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The Chicago Bar Association & The Chicago Bar Foundation Pro BonoWeek 2020: Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Commitment

Susan Novosad

Steve Levin

Mike Bonamarte

John Perconti

Margaret Battersby Black

Since 1992, Levin & Perconti has recovered nearly $1BILLION dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, including multiple record-setting results. Nursing Home Negligence | Medical Malpractice Birth Injuries | Serious Auto Accidents Wron l Death Litigation www.le n p


September/October 2020 • Volume 34, Number 5

4 Editor’s Briefcase

Pro BonoWeek 2020: Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Commitment

INSIDE THIS ISSUE 20 Ballot Denied: Voting in the Age of COVID By Jennifer Terrell 22 Repairing Harm, Restoring Lives: Expunging Cannabis Arrests and Convictions in Illinois By Nikki Donnelley, Beth Johnson, and Courtney Kelledes 25 Advancing Health Equity: Answers Are Within Reach By Kate Miller and Sarah Hess

6 President’s Page

Compassion is Golden

8 CBANews 14 Chicago Bar Foundation Report 18 The Pulse 37 LPMT Bits & Bytes What DoYour Apps Know About You? 38 Summary Judgments


28 A NewWay to Define Winning By Jeffrey Moskowitz, YLS Chair

29 Young Lawyers Section Drives Formation of Racial Justice Coalition By Sally Daly, CBA Public Affairs Director 30 Celebrating the Life of Past YLS Chair Judge Dorothy Kirie Kinnaird By Kenneth Matuszewski

Lincoln on the Verge: Thirteen Days toWashington by Ted Widmer Angels HaveWings by Augie Holiday

32 Easing the Path Toward an Involuntary Law Firm Break-Up By John C. Sciaccotta and Benjamin E. Haskin

41 Legal Ethics

Time for a Sweeping Change: CBA/CBF Task Force Recommendations

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About the Cover Mario Mena and Squeak Starzula are artists from the southwest side of Chicago. Growing up on a side of the city where the arts and social programs are underfunded, the artists are proud to be a voice for their community through art and to bring social awareness to the racial injustices plaguing our country and city. Discover more of the artist’s work on Instagram at: Instagram. com/squeakstarzula and hyperdimensionalbeing. A special thank you to Lawyers for the Creative Arts ( for connecting the CBA with artists in our community.


CommitteeChair/ ViceChair DirectoryEnclosed

TheChicagoBarAssociation& TheChicagoBarFoundation ProBonoWeek2020: ExtraordinaryTimesCallfor ExtraordinaryCommitment


A s 2019 turned into 2020, nothing warned us how devastating this year would be to our health, welfare, economy, and institutions. Nothing warned us that a world-altering crisis, rare in its intensity and scope, would bring a tsunami of suffering and uncertainty. Nothing warned us that our lives, livelihoods, interactions, and lifestyles would be fundamentally altered. Extraordinary times, to be sure. Daily life has become beyond challenging and confusing and stressful. Suddenly, we have had to cope with unprecedented circumstances that were unleashed at menacing speed. Our profession has been upended and transformed. Little is “normal.” Yet, for the most part, we have been able to navigate the personal and professional disruptions, and continue on with our lives, albeit quite differently than before the pandemic. But what about those on society’s fringes—those who are poor, homeless, oppressed, disfa- vored, or undocumented? Think about your situation. Now imagine theirs. For many, the pandemic has been overwhelming. For many, life has become immeasurably harder. For many, any day might be a day of desperation. We celebrate Pro Bono Week at a volatile time in our nation’s history, a time that has been especially punishing for the marginalized and disempowered. In Illinois, the urgency for law- yers to donate their time and resources to the underserved has always been there. Today, the urgency is unprecedented. Although the pandemic has slowed the ability of lawyers to resolve legal problems, it has done nothing to slow life’s adversities, hurdles, and unexpected turns. If anything, a host of legal troubles including domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, homelessness, and financial crisis have dramatically worsened. Access to the courts and to counsel is crucial to maintaining a just and equitable legal system. Tens of thousands of individuals and families in the Chicago area lack the means to retain counsel and desperately need pro bono assistance. Let me repeat that: they desperately need pro bono legal assistance. They desperately need you. Lawyers well know that access to the courts promotes equality, a subject that has recently attracted renewed salience. As Yale Law School’s Lincoln Caplan wrote in the Los Angeles Times a few months ago, “Not being able to afford a civil lawyer is not a standard measure of inequality, but it should be. The effect on the lives of low-income families and their communi- ties can be long-term and severe. The pandemic’s personal, economic, and social wreckage has already magnified this inequality.” An extraordinary commitment to pro bono is necessary and will continue to be so for some time – but not an extraordinary commitment in terms of time, nor in terms of complexity. Yet nonetheless an extraordinary commitment in scale and potential impact. Only an extraordinary commitment from the Chicago legal community can meet the demands of the moment. Just as there is nothing ordinary about Covid-19, so there can be nothing ordinary about the legal community’s pro bono response to it. This is a time for action. The legal profession must uphold its responsibility to make the legal system fully accessible. This responsibility belongs to all of us and only to us. No one else can provide legal services but lawyers. When the history of this period is written, what will be said of the legal profession in Chi- BY JUSTICE MICHAEL B. HYMAN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Pro Bono Week 2020: Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Commitment EDITOR’S BRIEFCASE

EDITORIAL BOARD EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Justice Michael B. Hyman Illinois Appellate Court

ASSOCIATE EDITOR Anne Ellis Proactive Worldwide, Inc.

SUMMARY JUDGMENTS EDITOR Daniel A. Cotter Howard and Howard Attorneys PLLC

YLS JOURNAL EDITORS Kruti Patel Wintersteen Law Group Alexander Passo Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC Kaitlin King Hart David Carson LLP

Carolyn Amadon Samuel, Son & Co. Daniel J. Berkowitz Illinois Attorney General’s Of fi ce Amy Cook The Farmer Chef Alliance Nina Fain Janet Sugerman Schirn Family Trust Anthony F. Fata Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel LLP Clifford Gately Hinshaw & Culbertson Jasmine Villaflor Hernandez Cook County State’s Attorney’s Of fi ce Lynn Semptimphelter Kopon Kopon Airdo LLC John Levin Kathryn C. Liss DePaul University College of Law Bonnie McGrath Law Of fi ce of Bonnie McGrath Clare McMahon Law Of fi ce of Clare McMahon Pamela S. Menaker Clifford Law Of fi ces Peter V. Mierzwa Law Bulletin Media Kathleen Dillon Narko Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Adam J. Sheppard Sheppard Law Firm, PC Richard Lee Stavins

Robbins, Saloman & Patt, Ltd. Rosemary Simota Thompson Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. Circuit Court of Cook County

THE CHICAGO BAR ASSOCIATION Sharon Nolan Director of Marketing

4 September/October 2020

cago? Will it be reported that members of the bar came forward in large numbers to assist those who otherwise would have been at the mercy of the legal system? I believe it will. Because the extraordinary times call for

extraordinary commitment, and Chicago’s lawyers are responding with extraordinary support, generosity, and goodwill. Because that is who we are.

For information on pro bono opportuni- ties and other pro bono resources, please visit the Chicago Bar Foundation’s pro bono page ( pro-bono/).

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CLE Advantage members are able to attend most afternoon CBA and Young Lawyer Section Continuing Legal Education programs and view live and archived seminar webcasts at - all at no extra charge.

Sign up for the plan at or call 312-554-2056 (see terms and conditions online).



The Chicago Bar Association


nies employed tens of thousands of Dayto- nians. A perceptible middle class emerged, and most people were optimistic about the future. Historically, Dayton (which was like a smaller version of Chicago) was a major industrial and manufacturing pow- erhouse. Dayton was home to the automo- tive, paper, and cash register industries. Prior to World War II, Dayton boasted the most automobile industry employees outside of Detroit. General Motors and its workers churned out automobiles to a vehicle-thirsty nation, with abandon. National Cash Register (NCR) was trans- forming resale and retail worldwide. Manufacturing jobs supported many other professions too. Schools, hospitals, and the housing industry were also thriv- ing due to the success of manufacturing. My father worked in construction as a glazier, a tradesman who cuts, installs, and removes glass in buildings and in homes. His employer, Aluminum& Steele, moved from project to project. My father had grown up during the Great Depression and was very proud of the fact that his family weathered the Depression without needing government assistance or intervention. Even during times when weather slowed down construction or other economic challenges resulted in less work and wage reductions, he never relied on government assistance. The 1980s proved a different beast.

President Maryam Ahmad

First Vice President E. Lynn Grayson

Second Vice President Timothy S. Tomasik

Secretary Ray J. Koenig III

Treasurer John C. Sciaccotta

Executive Director Elizabeth A. McMeen

T his is one of those unique times in history when a significant percent- age of Cook County, IL residents are struggling financially and emotionally at the same time. The adverse financial fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic has many people on the precipice of eviction, fore- closure, business loss, crippling consumer debt, and loan defaults. Some of those struggling will invariably end up embroiled in our court system. If there ever was a time when the Golden Rule should apply in the Circuit Court of Cook County, now is certainly that time: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In the early 1970s, my hometown of Dayton, OH was home to seven Fortune 500 companies, and each of these compa-

Immediate Past President Jesse H. Ruiz BOARD OF MANAGERS Jonathan B. Amarilio Hon. Charles S. Beach II Alexis Crawford Douglas Charles P. Golbert Kathryn C. Liss Michael R. Lufrano Hon. Clare Elizabeth McWilliams

Juan Morado, Jr. Lauren S. Novak Hon. Nichole C. Patton Brandon Peck Ashley Rafael Trisha Rich Antonio M. Romanucci Ajay N. Shah

LAP is Here for You The Lawyers’Assistance Program is a not-for-profit organization that helps Illinois lawyers, judges, law students, and their families con- cerned about alcohol abuse, drugdependency, or stress related issues like anxiety, burnout, depression, and many others. Services (many now virtual) include individual and group therapy, assessments, edu- cation, peer support, and intervention. Learn more at

Hon. Maria Valdez Adam M. Zebelian

6 September/October 2020

In the early 1980s Dayton went through the first of many severe economic down- turns. No one was building, factories were reducing their workforces by the tens of thousands, and there was no money for groceries. As the manufacturing industry tanked, construction projects withered and eventually dried up. As a teenager, I recall being confused by the white packages of food with the big, black bold lettering that mysteriously appeared in our kitchen: “CHEESE,” “PEANUT BUTTER,” “RAISINS,” and “MILK.” I still don’t know where they came from, but in high school I learned from my classmates, whose families had similar items in their pantries, that this was “government food” distributed to families in economic distress. Like then, people today who never had to rely on the government are dependent on unemployment and stimulus checks, food lines, and rental assistance. The current pandemic and economic crises lead me to reflect on this period of life when my family experienced its greatest financial challenges. I try to imagine how

my father—unemployed, with a deceased wife, raising two teenage daughters, trying to manage a household with all its respon- sibilities—would cope with those realities coupled with a flu pandemic. Frankly, the thought of being unemployed with no food or medical insurance and being in jeopardy of losing my home, while sup- porting minor children, takes my breath away. I recognize from my own work as an attorney and former Circuit Court Judge that invariably, there are many individuals whose financial challenges will land them in a court of law—civil or even criminal. Sometimes, the public criticizes the court system for being unsympathetic and lack- ing compassion. This is a time for all of us to disprove that viewpoint. We can disprove this view by looking beyond the case numbers and the usual practice to move people and their cases off the docket as quickly as possible. To disprove the view of a legal system that’s devoid of compassion means working to achieve the spirit of our laws instead of

rote administration of the law. In a recent interview, Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Anne M. Burke stated, “Justice is a service.” I agree. Lawyers and judges, as representatives of justice, materially impact how that service will be rendered. While compassion should be a requisite ingredient in dispensing justice, sometimes it gets left out. With more and more self-represented litigants attempting to navigate their way through a confus- ing court system, bearing the burdens of potential financial ruin while attempting to avoid Covid-19 infection, patience must be at a premium. Similarly, if we observe or hear colleagues being demeaning to or impatient with litigants who are struggling with the financial times, justice demands that such disrespect be addressed and stopped—in a manner you would want were you the recipient of such abuse. We must all recognize the reality of the difficult times we are living in. If there is a time when humanity, respect for the dignity of the person, patience, and yes, the Golden Rule should prevail, now is that time.


CBANEWS An Extraordinary Call for Pro Bono Service in

Unprecedented Times By Sally Daly, CBA Public Affairs Director

A s the Chicago Bar Association and the Chicago Bar Founda- tion prepare for a virtual Pro Bono Week imposed by the pandemic, the urgency for lawyers to donate their time and resources to the underserved is unprecedented and will drive the theme for this year’s week of programs and activities. Programming for Pro Bono Week 2020, which runs October 26-30, will focus on areas where pro bono work can have the most impact in these extraordi- nary times, particularly for those most impacted by the pandemic who are strug- gling with issues such as homelessness, job loss, or lack of educational opportunities. “We celebrate Pro Bono Week at a volatile time in our nation’s history, a time that has been especially punishing on those who are marginalized and disem- powered,” said Justice Michael B. Hyman, Editor-in-Chief of the CBA Record, who writes about the subject in his Editor’s Briefcase column in this edition of the magazine. “In Illinois, the urgency for lawyers to donate their time and resources to the

underserved has always been there. Today, the urgency is unprecedented. Only an extraordinary commitment from the Chicago legal community can meet the demands of the moment,” said Hyman. The CBA/CBF’s annual Pro Bono Week activities will be held virtually but will still include the mainstay event, the 27th annual Pro Bono and Community Service Fair, on October 29. The Fair will feature representatives frommore than 40 legal aid, pro bono, community service, and mentoring organizations. All mem- bers of the legal community are encour- aged to attend the fair to hear about the many pro bono opportunities available to fit their schedules, interests, and skills. Other scheduledevents for theweek include: Monday, October 26 – Justice: An Eve- ning of Stories and Community . This favor- ite kick off to pro bono week will feature an evening of justice-themed stories told by audience volunteers. Storytellers and listeners alike are encouraged to attend. From 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 27 – Never Fully

Free: Addressing the Harm of Permanent Punishments. This seminar will explore the barriers presented by laws that impose permanent punishments with research provided by the Heartland Alliance. Legal aid organizations that work in areas of law such as housing, employment and education will also participate. From 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, October 28 – Good Trouble: A Documentary Screening and Film Discussion. A group discussion will focus on the recently released documen- tary about the life of the late Congressman and civil rights leaders John Lewis. The conversation will focus on voting rights and related pro bono opportunities. 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Thursday, October 29 – Annual Pro Bono and Community Service Fair. Participating organizations will gather at virtual “tables” to meet with members of the legal community and share pro bono opportunities. 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. For more information about Pro Bono Week go to probonoweek.

New CBA @attheBar Podcast: The Justice in Policing Act of 2020: A Discussion with Senator Dick Durbin

The CBA Podcast, @CBAattheBar, features Senator Durbin discussing the Act, its core goals, and how the Act seeks to achievemeaningful policing reform. Find@CBAattheBar on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify.

8 September/October 2020

2020 Pro Bono Week: Oct. 26-30 Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Committment The Chicago Bar Association & The Chicago Bar Foundation’s

Justice: An Evening of Stories and Community Monday, October 26 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Never Fully Free: Addressing the Harm of Permanent Punishments Tuesday, October 27 2:00 - 3:15 pm

Join your Chicago legal community colleagues for this annual fan favorite celebration to kick off Pro Bono Week with an evening of justice-themed stories told by audience volunteers. Interested in telling a story? Sign up and come prepared with a five-minute story to share. Storytellers and listeners alike are encouraged to attend! There are an estimated 3.3 million adults who have been arrested or convicted of a crime in Illinois and a vast web of 1,189 Illinois laws that function as permanent punishments - barriers that limit human rights and restrict access to the crucial resources needed to re-build lives. Heartland Alliance will present these research findings alongside legal aid organizations that work in the areas of law where you can advocate for the most impact as a pro bono attorney such as employment, housing, and education. 1 hour of CLE credit subject to approval. Grab your popcorn and settle into the comfort of your own home to watch this new documentary about the late Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights leader and American hero. You’ll receive a special private screening link to use anytime during Pro Bono Week that works for you. Then join us on Wednesday for a discussion of the film’s central topic, voting rights, and learn more about nonpartisan pro bono opportunities to protect one of our country’s most fundamental rights. 1 hour of CLE credit subject to approval. Over 40 of Chicago’s legal aid, pro bono, community service, and mentoring organizations will gather at virtual “tables” to meet with members of the legal community. Hear directly from legal aid and pro bono attorneys about how you can make a difference. There’s an opportunity available to fit everyone’s schedule, interests, skills, and goals! Co-sponsored with the CBA Young Lawyers Section.

Lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals from all backgrounds are welcome. All events are complimentary, virtual, and open to the legal community.

Good Trouble: A Documentary Screening & Film Discussion Wednesday, October 28 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Learn more & register: probonoweek

27th Annual Pro Bono and

Community Service Fair Thursday, October 29 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.

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CBA Forms Covid-19 Recovery Committee to Support Members and the Legal Community By Sally Daly, CBA Public Affairs Director A s it has done to every other segment of American society, the Covid-19 pandemic has practices,” said Weathersby. “CBA mem- bers will not want to miss these scheduled events.” such, the programming will be a hybrid of CLE credit virtual classes and member enrichment.

unleashed significant effects on the legal profession. With no clear end to this global crisis, the Chicago Bar Association has created a committee to lead members through the challenges by providing specialized programming and resources. The CBA’s Board of Managers approved the new Covid-19 Recovery Committee in June 2020. Co-Chairs Nina Fain and Greta Weathersby noted that the commit- tee will develop the CBA’s response to the pandemic by working to educate members on the implications of the virus for their work lives and its impact on the broader Illinois legal community. “This committee evolved from discus- sions with CBAmembers and other leaders from different legal workplace environ- ments and practice areas,” explained Fain. “We decided that our mission is to focus on harmonizing the Chicago Bar Association’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic by supporting members through education, new technologies, and other specialized initiatives.” With so many lawyers continuing to work remotely, the committee will also focus on developing programs and ini- tiatives for members that can help them improve or enrich their use of technology and introduce new methodologies for resolving legal matters. There will also be a special focus on emerging challenges to health and wellness as well as programming that deepens awareness about social justice and cultural competence. “Beyond addressing technology depen- dency, the committee’s year-long program- ming will also address the intersection between the ongoing pandemic and related national events, along with the economic and cultural effects on attorneys in their

Other members of the new committee include Illinois Appellate Justice Michael B. Hyman; CBATreasurer John Sciaccotta, Partner at Aronberg Goldgehn LLP; Lauren Novak, Partner at Schiff Hardin, LLP; Katie Liss, Director of the Schiller DuCanto & Fleck Family Law Center at DePaul College of Law; Young Lawyer Section member Sydney Weathersby, of Johnson and Bell; and Alexis Douglas, Partner at KL Gates LLP. The Committee also will work to engage CBA members through standing com- mittees and YLS members who practice in corporate law departments; major law firm corporate and litigation departments; state, local and federal governments; and solo practice lawyers and specialty firms. The year’s program series will also offer unique programming for women, persons of color, and the LGBTQ community. As

The committee rolled out its first ini- tiative September 16 through the Third Annual Implicit Bias Program Series, which explored the ramifications on new case law in the workplace and the lawyers who represent employers of Latinx work- ers. The program was co-sponsored by the Chicago Latino Legal Institute. Other programming being planned through the year will focus on gender bias in the workplace, the dos and don’ts of virtual litigation, virtual arbitrations, social justice, and technology.



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Is This Your Last Issue?

New Chair/Vice-Chair Directory It’s that time of year again. . . CBA and Young Lawyers Section committees began meeting in September. Enclosed in this issue of The CBA Record is a booklet listing the 2020-21 committee chairs and vice- chairs, along with standard meeting times and dates. Weekly notice of committee speakers, topics and MCLE credit is emailed every Thursday to members via the weekly By getting more involved in the CBA, you can raise your profile in Chicago’s legal com- munity andmeet other lawyerswhosepaths you may have never crossed otherwise. Even a small time commitment can reap big rewards. Ramp up your career: • Speak at a seminar, committeemeeting or community event. It could be if your membership dues have not yet been paid. In accordance with the Association’s By-Laws, cancellation notices were sent toallmemberswhodidnot submit paymentsbyAugust 31, 2020. If you received a cancellation notice, we want you back! Please take a moment to renew now. Without a doubt, we’re in the midst of a particularly difficult time. It hasn’t beeneasy, and there still aremanyunknowns.TheCBA’s continuing commitment is to provide you with essential expertise, information, and support unique to lawyers and lawstudents throughout this period of uncertainty and beyond. We are your hometown bar association and have recently added many free seminars and Covid-19 resources to assist your law practice, including court updates, wellness tips, practice help, job search advice, remoteworkplace and return toworkguidance, timelyblogs andpodcasts, virtual socials and more. Additional benefits include: FREE CLE seminars – enough to fulfill your Illinois

• Write an article for the The CBA Record magazine or @CBAattheBar Blog. • Helpproduce anepisodeof@CBAatthe- Bar Podcast or theCBA’s legal cableTV series. • Become a legislative liaison for apractice area committee. • Evaluate judges through the CBA’s Judi- cial Evaluation Committee. CBA eBulletin. This information can also be found at Members may attend any meeting that interests them (i.e., you do not have to be on the committee roster toattend themeeting). As a reminder, you can receive free Illinois MCLE credit by attending liveWebcast com- mitteemeetings that qualify for credit (most meetings offer about 1 hour of credit). All MCLE requirements, all available online; FREE Illinois MCLE credit through live committee meeting webcasts; FREE online MCLE credit tracker; unlimited CLE of your choice only $160 now through May 2021 with the CLE-Advantage Plan; law practice management and technology training and resources; virtual networking and business development opportunities; FREE solo/ small firm resource portal; career resources; member discounts; and more. Plus, your membership helps strengthen the CBA’s efforts to improve the administration of justice in Illinois and provide legal services to the disadvantaged. Renew your membership now to maintain your savings and benefits. Renew by mail, online at, or byphone at 312-554-2020. Dues installment plan and reduced dues are available. To themanymembers who have already renewed: Thank you! We look forward to continuing to serve you in the coming bar year.

The CBA has partnered with National Pur- chasing Partners (NPP) to offer members discount pricing on a variety of business and personal products. This program is free, with no obligation to purchase. Save on office supplies and equipment, travel, cell phone service, pet insurance, and more. Employee discounts are available as well. To learn more, visit www.mynpp. com or call 800-810-3909.

Solo/Small Firm Resource Portal One stop shopping for all your needs! Includes sections on starting your own firm, marketing, business networking, law office technology training, low cost office management consulting, and savings on insurance and business expenses. Visit and click on the Resources tab.

committee meetings are now being held remotely via Zoom. To joina committee, email your selections toareyes@chicagobar.orgor signupatwww. Newmembers are always welcome. You and your firm will benefit fromthe knowledge, experience and business contacts you will gain.

Enhance Your Resume, Expand Your Professional Contacts, Make New Friends!

• Volunteer for a pro bono or community service project.

For more information on these oppor- tunities or to learn how to become more involved in the CBA, contact CBA Member- shipDirector KarenStantonat 312-554-2131 or

12 September/October 2020

A Special Notice to all Lawyers Who Reside in or Practice in Cook County

The Moses, Bertha & Albert H. Wolf Fund


he Chicago Bar Association manages the Moses, Bertha, and Albert H. Wolf Fund to aid

attorneys who reside or practice law in Cook County and are ill, incapacitated or superannuated. Through the Fund, the CBA provides financial assistance in the form of grants and loans. Eligible recipients also include lawyers in Cook County who receive assistance from the Lawyers Assistance Program and are in need of medical assistance.

“I can say without hesitation that the generous support that I have received from the Wolf Fund has enabled me to receive medical treatment for several disabling conditions and prevented me from becoming homeless. My hope is that I will be able to return to the full-time practice of law and someday make a substantial contribution to The Chicago Bar Association’s Wolf Fund in return for all the help they have given me. I am ever so grateful.” - Wolf Fund Recipient

For more information, please contact Terrence M. Murphy, Executive Director 312-554-2002 •


Chicago Bar Foundation Report

CBA & CBF Pro Bono and Public Service Awards Celebration Goes Virtual By Emme Veenbaas, CBF Development & Communications Coordinator S even unsung heroes in the legal profes- sion were recognized and celebrated for their extraordinary service to our firms that have benefitted vulnerable people in Chicago and around the world.

clients are elderly, disabled, or suffer from trauma. Together with an army of CVLS volunteer attorneys, Martin ensures that these veterans get the legal representation they deserve. With his passion, integrity and skill, Martin is the epitome of the kind of attorney Kimball and Karen had in mind when they created this fellowship.

RichardJ. PhelanPublicServiceAward Throughout her long legal career, Marcia M. Meis has dedicated her- self to public service. Beginning her career as a law clerk in the Illinois AppellateCourt,Marcia found her home at the AdministrativeOffice of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) in 1999. During her 20-year tenure at the AOIC, Marcia has worked to make the Illinois judicial branch the best it can be and was instrumental in the Court’s decision to reconstitute the Judicial Conference as a smaller, more active, and engaged entity tasked with creating and implementing a long-term statewide Stra- tegic Agenda for the judicial branch. Most recently,Marcia demonstrated her exemplary leadership and vision during the Covid-19 pandemic as it disrupted judicial branch operations. Her steady leadership kept the judicial branch functioning while preparing for an uncertain future. Edward J. Lewis II Pro Bono Service Award A partner in DLA Piper’s Litigation group since 2001, Ken Schmetterer has focused his pro bono service on the challenging and often overlooked area of juvenile justice. Through Marcia M. Meis

community at The Chicago Bar Association and The Chicago Bar Foundation’s 22nd annual, but first virtual, Pro Bono and Public Service Awards Celebration. After 21 years as a luncheon, this year’s event moved into the evening and went virtual due to the pandemic. CBF President Veronica Gomez of ComEd and CBA Presi- dent Maryam Ahmad of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office served as live emcees for the event, with Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Anne M. Burke making open- ing remarks. Kimball R. Anderson and Karen Gatsis Anderson Public Interest Fellowship

Exelon Outstanding Corporate Counsel Award

In her seven years working in-house at McDonald’s Corpora- tion, Jane Mansell has been a regular volunteer on almost all the legal department’s pro bono projects. As McDon- ald’s Project Lead in the

Jane Mansell

After starting as a summer intern, Martin Cozzola officially began working at ChicagoVol- unteer Legal Services as a staff attorney in 2015 to assist people facing foreclosure, including complicated cases in

company’s partnership with the National Immigrant Justice Center, she has helped organize naturalization clinics and asylum clinics while working tirelessly to increase the impact of the pro bono program by bring- ing on new volunteers. Beyond Jane’s work with NIJC, she regularly volunteers with a helpline that provides support to parents of special needs students, in a neighborhood clinic located in Woodlawn, at the Domes- tic Violence Courthouse, with Prairie State Legal Services, and with students through The Chicago Bar Association’s Lawyers in the Classroomprogram. She has also created multiple pro bono partnerships with law

Martin Cozzola

Probate Court that involved deceased home- owners. In 2017, he was named project leader for CVLS’ newVeterans Pro Bono Program, part of the statewide Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network (IL-AFLAN). Thus far, Martin has handled over 280 referrals from the IL-AFLAN hotline. Many of his veteran

14 September/October 2020

Leonard Jay Schrager Award of Excellence

his pro bono advo- cacy, he has worked for systemic reform to improve outcomes for children entangled in the justice system. Over the past five years, Ken contributed close to 1,200 hours of pro

Carpenters and Joiners of America with the hope of breaking down barriers to high-wage union jobs for women. Wendy began her legal career with the organization nowknown as Legal Aid Chicago (then known as the Legal Assistance Foundation ofMetropolitan Chicago, or LAF) serving some of the city’s most vulnerable residents andworking on the welfare team. In 1996, Wendy left LAF to joinwhat is nowknown as the Shriver Center on Poverty Law and established theWomen’s Law & Policy Initiative, which she still leads today. In this role, Wendy has fought for the rights of women and girls through relentless advocacy, litigation, and a comprehensive set of victories on the policies, rights, and services on behalf of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. You can watch the recording of the event and learn more information about the 2020 honorees by visiting awards-celebration.

Laurie Mikva’s entire career has been devoted to improving access to justice for society’s most vulnerable citi- zens, beginning with her work at the Mary- land Public Defender’s Office, and continuing

Ken Schmetterer

bono, with several hundredmore hours dedi- cated to the two Boards he sits on: UMOJA Student Development Corporation and the National Juvenile Defender Center. Ken is deeply committed to the individuals and organizations he serves and to the colleagues he has been privileged to work alongside.

Laurie Mikva

during her 15 years at Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, where she also helped establish the DomesticViolence Clinic at the University of Illinois College of Law. As the Civil Litigation Director at the Bluhm Legal Clinic at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, Laurie and her students represent ten- ants who are facing eviction from federally subsidized housing. She also works closely with other legal aid organizations includ- ing Legal Aid Chicago and Cabrini Green Legal Aid. A leading voice at the law school for pro bono, Laurie has organized panels on the importance of pro bono, including perspectives from both legal aid organiza- tions and law firms. She is a strong advocate for her students to include pro bono in their legal careers, nomatter what career path they may take. Long before she became an attorney,Wendy Pol- lack keenly understood the role the law plays in ensuring equal oppor- tunity for all. The only woman in her class of 80, she completed a four-year apprentice- ship with the United Brotherhood of Wendy Pollack Thomas H. Morsch Public Service Award

MauriceWeigle Exceptional Young Lawyer Award

In only five years of practice, Yasamin N. Kaye has made excep- tional contributions to both the legal profession and the community. During her tenure at Perkins Coie, she con- tributed over 800 hours

Yasamin N. Kaye

of service through a wide range of pro bono programs, and she brings her commitment to service with her to her new position at Goldberg Kohn Ltd. Even as a new lawyer, Yasamin did not shy away from stepping outside of her regular work in the area of bankruptcy and restructuring. She has repre- sented survivors of domestic violence seeking to obtain orders of protection and served as a guardian ad litem (GAL) for children in guardianship cases. Yasamin has taken an active role in pro bono recruitment efforts, helping to organize training sessions for her peers to introduce them to new pro bono opportunities.

Nielsen Career Consulting

Career Counseling For Attorneys

Strategies and support for your career in or out of the law • 30 Years of Experience • Over 3500 Clients

Never Fully Free: Addressing the Harmof Permanent Punishments Tuesday, October 27; 2-3:15 p.m. An estimated 3.3 million adults have been arrested or convicted of a crime in Illinois. A vast web of 1,189 Illinois laws function as permanent punishments--barriers that limit human rights and restrict access to the crucial resources needed to re-build lives. HeartlandAlliancewill present their recently released researchfindings alongside legal aid organizations that work in the areas of law where you can advocate for the most impact as a pro bono attorney such as employment, housing, and education. Learn more and register at:

Sheila Nielsen, MSW, JD

The Park Monroe 65 E. Monroe St., Ste. 4301 Chicago, IL 60603 (312) 340-4433


Are You Ready to Report Your Annual Pro Bono Service?

This Fall, as Illinois lawyers receive their annual ARDC registration statements, they will once again be asked to report their pro bono service and financial contributions for the year. It’s never too late to take on a case or make a donation, and The Chicago Bar Foundation is here to help! Pro Bono Resources If youwant to volunteer, and aren’t sure how to get started, check out the CBF’s online pro bono opportunities guide ( to view pro bono opportunities sorted by area of law, time commitment, and geography. Lawyers can also use the online guide to identify remote-friendly pro bono opportunities that can be done from the comfort of their own home. Qualifying Financial Contributions under the Rule Pro bono service isn’t the only way to support your local pro bono and legal aid organizations. Financial support can be just as important an investment as donating your time. By supporting a qualifying program, you can help provide critical legal assistance to the most vulnerable members of our community and help these organizations develop the infrastructure necessary to support and train other pro bono attorneys. Lawyers canmake qualifying contributions under Rule 756(f ) to the CBF (, which supports over thirty pro bono and legal aid organizations serving the Chicago area, or by contributing directly to one of thesemany outstanding organizations. Check out and-financial-contributions for a list of qualifying programs located in Cook County and throughout Illinois. Additional Questions about the Rule The CBF is here to help you with other questions about the Rule as well. Contact Samira Nazem, CBF Director of Pro Bono & Court Advocacy, at 312-554-8356 or

16 September/October 2020

The Chicago Bar Association

ADVANCED WORKSHOP FOR IMPROVED NEGOTIATION AND MEDIATION SKILLS Sophisticated Strategies for In-Person and Virtual and Mediation

Training Now Includes Virtual Mediation Strategies!

Online Course Starts November 11, 2020 Work at your own pace - complete full workshop by November 20, 2020 Virtual Program at Earn up to 14 IL PR-MCLE Credit, subject to approval

Laurel Bellows, The Bellows Law Group P.C.

Hon. Morton Denlow (ret.), JAMS

Professor Katheryn M. Dutenhaver, DePaul College of Law

J. Timothy Eaton, Partner, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Daniel A. Cotter, Howard & Howard

Maryam Ahmad, Cook County State’s Attorneys Of fi ce; CBA President

Hon. Wayne R. Andersen (ret.), JAMS

Hon. James F. Holderman (ret.), JAMS

Hon. Thomas R. Mulroy, Circuit Court of Cook County

Hon. William J. Haddad (ret.), ADR Systems

Jeremy J. Glenn, Member, Cozen O’Connor

Professor Daniel Gandert, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Eli Hart, River City Media, Portland Oregon

Pari Karin, Training Director, Center for Con fl ict Resolution

Not Pictured:

Professor William Elward, DePaul College of Law Hon. Thomas L. Hogan (ret.), TLH Consulting Corporation

Ashley Rafael, General Counsel, Midway Moving & Storage, Inc.

Ajay Shah, CEO, Globetrotters Engineering Corporation

Greta Weathersby, WEC Energy Group, Inc.

Gerald Saltarelli, Saltarelli ADR, LLC

John Sciaccotta, Partner, Aronberg Goldgehn

Timothy Tomasik, Tomasik, Kotin & Kasserman

Common Elements of Successful Negotiation Strategy and the Use of Zoom • Mediator’s Strategies for Success • How to be an Effective Mediator on Zoom • Traits of a Successful Mediator • Managing the Mediation • Mediation and Dispute Resolution • Handling Dif fi cult Situations in In- Person and Virtually • Separating Yourself from the Average Mediator • Technical Speci fi cs and Advanced Use of Zoom • Methods of Mediation • Arbitration • Future of Mediation

Earn up to 14 IL PR-MCLE Credits (subject to approval) Registration Fee: $525 CBA Member • $625 Nonmember

The Chicago Bar Association Continuing Legal Education 312-554-2056

mittee on all candidates for judge run- ning in Cook County. Share them with co-workers, friends, neighbors and family members who are eligible to vote in the November 3 election. CBA Insurance Agency For more than 25 years, CBA Insurance Agency has provided outstanding service to members in securing legal malpractice insurance from a variety of top-rated car- riers. These companies include: Aspen, Attorney Protective, Axis, CNA, GenStar, Wesco, and many more. CBA Insurance Agency also offers general liability, cyber liability, health insurance, disability insur- ance, life insurance, wealth management, etc. For more information or to receive a no-obligation quote, please visit www. or contact Tyler Sill, Vice President of CBA Insurance Agency, at or 312-554-2077. Tyler is fully licensed and will be more than happy to answer your professional insurance coverage questions. Congratulations Cozen O’Connor attorney Anna Wer- muth has been elected a Fellow of the College of Labor and Employment Law- yers … Shanin Farmer is newly elected to the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation’s 2021 Board of Managers… CBA Young Lawyers Section Public Service Manager Kenneth Matuszewski has joined Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg’s IP practice group as an Associate Counsel… Ashley Pipal was named to the 2020 Best of the Best Top 10 in Illinois for Family Law Attorneys… Erin E. Clifford , a partner at Clifford Law Offices, was elected to the WTTW/ WFMT Board of Directors… O. Koplan Nwabuoku has joined Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale’s Chicago office as an associate in the Litigation practice group. The CBA Young Lawyers Section has created a Racial Justice Task Force led by Young Lawyers Section YLS Public Service Manager KennethMatuszewski , YLS Member Service Manager Martin Gould and YLS 2nd Vice Chair Chastidy


CBA Committee Chairs took part in a first-ever virtual orientation on August 5. Chairs received information on seminar planning, hosting virtual committee meetings, and more. Pictured on the Zoommeeting (from the top) are CBA Director of Continuing Legal Education Jennifer Byrne, Incoming CBA Executive Director Beth McMeen, CBA Membership Director Karen Stanton, Retiring Executive Director Terrence Murphy, CBA Legislative Committee Chair Tara Goodwin, CBA President Maryam Ahmad, and CBA Lobbyist Tom Suffredin.

2020 Justice John Paul Stevens Awards The 2020 Justice John Paul Stevens Award Luncheon will be held virtually this fall (date to be announced.) This year’s honorees include: Judge Marisol Her- nandez, Jennifer T. Nijman, Terrence M. Murphy, Zalldwaynaka (“Z”) Scott and Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. To view the awards, register for a Zoom link at Questions? Email Angie Cruz at 16th Annual Pro Bono Week The CBA/CBF’s 16th annual Pro Bono Week activities will be held virtually this year from October 26-October 30. Pro Bono Week features a variety of outstand- ing programs including a virtual Pro Bono and Community Service Fair on October 29, featuring 40+ organizations that pro-

vide pro bono legal services to the public. The Fair introduces lawyers to a wide array of pro bono opportunities available through these outstanding organizations. The week’s programming will focus on how extraordinary times call for extraordi- nary commitment to our community and profession and also includes free CLE and social events. Look for more information about Pro Bono Week at chicagobarfoun- The Association’s Judicial Evaluation Committee, chaired by Risa Lanier, fin- ished evaluating approximately 60 sitting judges running for retention on November 3. Go to votejudges to view the in-depth findings of the CBA’s Judicial Evaluation Com- JEC Releases Findings for November 3

Start earning MCLE credit! Visit for a list of upcoming seminars and committee meetings.

18 September/October 2020

CBA Staff News Jennifer Byrne will now serve as the CBA’s Director of Continuing Legal Edu- cation. Lindsay Wunrow will be joining the CBA as the Director of the Young Law- yers Section. CBA Public Affairs Director Sally Daly has left the Association and we wish her much success in her new position. Condolences Condolences to the family and friends of Judge Brian L. Crowe .

Burns … The ARDC has announced the appointment of the following attorneys to its Equal Justice Rules Committee: Timo- thy Louis Bertschy , Chair; LaShana T. Jackson , Vice-Chair; Judge Vincent F. Cornelius ; Amy E. Crawford ; Leynee C. Flores ; Lea S. Gutierrez ; Cannon D. Lambert, Sr. ; Jerome E. Larkin ; Scott Renfroe ; Judge Diane M. Shelley ; Allison L. Wood ; and Michael Zhang … Chief Judge Rebecca R. Pallmeyer has appointed a Racial Justice Diversity Committee for the Northern District of Illinois. Committee members include:

Judge Rubén Castillo (Ret.), Judge Ann C. Williams (Ret.), Judge Mark Filip (Ret.), Judge Arlander Keys (Ret.), Judge Nan R. Nolan (Ret.), Aurora Austriaco , Angela E.L. Barnes , Olivia Luk Bedi , Martin P. Greene , Eileen M. Letts , and Gil M. Soffer . CARPLS will host its annual Golden Gavel Celebration virtually on October 1, 2020 ( The Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois has a new address: 65 East Wacker Place, Suite 1900, Chicago, Illinois 60601.

Good Trouble: A Documentary Screening & Film Discussion Wednesday, October 28; 3-4 p.m. Grab your popcorn and settle into the comfort of your own home to watch this new docu- mentary about the late Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights leader and American hero. You’ll receive a special private screening link to use anytime during Pro BonoWeek. Then join us on Wednesday for a discussion of the film’s central topic, voting rights, and learn more about nonpartisan pro bono opportunities to protect one of our country’s most fundamental rights. Register at


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