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Happy New Year!

Dear Readers, Well, I closed out 2022 by fighting a fourth round with “that virus” … What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? As we head into 2023, the world and U.S. business climate is still challenged by high inflation and a floundering economy – if there was ever a time for working “smarter, not harder” it is now. One way to do this: spend some time with IST Magazine in 2023. Every issue contains tips for increasing your sales, streamlining your processes and most importantly, providing an optimal tanning experience for every salon guest. After 42 years in the tanning industry, I’ve learned so much from our publication. When it comes to business, the key is to keep learning how to be better. As in many industries, many believe that they “know it all.” As a businessman of over four decades, I have always realized that I can learn something new every day to help my businesses.There is nothing better than learning from your peers! IST has always been your true trade publication, driven only by the goal of supporting your success. If you want a more successful team, we can help with that, too! The Sun is Life® Training & Certification program has helped thousands of salon operators to “up their game” and see results of having well-trained people behind the front counter. The program is super-affordable, easy to access anytime and will elevate your staff’s professionalismwhile also allowing them to enjoy their jobs more because they have more confidence. A happy staff equates to lower turnover which saves on training costs. A happy staff keeps your customers happy – and happy customers are loyal to your business! It’s a small investment with big results. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to everyone who supports IST Magazine. From the contributing writers who take time to provide expert content, to the loyal advertisers that make it possible to print this publication each month – we appreciate you! As business people making a living with indoor tanning, you need to support our advertisers! They choose to support IST because they realize its value. They know that an educated salon community helps sustain and grow the indoor tanning industry as a whole. Of course, we also appreciate our readers and wish all of you a healthy, safe and Happy 2023!

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January 2023 | Volume 26 | Issue 12

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January 2023

Contents January 2023 Volume 26 • Issue 12

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Contents January 2023 Volume 26 • Issue 12







FEATURES 10 7 Questions with ... Madeleine Harrington Digital Marketing Coordinator & Product Specialist, Devoted Creations 12 Salon of Distinction

40 3 Ways to Avoid the Epidemic of Quiet Quitting 42 5 Reasons Steam Cleaning is a Powerful Cleaning Tool 44 7 Steps to Streamline Your Business

48 The Underdog Effect 52 The 2 Types of ROI 56 Motivating the Unmotivated

Endless Summer Tan & Glam Mineola, TX

38 Get the Facts!

with Sun is Life® Training

7 7 Questions with... Feature 1 How did you find yourself working in the tanning industry? I used to work in the mortgage industry but have always loved being tan and the skincare that goes along with the process. When I was given the opportunity to work for Devoted Creations, it honestly was a no-brainer! I have loved every day working with the team and becoming more knowledgeable about the tanning industry. The skincare, research and passion that goes into it are a few of the reasons why I love my job. 2 What’s amovie you can practi cally quote fromstart to finish? Definitely “The Blind Side”! I’ve probably seen it over 100 times and I watch it every time it is on TV. 3 What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Madeleine Harrington Digital M rketing Coordinator & Product Specialist, Devoted Creatio s

4 What are youmost excited about in your life right now?

6 What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

It may sound crazy, but honestly it’s my work. I look forward to learning, growing and traveling while doing a job I am passionate about and genuinely enjoy. 5 Do you have any hobbies? Yes! I love to cook and try new Italian recipes. I am currently trying to perfect Chicken Piccata. Another hobby is wine-tasting – I love to learn which wines pair best with certain dishes.

I love to go to the beach, shop and try new Italian restaurants. 7 What is one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

I want to enjoy the “little things” more and live in the moment. n

Oooh – that’s a tough one because I am a terrible singer and I’ll be the first to admit that – but probably “Sweet Caroline.”


January 2023

Salon of Distinction

Team Endless Summer includes: (Above L-R, Mineola) Madilynn Sheeran, Brooke Louderman, Jenny Sheeran, Cynthia Karch. (Below L-R, Canton) Rachel Glidewell-Manager, Kathryn Yoakum, Jailynn Belcher. Owners Kirk & Jennifer are pictured with Lindale staff, Sondra Plunk (not pictured is Zoe Coutsoumbos.)

Endless Summer Tan & Glam By Joe Schuster

T his month’s Salon of Distinction hails from the Lone Star State – the land of longhorn cattle, beef brisket, the Dallas Cowboys, The Alamo, oil, chili and much more. In fact, there’s quite a divide amongst a lot of folks on whether or not true Texas chili has beans in it. Simple answer: NO. (This is also a division between Endless Summer Tan & Glam salon owners Kirk and Jennifer Henson!) Well, let’s dig in (pun intended) to the interview.

Salon Facts

Owners: Kirk & Jennifer Henson Locations: Mineola, Canton, & Lindale, TX Years in Business: 4 Staff Members: 11 UV Tanning Units: 22 total Sunless Units: 3 VersaSpa booths, 3 handheld Lotions Brands: Devoted Creations Five Star Diamond Salons Salon Software: Tan Track

IST: Many owners get their start in the tanning industry by purchasing an existing salon where they once tanned. How did you get your start? JH: In 2018, I bought a salon where I was once a patron, then bought a second existing salon in Canton, TX in 2020. This year, we opened our Lindale facil ity from scratch. We used the successes from our previous two salons as our business model and added a little bit more to it. We are really pleased with the way each of them turned out.

IST: Historically, females age 18 35 have made up the demographic of indoor tanners. What is the makeup of the clientele at Endless Summer Tan & Glam? JH: Our clientele is centered around 20-45 year old females and probably about 15% are male. We’re not really located near any colleges, but kind of close to several small towns and have a pretty strong group of young, married and/or professional women who enjoy our facilities.


January 2023

IST: During our Sun is Life classroom course, sanitization standards are covered at length. When it comes to cleaning pro tocols, how would you describe your “attention to detail?” JH: We are just a bit “OCD” in regard to our sanitation standards – clean liness is one of my top requirements, period! Our staff really works hard to make our salons shine, and that seems to be something our guests value in these post-pandemic times. IST: As you passed the Sun is Life class with flying colors, you received a certificate of com pletion that I trust is now framed on your wall! What insights can you share about the training you received, how it was taught and the importance of salon operator certification? JH: Completing the salon certification was definitely worth it! I learned a lot about general salon operation, sanitation standards, sunlamp life, different types of UV light, the actual tanning process and so much more! It was really great to take the course in person and I would recommend the Sun is Life program to every salon owner. IST: Salon operations is also covered in our training, including ways to resolve an issue with

covered in-depth during our Sun is Life training, so we were quite pre pared! We were finally able to get her to understand that achieving a tan in a tanning bed is NOT an overnight miracle! IST: Time for the wrap-up. What are the 3-5 year goals for End less Summer Tan & Glam? JH: Our list of goals is long, but sim ple! We want to continue offering our current high level of customer service; continue educating our staff so that they are able to accommodate our guests with the best products to get the results they are looking for; to increase our revenues with marketing to bring in more new business, and last but certainly not least, we hope to upgrade several of our beds within the next few years. We plan to be busy!

an unruly or dissatisfied tanner. Give an example of a “testy guest” you have had (no names, please!) and how you resolved the situation. JH: We had a guest who insisted that our beds were “just simply not working.” Considering she had only had two sessions at minimum times, we had to explain the tanning process to her – that it does take time to build a base tan over several sessions. I can also add that this was a subject you

IST: Wow, those are some admi rable goals! Go get ‘em! n


Industry Watchdog

Be Prepared! By Joe Schuster first point to ensure that each piece of equipment is wired by a licensed electrician – not your friend or spouse who appears to be technically gifted, unless they ARE actually a licensed electrician. The next point: make sure that you periodically completely T his month’s Sun is Life feature devoted words to covering emergency pro bearings inside the fan unit have probably seized and the fan blades have quit rotating. It’s similar to when you’re driving and apply the brakes and hear a loud, unfamiliar noise. At some point, it might go away; but rest assured the problem is still more than likely there. Fix it on time and you might save

cedures at your facility, including what to do in case of a fire. Many salon owners will probably take a glance and slough off reading it; but they shouldn’t. I believe it’s an appropriate topic to kick off our Watchdog columns for the New Year, so let’s dig in. At this time of year, much of your energies are directed toward gearing up your staff for the up coming season, maybe upgrading some equipment, stocking up on lotions and accessories. Probably very little time will be devoted to developing and training staff on your emergency procedures, including fire preparedness. My research for this piece took me online to search for stories of tan ning salon fires. I was not entirely surprised by the results. Over the years, there have been instances when salon guests were actually using a sunbed when it caught fire. Some were the result of improper wiring or a unit malfunction; which makes the

open and gently but carefully vacuum the interior and fans of your tanning systems.They are dust “magnets” and will pull a substantial amount of dust and debris into your system. This will inevitably lead to fans that underperform and also reduce the cooling capacity of your sunbeds and booths. I have witnessed sunbed acrylics that have actually warped and vinyl sunbed pillows that have melted from excessive heat. Wipe those fan blades with a mild cleaner and remove any surrounding dust. Perhaps you might encounter a unit that sounds like it's about to take off in flight – lots of “rum bling” coming from the sunbed or booth. Then, the noise may decrease or even stop. The prob lem is gone, right? Wrong! The

yourself a good bit of cash. Wait, and it will probably lead to a big ger issue. The same goes for your sunbeds and booths! In the end, this piece was not to give anyone anxiety, but to drive interest in preparedness. For those of you who just had a flashback to the scene in “Final Destination 3” where the two girls were trapped in sunbeds with increasing heat and for the sake of the movie, “fried” – please remember that’s a movie. But, do invest the time to clean your equipment now, prior to the season kicking wide open and be ready to welcome your tanners to the New Year! n

Team IST searches for erroneous, suspect or negative reporting by the media that adversely impacts the tanning industry. Reports such as these have plagued tanning businesses for decades. Although the media sources will seldom admit a falsehood and print a retraction, IST offers these well-crafted responses to the negative reports that can be shared with your customers and potential customers, alike.

Maryna /


January 2023







2. Sunshine Superstar™ INFLUENTIAL GLOW BOOST DARK TAN ENHANCER • Bronzer-Free Light-Diffusing Optimizer • Electrolyte Cocktail • Plant-Based Silicones • Complexion-Perfecting Golden C

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• Powerful Superox C™ • Hyaluronic Acid + HA Producing Hyalufix™

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• Blissful Beach Scent 12.25OZ MSRP $97.98


January 2023






5. White 2 Bronze Summer™ SUNSHINE OR SUNBED NATURAL BRONZING BUTTER • Electrolyte-Rich Cactus Water • Antioxidant Loaded Acai Berry • Powerful Superox C • Anti-Aging & Moisture Level-Protecting • Skin-Softening Cupuaçu Butter • Hydrating Coconut Oil • White Birch • After-Tan Odor Eliminators • Beach Berry Scent 8.5OZ. MSRP $48.98

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4. Electric Aura™ DREAMY DARK PURELY PERFECT SUN LOTION • Tanning Optimizer

• Paraben/Gluten/Oil & Dye Free • Repairs Cell Damage & Increases Collagen Production • Anti-aging & Skin-firming Benefits Ceramide Complex • Calming Cucumber • SunXtend Color-extending Formula • Organic Grape Water • Green Tea Extracts • Soothing Cotton & Rice Extracts • Hypo-Allergenic & Allergen-Free Scent 12.25OZ MSRP $88.98 • Soothing Violet Flower • Sensitive Skin Hydrating

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January 2023






Tanovations 8. Barbados Blues™ CARIBBEAN COLOR CREATOR • Blue-Hued Dark Tan Creator • 2 Melanin Stimulators • Cherry & Banana Extracts • Softening Mango Butter • Anti-Orange Agents • Targeted Anti-Aging & Firming • Electrolyte-Rich Coconut Juice • After-Tan Odor Eliminators • Saltwater Sea Scent 11OZ MSRP $51.95

7. H.I.M. Energy™ DARK DHA-FREE NATURAL BRONZER • Fast-Absorbing Lightweight formula • Rich Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant Blend • Anti-Reddening & Complexion-Clearing • Skin-Softening & Energizing • Anti-Aging, Tightening & Firming • Tattoo & Color Fade-Protecting • After-Tan Odor Eliminators • Sensitive Skin Approved Formula • Energizing Waves Scent 8.5OZ MSRP $35.98


• Ultra-Hydrating Daily Moisturizer • Silicone Moisture-Lock Technology • Moisture Barrier Strengthening Ceramides • Antioxidant-Rich Vanilla Extracts • Skin-Softening Coconut Milk • Skin-Perfecting White Tea Extracts • Tattoo & Color Prolonging Technology • Cloud Kissed Scent 18.25OZ MSRP $26.98


January 2023

TWILIGHT TEETH • P6 Whitener • Powerful UV light & mouthpiece • No rinse formula! • Enjoyable Mint Flavor • Up to 12 applications per gel tube • Use in tanning bed or at home • Gel Refills Available VISIT TWILIGHTTEETH.COM

NAIL SAVERS • Keeps UV from from yellowing, drying & lifting nail treatments • Keeps spray-tan solution from staining nails & cuticles • Soft PVC vinyl (no latex) with UV inhibitors • Pliable, flat-grip design • Reusable, one size fits all • Resealable plastic bag contains 11 pink caps VISIT NAILSAVERS.COM


ASA News My 30-Year Marathon Promoting Sun Care By Joseph Levy, American Suntanning Association

director of scientific affairs. Since 2012, I have worked with the ASA Board of Directors to develop and execute legisla tive outreach in all 50 states, as well as ASA’s interactions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. I’ve worked with my counterparts worldwide to forge winning strategies for our most serious challenges. And we’re still moving forward. Staying ahead of attempts to over-regulate professional indoor tanning facilities at the state and federal levels will continue to be ASA’s top priorities in 2023. And, more than ever, ASA’s promotion and defense of the market with policymakers is founded in constructive dialogue that positions tanning professionals as part of the solution in real-world sun care. In both 2021 and 2022, we won everywhere we faced challenges. And we’ve won hundreds of these battles since 2013. We are equipping ourselves to win the long run – not just any sprint along the way. Many of these issues involved proposed under-18 or even under-21 age restric tions for usage of a professional sunbed facility. In many cases, ASA convinced would-be bill sponsors not to even introduce bills after seeing the science that does not support that approach. That’s how you win the long game. Want to join us on this long run? The most profound thing I learned in running a marathon is that the team of people helping and supporting you along the way is truly what makes it all possible. That’s why our sun care marathon team needs you. The best way to keep legislation from getting any traction is to re-dedicate your tanning business to professional practices, sunburn preven tion and to be worthy of the path that is being blazed for the tanning market of tomorrow. And get involved with ASA – we need your support. To join ASA today, visit n

IN November, I had the privilege of running in and completing the New York City Marathon – an event and distance I never thought I’d attempt at this point in my life. One of the things I learned over the sum mer and fall from six months of three early-morning runs a week and a long run each weekend was that my 30 years of service to this industry have been and will continue to be a lot like training for and running a marathon. A marathon is more than just one long day. For me, it was a six-month process I dedicated myself to. Unex pected obstacles – from training injuries to scheduling problems – leapt out everywhere along the journey. But I learned to expect the unexpected, make

mid-course adjustments, figure things out as I went and simply keep moving toward my goal, all while staying true to my core mission. Turns out that a training plan is just as appropriate for effectively advocating for our scientifically supported position that sunburn prevention is not achieved by sun-avoidance, and – for those who wish to incorporate non-burning sun into their lives – professional tanning facilities can be part of the solution. Succeeding in that journey continues to be a marathon – not a sprint. It’s a pro cess, and I continue to be dedicated to it. In July, I was named executive direc tor of American Suntanning Associa tion, adding administrative duties to my already-established role as ASA

About the ASA Founded in 2012, the American Suntanning Association is committed to defending and growing the industry through a detailed and proactive plan directed by an all-salon board and executed by more than two dozen management and consulting team members who specialize in this type of work.


January 2023

Ergoline Focus

W StayWarmwith Vitality by Ergoline Want to look and feel your best this season? Vitality by Ergoline has you covered and will be sure to warm you up during the cold, winter months! With a good beauty routine, you will be able to get the most out of your tan. In addition to UV light, our red and blue lights will help to enhance your tan and give you that sought after golden glow! Our new Vitality series tanning systems by Ergoline is tailored to offer the most innovative session with its combination of blue, red and UVA LED technology. En joy more even and longer-lasting tanning results with less exposure time needed. We know that making routine salon of blue, red and UVA LED lights, this state-of-the-art tanning system produc es an even, all-over tan in just minutes. Plus, the energy-saving UVA LED technology is not only gentle on your skin but also provides a more com fortable experience, making it perfect for those salon guests who have more sensitive skin. After your tanning sessions, always be sure to use moisturizer to help keep your skin glowing and nourished. For the best experience, we recommend using a light-activated tanning lotion! So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a beautiful, natural -looking golden tan this winter, Vitality by Ergoline is your best choice.

Drobot Dean /

visits during the winter can be tough, so we wanted to give you a rundown of this amazing new technology and why it’s perfect for your salon guests to use during the colder months. See for yourself – your skin will thank you! The Perfect Winter Tanning Solution Vitality by Ergoline is the perfect way to get a natural-looking tan while also staying warm. With a combination

Stay in the know! Follow us on Instagram@ergolineus and on Face book @JKProducts&Services n


January 2023

Lync IT

of tasks and arming your staff with in formation throughout every transaction they process will ensure efficiency at the time of year when it’s needed most. Educating customers about tanning smartly is imperative – does your system allow you to create a survey for auto matically determining a guest’s skin type based on their responses to specific ques tions? Are you able to configure high-in tensity warning messages for equipment that has just been re-lamped? Can you set up regulations in terms of the min imum age to tan and the minimum time between tanning sessions? How about creating recommended exposure sched ules for each equipment type? Anything you can do to automate your employees’ tasks will be a win-win for everyone! It’s also a good idea to take a peek at your reports from last year’s busy season. Were there particular equipment types that were used extensively and created wait lists? If so, you may want to consider adding another tanning system to your mix. Be sure to reference current lamp usage within your software for all of your tanning units as well, so you know ahead of time if any will be in need of re-lamp ing and can place an order in advance. Having the right tools in place to operate your business will not only ensure that you will have the best season possible, but will also ease your mind and give you the confidence needed to focus your efforts on growing your business to the next level.  Having the right tools in place to operate your business will ease your mind so you can focus your efforts on growing your business to the next level.

Start the Year with Peace of Mind By Melissa Damiani

N ow that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to begin preparing for the busy season. Are you feeling a little uneasy in terms of what to expect this year? Having been faced with a pandemic amid the 2020 busy season followed by what might have been a lucrative season for you in 2021, all while continuing to navigate through unprecedented times, it is completely understandable if you are. In prior years, you probably had a regu lar routine to prepare for busy season; you might have decided which promotions you would offer and when, created sales goals for your team, established marketing initia tives that you would run, and began hiring seasonal staff. As we push on through what seem to be ever-changing times, having the proper tools in your toolbox will not only enable you to operate efficiently, but will also help ease some of your anxiety. One of your most valuable resources is your staff. Regardless of whether they are veteran or seasonal, a well-trained team is key to your success during the busy season. A quick-to-learn and easy-to-use software program that can automate tasks will undoubtedly be one of your biggest assets. Creating a schedule of promotions that you would like to run throughout the busy

season is important. Now is a perfect time to determine if you are able to precon figure within your software the specials you want to run during specific date ranges through the upcoming months. When completing this back-office type configuration, for those product-related promotions such as a BOGO half off, make sure you are able to set up inventory re-order points and quantities to avoid running out of stock when the time comes. You will likely have first-time customers during busy season, so make sure that you are able to electronically collect their demographic info, email address and cell phone number along with their preferred method of contact. Creating a positive initial salon experience and follow-up marketing will result in converting a large percentage of these guests into repeat customers. Ask yourself these simple questions: Does your salon management system give you the ability to display descriptions of products and equipment so that your team has the details needed to upsell lotions or upgrades? Does it allow you to outline policies for your EFT memberships, and automatically calculate first-draw dates and prorated dues? Providing automation

About the Author: Melissa Damiani is the Sales Manager of SunLync Software, Inc. a member of the JK-North America group of companies. With the company since 2002,

Melissa has served the organization in several capacities, and has extensive knowledge of all aspects required to deliver robust salon manage ment software solutions that are designed to enable measurable growth within its users’ ever-evolving business models. Call Melissa at 866.SUNLYNC x3 or email

Elena Solodovnikova /


January 2023

Monthly Motivation

Why I FinallyQuit Drugs By Grant Cardone

I’ve never shied away from openly dis cussing my past struggles – namely, my former addiction. For nearly ten years, I was putting some kind of poison into my body around the clock. For me to finally knock the habit and quit drugs forever, it would take certain life changes and a massive wake-up call. I was first introduced to drugs when I was 16 years old. Believe it or not, from that moment on, I wanted to stop … but I went on to do drugs for years and years. Although I overdosed three times and had been beaten nearly to death by dealers, I continued to use. Daily failure killed my confidence and self-worth. As a result, I started leaning harder into the downward spiral in hopes that I’d hit. To someone else, three ODs and a pistol-whipping would be a sufficient all-time low. However, it was only when I nearly lost my family that the message started to sink in. At 25, I was in the worst throes of my addiction. Nothing up to that point was enough for me to break the cycle. Until I disappointed my mother. I showed up to a family gathering high on drugs and acting a fool. Needless to say, I embarrassed my mother. Right there, she told me to never come around again until I was clean. Two weeks later, I entered a rehab facility. Equally vital to quitting was what I did afterward to get rid of those demons for good. See, in the treatment center, a “well-meaning” counselor assured me I would fail and use again. That pissed me off and I wanted to prove him wrong. More importantly, I had a realization. What It Took to Quit Drugs Once and for All

About the Author: Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the No. 1 sales trainer in the world,

The Truth About My Addiction At the end of the day, addiction was never my real issue. I was just hyper-focused on the wrong things. The only reason I ever got into trouble was because I was bored and ignoring my potential. From that day forward, I made sure I was focusing my full attention on my dreams and had no empty spots in my schedule. And this mindset has not only translated into years of sobriety, but massive financial and personal success. To sum everything up: if there’s anything you can learn frommy experience, it’s that get ting on a dark path is not the end of the road. YOU CAN TURN IT AROUND. Whether it’s as serious as drug addiction or simply losing your motivation, you can turn it around. You just have to chase the real greatness within yourself. Go after it. Happy New Year! n

and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media and finance. His companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017.” He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider, CNBC, and Entrepreneur. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, respon sibility and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters.

Mopic /


January 2023

Notes from the Road

New Year, NewGoals By Lisa Saavedra

As we begin 2023, it’s time to reflect on the years past, as well as look forward to what is ahead. The best way to set yourself and your salon up for success is to have a clear plan. “How?” you ask? The ideal type of planning includes setting achievable goals for yourself, your staff and your business. This month, we will explore goal-setting so you have a clear vision of what “success” means for you in the New Year. Define your version of success. What does success mean to you? It’s imperative to evaluate your previous year – what were your weaknesses? Was it low customer counts or per-person sales averages? EFT conversion rates? That is the great thing about “success” – it is whatever you define it to be. Achieving success can mean devoting energy to improving any aspect of your business; but as long as you’ve clearly defined your version of success, it will become far more attainable. Communicate your goals to your team. Clear and achievable goals will not only motivate your staff, but help them

stay on track to accomplish them. If they do not know your core values, what they are working toward, you can’t expect your team to be mind-readers and just guess what is expected of them. Create clear and concise goals and establish rewards that are not only attainable, but also quantifiable – and you may just be surprised by the results you achieve. Make room for evolution. It is okay if other things come up throughout the year that you feel are in need of your attention; this is a normal part of business operation. There is no rule stating that you can only have one singular goal. It is acceptable (and encouraged) to pivot your focus and re evaluate – in fact, regularly reevaluating and setting new goals will also help keep your team engaged and motivated. Managing a business has many challenges, but preparing for potential roadblocks is critical to the success of any infrastructure. Planning and execution need to go hand-in-hand in order to improve in any aspect of life; but especially in a business environ ment. The best way to position yourself

for a successful future is to reflect on the past. If you don’t know where you came from, how can you know where you are going … and how to get there? As long as you’ve clearly defined your version of success, it will become far more attainable.

My best wishes for a successful and Happy New Year! n

About the Author: As Director of Brand Development for Devoted Creations’ family of brands, Lisa brings 17 years of industry experience, knowledge and

enthusiasm to all aspects of the business, including social media, product development, training, customer relations, public speaking and marketing strategies. Lisa worked at the salon level managing a large chain of salons, which infuses her sales training and brand concepts with real world experience.

Lisa has been chosen the IST Magazine “Person of the Year” five times.

Visual Generation /

Commit to Your Tan


January 2023

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2023, Here We Come By Gary Lipman

A festive season is often incomplete without a few dramas one way or another, so I trust yours was eventful – for all the right reasons. And now, we find ourselves stepping into 2023! With a brief glance back, I am ex tremely thankful that somewhat against the odds – factoring in the energy crisis and global supply-chain issues – busi ness wise, 2022 was an exceptionally busy year for me. There cannot be a single person on this planet who could have predicted the combined events of the last three years and I am sure none of us imagine a repeat of such challeng ing times ever happening again in any of our lifetimes. And now we have entered a new year! The New Year always provides fresh impetus, energy and desire to drive forward. It is a perfect opportunity to review and refresh, to re-visit protocols and, importantly, to look carefully at exactly who our customers are, under stand exactly why they use our services and products, as opposed to a competi tor’s, and what we can do or provide to improve the experience for them. Our industry is continuously evolving and so to remain successful, it is essential

to keep pace and, of course, always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. Sticking with the status quo in our busi nesses simply because (to use an idiom) “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is perhaps now more short-sighted and damaging an approach than ever before. Even with the global challenges we are all facing, our industry continues to grow at a time when many others remain static or are, unfor tunately, in decline. Of course, there will always be salon closures. But we should all look and learn from the identifiable reasons why this happens at a time when other salons are growing into chains and established chains are expanding. The overriding factors we see evidenced time and time again with salon closures are: a sustained lack of investment com bined with ambitious, new competition; and a heavy dose of poor decision-making by owners who simply refuse to shift gears from what has always worked for them. And before anyone thinks I am chal lenging the mindset of salon owners who are over a certain age, I absolutely 100% am not. There are countless examples of very successful salons that have been trading for decades and certainly could teach us all a thing or two!

We can, indeed should, always contin ue to listen, watch and learn in all areas of our lives and that absolutely includes how we run our businesses. A recent tanning bed user research initiative undertaken across the UK highlighted some very interesting information about who, why, how, where and when people tan. These findings have identified some potentially exciting new trends for our industry and the information will no doubt prove to be very useful for profes sional salon owners as they plan ahead for this year and beyond. Understanding and educating our salon guests about responsible tanning must, of course, always remain at the core of every professional tanning service. Shaping and evolving a success ful tanning salon business will, without exception, include how best to deliver this core value service. It will also need to meet and exceed customers’ experience expectations with exceptional service and product offerings. And, of course, training and retaining excellent staff is the glue that makes it all happen. Are you ready for 2023? Let’s go! n

About the Author: In the tanning industry since 1982, Gary Lipman is Man aging Director of the UK sub sidary of Ergoline, and runs Ergoline Plus, the exclusive

To remain successful, it is essential to keep pace and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.


distributor for a wide range of sunless products & spray systems. He is also Chairman of the UK’s Sunbed Association & a European Sunlight Asso ciation member.


January 2023


Create Safety Procedures for the New Year By Joe Schuster

It can be said that “success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.” When it comes to emergency procedures at your business, truer words can not be spoken. Salon owners invest so much time, money and sweat equity in their pursuit of entrepreneurial achievement that it would be an utter waste to be unpre pared for potential “bumps in the road” that they may encounter. For tanning facilities, the main categories of emergency situations will center around medical, fire and robbery. During my Sun is Life® Certification classroom training, I always ask the class if they have such protocols in place. “What do you do if there is a rob bery attempt?” “What do you do in case of a fire?” “What do you do if a tanner doesn’t come out of the tanning room after the session is completed?” Over the years, I’ve listened to some really entertaining responses (some that deco rum forbids repeating here). But even if accurate, does every staff member know and understand these procedures? Sometimes, these emergency pro cedures also migrate into daily salon operations. I recall a salon that typically kept their back door open during the busy season to counter an overheated facility. Yes, you do have to consider the

proper BTUs and airflow in the salon based on the heat the equipment is putting out – but that’s for another day. The point is, having the back door open presents a perfect opportunity for theft and unwanted “patrons” to wander into the building. “Good afternoon, Sir! You’re here for the Buy One/Get One Special, right?” may not be an effective way to thwart a potential criminal. You might think that realizing a fire in your back room caused by a clothes dryer can be handled by simply running outside and calling 911. In that case, you’ve forgotten that you left an entire salon of scantily-clad guests unattended inside in their tanning rooms! During one class, I was covering this topic and medical emergencies. I asked the attendees what they would do if a guest suffered an apparent heart attack in the lobby. One proudly stated that they were also an EMT and would begin administering appropriate measures to revive the guest. Well, that would be an incredible – if successful – recovery. But, how many salon owners and staff have similar training? Probably not most, and it’s certainly not a prerequi site to owning and running a salon. But we can’t stress enough the impor tance of having procedures in place and

in writing for all staff members to read and acknowledge their comprehension by signature. It may not be an absolute, but it surely will stress the importance to your team. Take the time to periodically review these procedures as a group with your employees, as well. Contact your local fire department and police department (non-emergency line, of course) to get some of the basics from them. Tell them about your salon, the size, the location, the power consumption of your equip ment, entry and exits and so forth. They can provide some solid suggestions to format your emergency procedures. All this and more is covered in the Sun is Life Training & Certification program. Prepare your plan, put it in writing and share it with your staff. Best of luck for a safe 2023! n

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January 2023


Leaders: Ready foraBoldAnswer toServiceFatigue? 3Ways to Avoid the Epidemic of Quiet Quitting By Laurie Guest

E veryone’s heard of it by now: “quiet quitting” is the freshly coined phrase to describe the age-old behavior of not quite leaving one’s job entirely but rather, opting to no longer go above and beyond. It’s Service Fatigue to the extreme, risking not just customer satisfaction but also staff loyalty and your business’s bottom line, too. While the idea of “quiet quitting” may be new to many these days, those of us who study custom er service have spoken for decades about the root cause and possible solutions for this kind of disengagement and underper formance. The issues may not be new, but these innovative solutions offer new ways to reinvigorate your team. To bust out of service fatigue and prevent “quiet quitting,” leadership must take bold action, making changes that aren’t always easy. But then again, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it and we wouldn’t be facing an epidemic of workplace ambivalence. There are three foundational business elements that cause a decline in team en gagement: rules, beliefs, and praise. When leadership actively turns its attention to these governing principles, the desire to untether from one’s career shrinks.

Rules of Professional Conduct One of the biggest changes reported in a post-pandemic workplace is the decaying boundaries around accept able behavior. With the current U.S. unemployment rate at just 3.5%, it’s an employee’s market. There’s an urgent need to keep positions filled, and it’s easy for managers to feel that having any warm body in the role is better than having nobody at all. But when staff are confident they can easily get another job (and one without too much personal sacrifice), the motivation to meet the company rules of conduct notably decreases. Too often what results is a

situation where the “tail wags the dog” and employers are left with little choice but to turn a blind eye to staff misbe havior. And as soon as the poor actions are disregarded once, the issue slowly turns to a fast-spreading cancer. Little by little, the “abnormal cells” influence those around them and a negative attitude becomes contagious. Stop the spread in its tracks with bold action. During the interview process and onboarding, clearly state the company’s behavior expectations and the consequences of not following the rules. Things like dress code, arrival and departure times, and superior cus tomer service delivery are examples of

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January 2023

conduct that need clearly-stated policies and procedures. Being able to enforce consequences is the harder part of this equation, but most issues can often be solved with respectful and productive conversations. Be bold and stand firm to enforce the most essential rules and relax on those you can, in order to create the culture you desire. Belief in the Mission As a leader, you’re invested in your company’s reputation and passionate about achieving successful outcomes. Ideally, your staff matches this dedi cation level, like two parallel lines on the same path, mirroring each other in vision, mission and values. However, when one of the parties begins to slowly drift at a different angle, the trajectory changes and eventually the “mission gap” is wider than can be tolerated. For example, an employee may slip on their work ethic, bend the rules or make unacceptable choices during key inter actions. And remember: “mission gap” isn’t always caused by inattentive staff. Sometimes it’s leadership who changes direction and forgets to bring everyone along on the new path! To close the “mission gap,” boldly embrace your company’s purpose, values and direction. Frequent reviews of the company’s real mission – not just reciting the words that appear on a sign hung on the conference room wall – will ensure everyone on the team is on the same page. Be as blunt as possible when it comes to communicating your company’s direction, knowing that a good team will work to achieve that goal when it is real, attainable and shared. Praise and Recognition Many leaders have trouble provid ing genuine praise for a job well done. Countless studies show that recognition catapults engagement and productivity levels, so if it is loyalty we seek, hiding the praise is the worst possible course of ac tion. With a global workforce dominated

Be Bold and Bust Out of Service Fatigue Be the courageous type of leader who is willing to adapt, who looks for ways to keep their management skills fresh and admits when things can be better. Those who have led for decades may feel like you already know it all and have seen everything. But “times, they are a-changin.” Are you changing with them? Those who are new to leadership may believe that fewer rules and more workplace fun is all it takes to keep people engaged. But this approach alone is not sustainable. To bust out of Service Fatigue and keep “quiet quitting” at bay, it’s imperative to not only provide the necessary tools to your team, but to continuously (and boldly) improve our skills as leaders. n

by those under 40, there is no doubt that the importance of attention, applause, and appreciation can’t be ignored, but it is. And if good work goes continuously un recognized or discipline in the workplace involves toxicity like shame or yelling, the negative habits and destructive behavior patterns only multiply. Go bold with your praise and watch the shift in your company culture. Learn the praise formula and utilize it in the moment and as often as possible. The technique is a simple four-part approach: start with the name of the person you are praising; comment on a specific action that is praiseworthy; indicate why it matters and finish with a sincere thank you. “Kristen, you did an amazing job talking with that angry customer. Calming her down is what allowed us to close that sale! Well done, thank you.” Take note of the difference between the well thought out message and the lazy “Hey, good job every body.” One is white noise, the other is a deal-changer.

About the Author A Hall of Fame keynote speaker and author, Laurie Guest, CSP, CPAE, is an authority on customer service excellence. Laurie blends

real-life examples and proven action steps for improvement. She is the author of two books and is writing a third on the topic of service fatigue. To learn more or connect with Laurie, visit


Feature 5 Reasons SteamCleaning Is a Powerful Cleaning Tool


bacteria and viruses because they cannot survive the heat. This allows you to sanitize, disinfect and clean in one simple step. For example, the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner easily removes dirt, grease and stains while killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, bedbugs, mold and other undesirables. 2. Steamworks almost anywhere. Steam can clean any type of flooring, including tile and grout lines, but it can be helpful in many more ways as well. It can tackle tough messes like burned-on grease in your oven or grill, heavy stains in furniture and upholstery, and grime in showers or bathtubs. It’s also great for cleaning your vehicle’s interior. It can sanitize your infant’s crib and your fitness equipment. Steam is also great on softer surfaces, such as sanitizing mat tresses, children’s toys and pet furniture, especially those items that can’t be put in the washing machine. Not to mention, you can use steam to get into all the nooks and crannies that are otherwise hard to reach. Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, where the concen trations of some pollutants are often up to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations, according to the U.S. En vironmental Protection Agency. Because steam cleaning is all natural, it’s a great 3. Steamcleaning improves air quality.

Do you feel like you’re constantly cleaning and it’s never enough to stay on top of all the dirt, grime and germs? Do you wonder how professional cleaners get everything so sparkling and fresh in so little time? The trick is to work smarter, not harder, and one of their best-kept secrets is utilizing the natural cleaning power of steam. Steam is a surprisingly powerful cleaning tool, with the ability to break down tough grime and disinfect virtually any surface. Plus, water is pure and natural, so you don’t have to worry about harsh cleaners with chemicals that may be bad for you and the environment. Here are the top reasons why many people use their steam cleaner as much as (or more than) their vacuum once they realize everything it can accomplish: 1. Steamkills bacteria and viruses. The pandemic caused people to become acutely aware of how easily germs can spread and the desire grew to regularly disinfect commonly touched surfaces. Steam is scientifically proven to kill

way to help improve indoor air quality. Steam cleaning helps eliminate dust, bed bugs, pet dander, pollen, allergens, mold and more. Cleaner air means a healthier home so everyone can breathe better, day and night. 4. Steameliminatesmost other cleaning supplies. How many bottles of cleaner do you have in your home and how much money have you spent on them? By investing in a steam cleaner, you eliminate the need for many of those bottles, not to mention their toxins, helping you save money and green your home. Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly so you can feel proud to have a healthier, eco-smart home. Steam cleans fast and dries even faster, which means less time scrubbing. This is why professionals use it in commercial and hospitality settings. The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner comes with 17 premium accessories so you can clean almost anything, from vast surfaces to tiny nooks and crannies. Learn more at Plus, cleaning with steam can turn a mun dane cleaning routine into a surprisingly satisfying experience when you quickly see the before-and-after results. n 5. Steamsaves time and is so satisfying.


January 2023

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