pepper ” together

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