VYPE Goose Creek August 2022

THE 411 G O O S E C R E E K M E MO R I A L’ S G L O R I A MA R T I N E Z \\ By J o s h u a Ko c h

country help you in soccer? MARTINEZ: Stamina. In soccer you are back and forth a lot , so it helps. VYPE: What do you want to do in the future and what is your style of play in soccer? MARTINEZ: I want to go pro in soccer and I think I am quick and very aggressive. VYPE: You are a good student as well , being in the Top 10 percent . What is the next step when it comes to college? MARTINEZ: A scholarship hopefully, I want offers and I’m sure I can get some. They’re coming. VYPE: What is your dream school? MARTINEZ: The University of Texas or Texas A&M. VYPE: What ’s your favorite movie? MARTINEZ: Zootopia. VYPE: What would be your superpower? MARTINEZ: Flying. VYPE: What would you as a senior tell your freshman self as a piece of advice? MARTINEZ: Be ready.

GLORIA MARTINEZ IS THE DEFINITION OF A TWO-SPORT STAR. The Goose Creek Memorial senior has excelled on the cross country course in the fall and then the soccer pitch in the spring. Last year, Martinez Country Meet after a 10th place finish at the District 22-5A Meet . VYPE caught up with Martinez prior to the start of her senior swan song for the Patriots. VYPE: You had a tremendous season last year, tell us about it . MARTINEZ: I made it to Regionals, which was my main goal. I came up a little short because I wanted to go to State as well. But it was good. [My key to success] was not giving up, even with school going on and a lot of stress. VYPE: How does soccer help you in cross country? MARTINEZ: The competitiveness. I’m a very competitive advanced to the Region II Cross

person; being in soccer helps me a lot . VYPE: Let ’s flip it , how does cross

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