CBA Record September 2018

family, and is a first-generation college student, as well as the first in her family to earn a master’s degree. Shannon’s fierce advocacy and relentless work ethic speak to her promising future as an education lawyer. Before entering law school in the fall of 2018, Shannon served as School Resources Coordinator at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, a residential treatment facility for adolescents. In her role, she provided advocacy and case management for 8-10 middle school and high school students. She managed over 20 partnerships with traditional public, private, charter, and therapeutic day schools to support youth who came to Mercy Home facing a wide variety of challenges. She developed good relationships with the staff of these partner schools to ensure they were aware of her youth client’s treatment goals and how they should align with their academic program. Shannon worked with homeless students, English language learners, diverse learners, and students who had survived traumatic

events. She loved the challenge and multi- faceted aspects of this work because she believes in individual and system-level change. Because of the unique challenges of the Chicago Public School system and a love for our vibrant city, Shannon intends to reside in Chicago for the rest of her life. After learning of her selection as the 2018 CBF Marovitz Scholar, Shannon said: “This scholarship will allow me to worry less about making rent and focus on my studies. I am passionate about public inter- est law because of my interest in social jus- tice and my personal experiences growing up. In my prior jobs and school programs, I personally benefited from professionals who invested in my holistic growth, and I hope to do the same for students through- out Chicago.”

Shannon Glover, Awarded 2018 Marovitz Scholarship

in the world through her work in educa- tion law. Experiencing adverse childhood circumstances, Shannon often turned to books to escape from her harsh realities growing up, which ultimately led to educa- tion motivating her life’s work. Shannon grew up in rural Kansas in a blue-collar

2017 CBF Marovitz Scholar Christen Lee, with Scholarship Selection Committee Chair Andy Marovitz (left) and 2017-2018 CBF President Terry Dee (right)


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