VYPE Goose Creek August 2022

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Nava has made it clear that her time is now. She certainly has the chops. Stringer is committed and no-nonsense when she’s on the court . She has ambitions of playing at the next level. But , more importantly, she wants to win as a Patriot . “It ’s my time to lead,” Stringer said. “I really have to step in and lead and be able to encourage my team.” She knows what she wants. “My goal is to have a better team connection and just be a family overall ,” Stringer said. “Win some games. Last year wasn’ t the best , as far as that team connection. But I really think we can make a comeback .”

and if you don’ t have that team connection, your game will not be all the way there. During the hard times, you have to lock in. Even if you’re messing up, it ’s important to dig deep and find that fire.” Stringer found all of those elements in then-senior Zoe Martinez and studied Martinez ’s ways. Stringer knew there would come a time when it would be her team to lead. She admired Martinez ’s relentlessness and determination, no matter how hard the moment or difficult the game. “She would play to the very last point , and I loved that about her,” Stringer said. Stringer said coach Alicia

outside all the time growing up. If the weather was bad, they’d take their game inside. Volleyball was their bond. Stringer tried out for volleyball in the seventh grade and fell in love with it . Now she will be looked upon as a senior leader for a Goose Creek Memorial team hoping to bounce back from a subpar 2021 season. The Patriots went 12-7 in non-district play last year but faltered in district , going 3-12. Stringer, a middle blocker, totaled 184 kills, 25 digs, 23 blocks and 14 aces for a senior-laden team. “I learned it ’s a lot deeper than just playing a game,” she said. “It ’s about a team,

AS A YOUNG CHILD, CHRISTIAN STRINGER DIDN’T THINK SHE’D BE MAKING HEADLINES BECAUSE OF HER PLAY ON THE VOLLEYBALL COURT. She always figured it ’d be because of hoops. But growing up with two older sisters, Amyah Polius and Kierra Polius, who loved the sport and got their younger sister involved at an early age, Stringer discovered she preferred kills and digs to rebounds and steals. “I originally wanted to be a basketball player,” Stringer said. “But watching them, it really made me fall in love with the game.” The three sisters would play “pepper ” together

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