CBA Record September 2018


ents, as to the biological relatives of the child placed with them. Status: Public Act 100-0639 Drafted by: Adoption Law Committee HB 4886 (Fine) Access to Mental Health Info The proposed legislation makes Illinois and the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act, 740 ILCS 110/1 et seq., consistent with HIPAA after the 21st Century Cures Act allowed access of mental health information to family members who are involved in the care of a person with a mental illness. Status: House Rule/Re-referred to Rules Committee Drafted by: Mental Health Planning Com- mittee Amends 35 ILCS 200/21-305(a) (2)–This proposal amends the PropertyTax Code by adding language to a portion of the indem- nity fund statute. The added language will make it clear that the valuation of real property to be used in an indemnity fund proceeding is as of the date that a tax deed issued. Currently, that language is present in section (a) (1) but not (a) (2). Status: House Re-referred to Rules Committee Drafted by : Real Estate Taxation Com- mittee SB 3139 (J. Collins) Plain Language Task Force Amends 20 ILCS 4090–Instructs the legis- lative branch, and advises the executive and judicial branches of Illinois government, to do the following: (1) write in plain lan- guage when drafting legislation, executive orders, and other public facing documents; (2) engage the already existing, statutorily created Plain Language Task Force to implement, monitor, and maintain this legislation, including training requirements HB 4845 (Martwick) Property Tax– Indemnity

By Loretta Wells CBA Governmental Affairs Director S ix bills were drafted by CBA sub- stantive law committees, reviewed by the Legislative Committee, and approved by the Board of Managers to be included in the CBA’s 2018 Legislative Program 100th General Assembly (GA). Also, in the 2018 Session (100th GA), the Legislative Committee, chaired by Ben Orzeske, reviewed more than 100 pieces of non-sponsored legislation and recom- mended positions on 50-plus bills that were adopted by the Board of Managers. HB 2526 (A. Williams) Illinois Trust Code Illinois Trust Code Repeals much of the current Trust Act and replaces it with a more comprehen- sive statute based on the structure of the UniformTrust Code, modified to conform to Illinois law and practice. Codifies and organizes various aspects of the common law of trusts for ease of reference and interstate consistency. Status: House Re-referred to Rules Committee Drafted by: Trust Law Committee HB 4796 (Feigenholtz) Order Protection– Adoption/Foster Amends 750 ILCS 60/201–This proposed legislation expands the protections afforded by the Illinois Domestic Violence Act to foster parents, adoptive parents, legally appointed guardians, legally appointed custodians and prospective adoptive par- For a full text copy of the bills, go to the Il- linois General Assembly website: www.ilga. gov or contact the Government Affairs Office 312/554-2060.

Mentors Needed for Law Student Mentoring Program The YLS is launching a “Building Your Network” pilot mentoring program with students from DePaul University College of Law. Young law- yer mentors with between 1 and 10 years are needed to mentor 2L and 3L students. The aim is to expose law students to valuable learning opportunities and to build their network within the legal community. The program itinerary is casual; pairings are encouraged to meet 2-4 times and to attend two program events at the CBA. The program will kick-off with a brief orientation on September 20 at 4:30 pm at The Chicago Bar Association Building, 321 S. Plymouth Court, prior to theYLS Meet the Com- mittees Night. Mentoring pairs are encouraged to attendMeet the Committees Night following the orientation. To participate as a mentor, please complete this form. MCLE credit is not available for this program. Contact Jennifer Byrne at jbyrne@chicagobar.orgwith questions. and other assistance; and (3) update the Illinois Plain Language Task Force Act to make reference to more recent efforts and guidance related to plain language. Status: Sent to the Governor Drafted by: Legal Aid Committee

SB 3295 (Hastings) Pleading Verify Certification

Amends 735 ILCS 5/1-109) (from Ch. 110, par. 1-109)–Defines an affidavit as legally sufficient if signed under a 1-109 certification rather than requiring notariza-

tion for court documents only. Status: Sent to the Governor


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