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September 2018 • Volume 32, Number 5

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INSIDE THIS ISSUE 30 So, You Want to Become a Judicial Law Clerk By Justice Mathias W. Delort

Courtesy: The Bond of all Society

12 CBANews 22 Chicago Bar Foundation Report 24 Murphy’s Law 46 Legal Ethics Lawyers Acting Badly By John Levin 48 Ethics Extra


New CBA Initiatives Address the Future of the Profession A Special Report


40 YLS to Join Aging Adults to Prevent Probate Plights By Brandon E. Peck 42 A Primer on Punitive Damages in Illinois By Brett Geschke

Third Party Funding of Lawsuits By Jeanette Braun

52 Summary Judgments

LAP Contributor Sofia Sinnokrot reviews TheMindful Twenty- Something: Life Skills toHandle Stress and Everything Else

On the Cover This month’s CBA Record cover celebrates the 95th Annual CBA Bar Show musical, Big Little Laws, which will be held from November 29 through December 2 at DePaul University’s Merle Reskin Theatre. The cover art was created by Bar Show cast member Larry Aaronson. A ticket order form appears on page 25. Tickets are also available at www.chicagobar. org/barshow .


Committee Chair/Vice-Chair DirectoryEnclosed

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EDITOR’S BRIEFCASE BY JUSTICE MICHAEL B. HYMAN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF RBG's Gentle Touch R are is a justice of the United States Supreme Court who becomes a full-fledged superstar. But then, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s career has been a prolonged rebellion against the status quo, a hallmark of today’s superstars. In the documentary RBG, we get a glimpse into the life, adventures, and spirit of the 85-year old jurist, Jewish grandmother, feminist icon, two-time cancer survivor, opera buff, and exercise fanatic (she regularly does 20 push-ups!). Before I saw the movie, I admit that I had only a general knowledge of Justice Ginsburg’s life until she joined the Supreme Court and adorned her black robe with a decorative collar. Ginsburg was born Joan Ruth Bader in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, to Rus- sian Jewish immigrants. Ginsburg’s older sister died of meningitis when she was two, and her mother died of cancer the day before Ginsburg’s high school graduation. Ginsburg attended Cornell University, where, on a blind date, she met her husband, Martin. She graduated first in her class. They both decided to enroll at Harvard Law School, Ginsburg a year after Martin. She was one of nine female One Ls among about 500 students. Ginsburg went on to be the first woman on the Harvard Law Review, but left Harvard after Martin got a job in New York City. She transferred to Columbia Law School for her senior year, and, again, graduated first. Despite her stellar law school career, finding an associate position or clerkship proved next to impossible. Ginsburg says that she joined the Bar when “women were not wanted by the legal profession.” Even the renowned Judge Learned Hand refused to hire her, allegedly because he refused to edit his swearing. Justice Felix Frankfurter also turned her down. Ultimately, after much travail, U .S. District Court Judge Edmund Palmieri hired her as his law clerk. Ironically, Ginsburg often shared a ride to the courthouse with Judges Hand and Palmieri. According to author Linda Hirshman, Judge Hand continued to “talk in [his] usual expres- sive style.” Once Ginsburg asked Hand how he could go on swearing with her in the car, but yet refuse to curb his swearing to hire her. “Young lady, I’m not looking at you,” he replied, staring at the windshield. Ginsburg went on to be a law professor, co-founder of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, one of the major architects of legal equality for women, and, as of August 2018, an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court for 25 years. One of the many things that impressed me watching RBG was the Justice’s soft-spoken manner and seemingly reserved personality. Whatever the circumstances, Ginsburg rarely shows any hint of anger, indignation, or frustration. Rather, she exudes a self-assured presence, authenticity, and confidence. Justice Ginsburg, also known as “Notorious RBG,” avoids harsh or hurtful words. As she has said, “Reacting in anger or annoyance will not advance one’s ability to persuade.” She also believes that to move others to your position, don’t say, “‘how could you make that argument?’ It will be welcomed much more if you have a gentle touch than if you are aggressive.” As a lawyer, Ginsburg’s “gentle touch” brought her gratifying successes against considerable odds. She used a combination of well-conceived arguments and scrutiny of the evidence to win her cases. At no time would she descend into vitriol and bombast. She knew better. That she could connect even with someone whose ideology differed so deeply from hers, indeed was substantially the opposite‒Justice Anton Scalia‒attests to her gentle touch. Too often, lawyers display antagonism toward opponents when mutual respect and dialogue would be far more helpful. We all can learn from RBG’s “notorious” example. Rehearing “Fight for the things that you care about but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” –Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief Justice Michael B. Hyman Illinois Appellate Court Associate Editor Anne Ellis Proactive Worldwide, Inc. Summary Judgments Editor Daniel A. Cotter Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC YLS Journal Editors-in-Chief Natalie Chan Sidley Austin LLP

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PRESIDENT’S PAGE BY STEVEN M. ELROD Civility: The Bond of all Society

The Chicago Bar Association

OFFICERS President Steven M. Elrod

profession and as members of an Asso- ciation, need to do everything we can to reverse the rise of incivility. There have been numerous studies on the negative impact of incivility in the workplace. I want to touch on some of those studies and their findings because they relate to the legal workplace whether you are working in the private (law firm), corporate, educational, judicial, or government sector. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health defined incivility as behavior that is characteristically rude and discourteous. NIH’s analyses found that there is a direct relationship between being uncivil and organizational change, job insecurity, low social support, lack of collaboration, and high job demands. The NIH study also found that incivil- ity was responsible for (i) decreased job satisfaction, (ii) impaired performance, (iii) dissatisfaction with the employer, (iv) increased turnover, (v) decreased respect for managers, (vi) feelings of injustice, (vii) lower productivity, and (viii) lost time. Several civility studies conducted by Christine Porath, have been featured in the New York Times and published by Harvard, Georgetown, and other academic institu- tions. She found that incivility in the work- place has risen from 49% in 1998 to, more recently, 62% in 2016. Porath also found that employees who experienced incivility at work spent less time at work, admitted to declining performance and were less commit- ted to their employer. Like the NIH study, Porath discovered that incivility resulted in higher employee turnover, lack of collabora- tion with other employees and, that incivility has a negative impact on the organization, specifically, it’s bad for business. On a positive note, Porath’s studies found that employees who were treated respect-

Holland & Knight LLP First Vice President Jesse H. Ruiz

Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Second Vice President Maryam Ahmad Cook County State's Attorney's Office Secretary E. Lynn Grayson Nijman Franzetti LLP Treasurer Timothy S. Tomasik Tomasik Kotin Kasserman LLC Executive Director Terrence M. Murphy Assistant Executive Director Elizabeth A. McMeen BOARD OF MANAGERS Jonathan B. Amarilio Alan R. Borlack Judge Thomas M. Durkin Sharon L. Eiseman Mark B. Epstein Nina Fain Hon. LaShonda A. Hunt Michael J. Kaufman Hon. Diane Joan Larsen Lori E. Lightfoot Kathryn Carso Liss Hon. Thomas R. Mulroy Matthew A. Passen

“Courtesy is the bond of all society and there is no society which can last without it.” –Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues W ebster’s defines civility as “civilized conduct” especially, “courtesy” and “politeness.” hat a perfect world this would be if everyone observed the “Golden Rule” and was courteous, polite and civil! Unfortunately, we are daily witnesses to a growing coarseness which seems to be spreading throughout our country, particularly from certain of our elected officials currently residing in Washington, D.C. And incivility is on the rise in the legal profession too. Brief writing, oral arguments, and negotiations among law- yers have reached an all-time low (see my sidebar on page 10 on the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision in the Rahm Emanuel election case). That is why I included this topic as one of the three focus points and themes (along with collegiality and civic education) of my term as CBA President. I believe that we, as members of the legal

Brandon E. Peck Mary Robinson Federico M. Rodriguez John C. Sciaccotta Adam J. Sheppard Helene M. Snyder Greta G. Weathersby Zeophus J. Wiliams


fully were much more likely to embrace and drive positive change for their employer. Another recent study found that incivility affects both those exposed and those who observe rude and discourteous behavior. The study reported that 25% of workers witnessed workplace incivility and 50% were victims of incivility in their jobs at least once a week. The pressures and stresses of today’s legal practice are myriad and for some lawyers they are overwhelming. Information over- load, intense focus on profitability, and the multiplicities of the practice make it increasingly difficult for lawyers to find bal- ance in their lives. This year, we are working within the Bar Association to develop new programming that will help our members cope with these issues, maintain our values, and keep centered. Incivility hardens us, and not only will it destroy our reputations, but it will make our lives miserable.

CBA Announces Formation of Wellness Committee As the legal profession continues to grapple with rising levels of mental distress and substance abuse among attorneys, the Chicago Bar Association is announcing the formation of a Wellness Committee to promote and support mental, physical and emotional well-being for its lawyer members. The CBA’s Board of Managers has approved creation of the new committee and named Chicago attorney Jonathan A. Beitner, a Senior Associate at Jenner & Block, as Chair. TheWellness Committee will work to provide resources and information to CBA members and the Chicago legal community at large by offering programming for attorneys that explores the multiple dimensions of well-being and offers practical ways for lawyers to reduce stress and thrive in their professional and personal lives. Beitner says he was motivated to help start the committee based upon his work with the Illinois Lawyers As- sistance Program (LAP) and recent attorney well-being studies and initiatives. “Three years ago I started volunteeringwith LAP and developed a better appreciation for howwide-spread stress, anxiety, and problemdrinkingwere in our profession,”said Beitner. “A recent study by the ABA andHazelden Betty Ford Foundation further illustrated how commonplace these issues are,”added Beitner, who said the movement to promote wellness at individual law firms and across the legal community is becoming a“growing trend.” Beitner also serves as Chair of the CBA’s Mindfulness Committee, whichwas formed two years ago to help lawyers learn more about and engage in meditation and mindfulness to help cope with stress and work-life pressures. Members are currently being recruited for theWellness Committee, which will begin meeting in the fall. Beit- ner said the committee will also work very hard to de-stigmatize the issues surrounding substance abuse and mental health issues among lawyers and encourage all attorneys to take a proactive approach to maintaining their overall well-being. In addition to committee meetings, Beitner said he hopes to schedule larger workshops to bring different seg- ments of the legal community together to address their specific needs and concerns such as law students, law firm associates, and solo practitioners. Join at

I fully recognize that we are a profession of advocates, and that we have a responsi- bility to zealously represent our clients at all times. However, I truly believe that we can be zealous advocates without being The Chicago Bar Association CLE in Jerusalem, Israel April 1-4, 2019 Pre-conference excursion to Amsterdam, Netherlands March 30-April 1 Post-conference optional travel to Tel Aviv, Israel April 5-7

To receive an agenda and travel information in the Fall, send an email to Tamra Drees at


cantankerous, undignified, and uncivil. Matthew Arnold, one of England’s great- est poets, said “The power of conduct, the power of intellect and knowledge, the power of beauty, the power of social life and manners these are the means towards our end, which is civilization.” In addition to our longstanding and general programs and CLE courses on this topic, I am proud to announce that we will be offering two substantive programs that will focus directly on civility in the legal profession: this Fall, the CBA will partner with the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism to offer a professional responsibility training course on civility; and this Spring, the CBA will partner with the American Board of Trial Advocates to present a program on civility and professionalism for lawyers. Be on the lookout for materials and information on both programs. I urge you to join me this year as the CBA makes civility the cornerstone of Chicago’s legal profession.

The issue of Civility is further highlighted by a specially concurring opinion by Illinois Supreme Court Justices Charles Freeman and Anne M. Burke in Maksym v. The Board of Election Commissioners (2011). Most will recall this case as disposing of the issue of whether then mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel satisfied the residency requirement that qualified him to serve as mayor of Chicago. However, while the Court agreed that candidate Emanuel was indeed a resident, the majority and concurring opinions offer a fascinating read on the issue of civility. In the concurrence Justices Freeman and Burke noted the majority’s“tone”as“unfortunate.”They went on, “Spirited debate plays an essential role in legal discourse. But the majority opinion here and the appellate dissent cross the line. Inflammatory accusations serve only to damage the integrity of the judiciary and lessen the trust which the public places in judicial opinions.” Justices Freeman and Burke also offered a timeless quote about civility from retired Illinois Supreme Court Justice Ben Miller:“Judges often disagree about what result the law requires in a particular case. The existence of these disagreements, and the ability of our legal system to thrive on them, are virtues of the judicial process and of our system of government. The terms of the debate, however, must be framed by civility and respect, and not by suspicion and untruths. When rancor eclipses reason, the quality of the debate is diminished, the bonds of collegiality are strained, and the judicial process is demeaned. We cannot prescribe civility to members of the bar when our own opinions are disfigured by comments as offensive as those we have admonished lawyers for making. We should receive no less from our colleagues than we expect from lawyers who appear in our courts.”

Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago (CRFC) Invites you to a

The Edward J. Lewis II Lawyers in the Classroom Program Recruitment Information Session Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 4pm-5pm Hosted by Holland & Knight 131 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60603

CRFC matches teams of volunteer attorneys with 2nd -8 th grade school children; providing students with content-rich, interactive lessons to better understand the U.S. Constitution, legal system, and rule of law. Join CBA President and CRFC Board member Steve Elrod and CRFC’s Education Director Tiffani Watson to learn more about a volunteer experience that makes a difference in the lives of children. R.S.V.P. to or call Tiffani Watson at 312.663.9057 x205



This summer, we set the record for a jury verdict under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act when we achieved a $4.1 million result for our client, surpassing the previous record set by our firm in 2006 of $2.9 million. Although we are proud of these results and our reputation in handling nursing home cases, our results in other serious injury, accident, and medical malpractice matters should not be overlooked. We routinely obtain substantial results in medical malpractice matters and other personal injury matters. Recently we achieved a $9 million-dollar medical malpractice birth injury settlement. We have also set the Illinois record for the largest Jones Act settlement of $7.5 million for an injured boat worker.


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By Sally Daly Public Affairs Director T he Chicago Bar Association has selected nine influential attorneys who stand out in their respective areas of practice as recipients of the associa- tion’s top legal awards, bestowed to lawyers who demonstrate the highest commitment to integrity and public service. Named in honor of the legendary retired Supreme Court Justice and native Chicagoan John Paul Stevens, the awards will be presented by the CBA and the Chicago Bar Foundation at the annual John Paul Stevens luncheon scheduled for September 27 at the Standard Club. This year’s recipients are Laurel Bel- lows, Managing Principal of Bellows and Bellows P.C.; Carol A. Brook, retired Executive Director of the Federal Defender Program; Kevin P. Durkin, Partner at Clif- ford Law Offices; John N. Gallo, CEO and Executive Director of LAF; Terri L. Mascherin, Partner at Jenner & Block; Illinois Supreme Court Justice P. Scott Neville Jr., Illinois Appellate Court Justice Jesse G. Reyes; Illinois Appellate Court Jus- tice Mary K. Rochford, and Tina Tchen, Partner at Buckley Sander. The awards recognize lawyers and judges who best exemplify Justice Stevens’ com- mitment to integrity and public service in the practice of law. Stevens, now 98 years old, retired from the High Court in 2010 after 35 years of distinguished service. “The CBA is very proud to join with the Bar Foundation in honoring this distin- guished and diverse group of attorneys and jurists,” said CBA President StevenM. Elrod.










“They have made a lasting mark in their respective careers and have brought tremen- dous strength, honor, respect and distinc- tion to the Chicago legal community. Like Justice Stevens, each of these individuals

has a steadfast commitment to the rule of law. They are among the finest in the legal profession in Chicago and we are pleased to honor them for their service to our Bar Association and our community.”


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ents, as to the biological relatives of the child placed with them. Status: Public Act 100-0639 Drafted by: Adoption Law Committee HB 4886 (Fine) Access to Mental Health Info The proposed legislation makes Illinois and the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act, 740 ILCS 110/1 et seq., consistent with HIPAA after the 21st Century Cures Act allowed access of mental health information to family members who are involved in the care of a person with a mental illness. Status: House Rule/Re-referred to Rules Committee Drafted by: Mental Health Planning Com- mittee Amends 35 ILCS 200/21-305(a) (2)–This proposal amends the PropertyTax Code by adding language to a portion of the indem- nity fund statute. The added language will make it clear that the valuation of real property to be used in an indemnity fund proceeding is as of the date that a tax deed issued. Currently, that language is present in section (a) (1) but not (a) (2). Status: House Re-referred to Rules Committee Drafted by : Real Estate Taxation Com- mittee SB 3139 (J. Collins) Plain Language Task Force Amends 20 ILCS 4090–Instructs the legis- lative branch, and advises the executive and judicial branches of Illinois government, to do the following: (1) write in plain lan- guage when drafting legislation, executive orders, and other public facing documents; (2) engage the already existing, statutorily created Plain Language Task Force to implement, monitor, and maintain this legislation, including training requirements HB 4845 (Martwick) Property Tax– Indemnity

By Loretta Wells CBA Governmental Affairs Director S ix bills were drafted by CBA sub- stantive law committees, reviewed by the Legislative Committee, and approved by the Board of Managers to be included in the CBA’s 2018 Legislative Program 100th General Assembly (GA). Also, in the 2018 Session (100th GA), the Legislative Committee, chaired by Ben Orzeske, reviewed more than 100 pieces of non-sponsored legislation and recom- mended positions on 50-plus bills that were adopted by the Board of Managers. HB 2526 (A. Williams) Illinois Trust Code Illinois Trust Code Repeals much of the current Trust Act and replaces it with a more comprehen- sive statute based on the structure of the UniformTrust Code, modified to conform to Illinois law and practice. Codifies and organizes various aspects of the common law of trusts for ease of reference and interstate consistency. Status: House Re-referred to Rules Committee Drafted by: Trust Law Committee HB 4796 (Feigenholtz) Order Protection– Adoption/Foster Amends 750 ILCS 60/201–This proposed legislation expands the protections afforded by the Illinois Domestic Violence Act to foster parents, adoptive parents, legally appointed guardians, legally appointed custodians and prospective adoptive par- For a full text copy of the bills, go to the Il- linois General Assembly website: www.ilga. gov or contact the Government Affairs Office 312/554-2060.

Mentors Needed for Law Student Mentoring Program The YLS is launching a “Building Your Network” pilot mentoring program with students from DePaul University College of Law. Young law- yer mentors with between 1 and 10 years are needed to mentor 2L and 3L students. The aim is to expose law students to valuable learning opportunities and to build their network within the legal community. The program itinerary is casual; pairings are encouraged to meet 2-4 times and to attend two program events at the CBA. The program will kick-off with a brief orientation on September 20 at 4:30 pm at The Chicago Bar Association Building, 321 S. Plymouth Court, prior to theYLS Meet the Com- mittees Night. Mentoring pairs are encouraged to attendMeet the Committees Night following the orientation. To participate as a mentor, please complete this form. MCLE credit is not available for this program. Contact Jennifer Byrne at jbyrne@chicagobar.orgwith questions. and other assistance; and (3) update the Illinois Plain Language Task Force Act to make reference to more recent efforts and guidance related to plain language. Status: Sent to the Governor Drafted by: Legal Aid Committee

SB 3295 (Hastings) Pleading Verify Certification

Amends 735 ILCS 5/1-109) (from Ch. 110, par. 1-109)–Defines an affidavit as legally sufficient if signed under a 1-109 certification rather than requiring notariza-

tion for court documents only. Status: Sent to the Governor


Foradditionalinformationregarding legislative liaison appointments or on the program, contact Loretta Wells, CBA Governmental Affairs Director, at 312/554-2060. Drafted by: Legal Aid Committee If you have a keen interest in your bar association’s evaluation of pending bills and its efforts, through the work of the CBA committees, to improve how Illinois’ statutes impact the legal community and the public, consider attending a meeting of the Legislative Committee and seeking appointment to serve on that Committee. The Illinois General Assembly Veto Session is November 13-15 and 27-29. A CBA/YLS Committee Legislative LiaisonWork- shopwill be held on October 29, 2018 at the CBA Building. All Legislative Liaisons are encouraged to attend. If youhave not done so, please appoint a legislative liaison now.

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2018 Flash Fiction Creative Writing Contest Open Call to CBA Members–Submit your Flash Fiction Today! The Editorial Board of the CBA Record and the CBA CreativeWriting Com- mittee invite and encourage CBA members to participate in a Flash Fiction CreativeWriting Contest. Do you have a story waiting to be told? A poem to share? Or just tired of footnotes and citations? If so, this is the contest for you! Who? CBAMembers (excluding CBA Board and Officers, CBA staff and Editorial Board members) What? Flash Fiction (1200 words or less) writing contest for CBA Members, coinciding with the Write Across Chicago initiative. Topics do not need to be related to the legal field.Worksmust be previously unpublished. The CBA retains copyright to materials published in the CBA Record. When? Submit your story and by-line by October 5 Where? David Beam, Director of Publications Why? Fabulous prizes! Publication in the CBA Record! The winner of the first prize will have their work published in the CBA Record and receive tickets to the CBA’s 95th Annual Bar Show (aka “Christmas Spirits”):“Big Little Laws–AWhodunnit,”November 29-December 2. Second and third prize winners will have their work published in the CBA Record. Publication dates at the discretion of the Editorial Board. Submissions will be judged by members of the CBA Editorial Board; a “celebrity”judge (TBD), will assist in judging the final round.Writers are asked to adhere to the CBAWriters’Guidelines, available on the CBA website at The CBA will make the final decision regarding suitability for publication of any piece submitted. For any further questions, please contact the CBA Record at dbeam@ How?

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By Bonnie McGrath Editorial Board Member

how to vote. Reliable information is what everyone should be seeking,” she said. The challenge is figuring out what’s reli- able, knowing what information you are consuming and from whom. She pointed out, for example, that a consistent news diet of either MSNBC and Fox News on cable (or even a balanced diet of same) may not be healthy. Both may have their facts “right” but the “news” is then skewed in favor of an ideology that can throw news consumers off track. Schultz, who spent years as a reporter at various news outlets and in other media jobs, maintained—to the surprise of her audience—that social media by its nature contains a balance of news that is more than likely not only balanced, but healthy. Pointing out the fact that young people get a lot of their news from YouTube, Schultz showed the audience an interest- ing action-packed video that looked totally real—until she showed us another video that showed how the first one was manipu- lated to the hilt. A consumer of news needs tools to verify and determine what they’re hearing, seeing and watching, and Schultz offered some helpful tips of what to look for when con- suming news: independent sources, mul- tiple sources, authorized sources, named

“There’s always been fake news,” said Susy Schultz at a recent Signature Series pro- gram at the CBA. She backed that up by citing familiar supermarket tabloids that have been around for generations. Schultz is President of Public Narrative, a Chicago not-for-profit with the mis- sion to shore up the country’s democratic underpinnings by teaching both journalists and non-profits how to tell better stories. Everyone knew what she meant. (The kind of paper that would have a story about Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor in Washington, DC, right?) Yet it was an eye-opening concept: the idea that fake news has always been out there. And we all accepted it for what it was. And before the tabloids, Schultz said, there were pamphlets full of fake news during Colonial times. Thomas Jefferson himself “loathed the charlatans who put them out,” said Schultz, “but he also knew that our liberty depended on it.” Fake news: a necessary evil? News is the basis of our democracy, Schultz maintained. “The port of entry for citizens to get reliable information, helping citizens decide what to do and what to think and

CBA Market Insider CBA Market Insider e-Newsletter highlights the latest Chicago Bar Association marketing and sponsorship offerings, along with the recent successes of the businesses and law firms that support our legal community. sources, and verification of evidence from sources. And regarding an opinion piece, she advised that it makes a difference whether the writer is a recognized expert, a com- mentator, or a journalist. Readers should ask themselves each time if the person offering the opinion has “earned the right to generalize.” Schultz encouraged the audience to maintain a threshold level of skepticism when consuming news, no matter what one sees or hears. She recalled a recent story that started out as “breaking news” and kept being called “breaking news”—for a full eight hours. Get your copy at

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