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detrimental to everyone. Not just the par- ties suffer from this perspective. The pres- sure to always “win” is great, and it takes a toll on attorneys. I have suffered enough panic attacks by now to know. We need to create a better system, not only for the

litigants, but also for the attorneys. Being constantly bombarded by angry correspon- dence and having to fight tooth and nail at every turn on a case is exhausting. No amount of money makes it worth taking on Atlas’ task.

A better functioning legal system will increase the quality of life and job satisfac- tion for attorneys. A future where winning is defined by finding the most equitable solution to a legal issue is one where we all can win.

Young Lawyers Section Drives Formation of Racial Justice Coalition By Sally Daly, CBA Public Affairs Director

Young Lawyers Section 2ndVice Chair Chastidy Burns moderated a discussion on July 17 with U.S. Sena- tor Dick Durbin regarding the Justice in Policing Act of 2020.

I n response to national discussions on racial injustice, inequality, and police brutality, the Young Lawyers Section has formed a coalition that will promote social justice by channeling the voices, skills, and support of younger attorneys to work to implement meaningful change and reform. “The purpose of theCBA’s YLSRacial Jus- tice Coalition is to collaborate with leading forces in the Chicagoland legal community to take action against racial injustice through service programs, educational events, and community engagement,” said Chastidy Burns, the Second Vice-Chair of the YLS. “As leaders in bar associations and orga- nizations across the Chicagoland area, we want to use our law degrees, knowledge, and connections to help end racial injustice and to enact lasting change in all of our com- munities,” said Burns. “We believe there is strength in numbers, and we are very excited to have so many motivated and enthusiastic

partners joining in our efforts.” The newly formed coalition is off to a strong start withmembership and investment from more than 30 diverse bar associations and legal advocacy groups. Several programs are already planned for the 2020-21 Bar Year. The coalition hosted its first webcast this summer, featuring U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, who led a discussion about the Jus- tice in Policing Act of 2020 and its potential impact on law enforcement reform. Other programs scheduled for the fall include a discussion on police reform inChi- cago, a virtual pro bono event to draft powers of attorney for senior citizens, a specialized practice seminar aimed at younger attorneys on how to develop cultural competency, a book club discussion exploring racism, and a voter registration initiative. The Coalition will concentrate on three main areas moving forward, according to its mission statement:

• Service: Collaboration with other bar associations to facilitate pro bono and com- munity service opportunities that focus on combating racial disparities, addressing the concerns of minority groups, and building a bridge between the legal community and the clients it serves. • Community Engagement: Building rela- tionships with community organizations and local government leaders to promote social justice and work to impact action and legislation supporting the eradication of systematic racism. • Education: Encouraging bar association members to collaborate to provide training, seminars, speakers’ series, and workshops focusing on diversity and inclusion. To learn about joining the coalition or for more information about programs, go to


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