VYPE Goose Creek August 2022

A N C HO R O F THE DEFENSE F O U R -Y E A R S TA R T E R G I B S O N R E A D Y T O L E A D G A N D E R S \\ By J o s h u a Ko c h


the Ganders made the playoffs for the first time since 2009 and last year, they finished just on the outside looking in, despite going 7-3 overall. “We were the best defense in the league last year and we plan to come back and show the teams that we’re still here,” Gibson said. The ultimate dream for Gibson is to play college football. A dream that his father saw shattered when he broke his collar bone in high

getting thrown into the mash pit as we called it . “I was 165 pounds against people that would warm up with that weight . For me, it was all about going hard, giving it 110 percent no matter what . Obviously, they had size on me but I loved the sport .” The Baytown Lee middle linebacker and long snapper has been a crucial piece to the revitalization of Ganders football. In his sophomore season,

SINCE HIS EARLIEST MEMORIES, HAROLD GIBSON HAS HAD FOOTBALL IN HIS LIFE. Gibson’s first baby outfit was some Houston Texans gear. His father playing high school football and it has been a big part of his life. At Baytown Lee, he was thrust into the spotlight early as a freshman on varsity. “Coming in my freshman year, I was pretty childish, but I was more mature than my freshman classmates,” Gibson said. “I grew up pretty fast

The second-team, all district inside linebacker when asked about his style of play is up front with you. He is aggressive. Likes to hit and send a message when he does so. “I like to come down field and show you that you’re playing on our turf,” Gibson said. “I like to be aggressive, quick , fast , physical – the All-American linebacker you envision.”

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