CBA Record September 2018

fully were much more likely to embrace and drive positive change for their employer. Another recent study found that incivility affects both those exposed and those who observe rude and discourteous behavior. The study reported that 25% of workers witnessed workplace incivility and 50% were victims of incivility in their jobs at least once a week. The pressures and stresses of today’s legal practice are myriad and for some lawyers they are overwhelming. Information over- load, intense focus on profitability, and the multiplicities of the practice make it increasingly difficult for lawyers to find bal- ance in their lives. This year, we are working within the Bar Association to develop new programming that will help our members cope with these issues, maintain our values, and keep centered. Incivility hardens us, and not only will it destroy our reputations, but it will make our lives miserable.

CBA Announces Formation of Wellness Committee As the legal profession continues to grapple with rising levels of mental distress and substance abuse among attorneys, the Chicago Bar Association is announcing the formation of a Wellness Committee to promote and support mental, physical and emotional well-being for its lawyer members. The CBA’s Board of Managers has approved creation of the new committee and named Chicago attorney Jonathan A. Beitner, a Senior Associate at Jenner & Block, as Chair. TheWellness Committee will work to provide resources and information to CBA members and the Chicago legal community at large by offering programming for attorneys that explores the multiple dimensions of well-being and offers practical ways for lawyers to reduce stress and thrive in their professional and personal lives. Beitner says he was motivated to help start the committee based upon his work with the Illinois Lawyers As- sistance Program (LAP) and recent attorney well-being studies and initiatives. “Three years ago I started volunteeringwith LAP and developed a better appreciation for howwide-spread stress, anxiety, and problemdrinkingwere in our profession,”said Beitner. “A recent study by the ABA andHazelden Betty Ford Foundation further illustrated how commonplace these issues are,”added Beitner, who said the movement to promote wellness at individual law firms and across the legal community is becoming a“growing trend.” Beitner also serves as Chair of the CBA’s Mindfulness Committee, whichwas formed two years ago to help lawyers learn more about and engage in meditation and mindfulness to help cope with stress and work-life pressures. Members are currently being recruited for theWellness Committee, which will begin meeting in the fall. Beit- ner said the committee will also work very hard to de-stigmatize the issues surrounding substance abuse and mental health issues among lawyers and encourage all attorneys to take a proactive approach to maintaining their overall well-being. In addition to committee meetings, Beitner said he hopes to schedule larger workshops to bring different seg- ments of the legal community together to address their specific needs and concerns such as law students, law firm associates, and solo practitioners. Join at

I fully recognize that we are a profession of advocates, and that we have a responsi- bility to zealously represent our clients at all times. However, I truly believe that we can be zealous advocates without being The Chicago Bar Association CLE in Jerusalem, Israel April 1-4, 2019 Pre-conference excursion to Amsterdam, Netherlands March 30-April 1 Post-conference optional travel to Tel Aviv, Israel April 5-7

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