ist magazine April 2023

(L-R) Team SunTouched includes Co-Owner Rebecca Stoddard, Kristina Mosher, Caitlin Nance, Emma Reese, Co-Owner Felicia Harris. (Not pictured: Elli Herrick, Oakley Woodland)

When it comes to cleaning proto cols, how would you describe your “attention to detail?” RS: We have a heavy focus on sanitization and cleaning – we often get praise from our guests for the overall cleanliness of our salon. Our very strict cleaning and maintenance schedule helps us to continue delivering the best tanning and spa experience. IST: I had the pleasure of guiding you through our Sun is Life classroom course last fall. What insights can you share about the training, how it was taught and the importance of salon operator certification? RS: Joe, as new salon owners, we have been trying to expand our industry knowledge. The Sun is Life course gave us so much information about the fundamentals of ß

aged 18-35. What is the makeup of your clientele? RS: Our demographics run a little differ ent, with about 65% female and 35% male, and a slightly older group ages 30-55. IST: You bought an existing salon – did you immediately update it with your vision? RS: While the salon was in pretty good working order, there were changes we wanted to make. We have started updating some of the tanning beds, as well, and as we extend into a spa atmosphere, we are growing and bettering our service menu. IST: Since the early days of tanning salons, it’s been the cleanest ones that thrive. During our Sun is Life classroom course, sanitization standards are covered at length.

IST: Rebecca,thanks for taking some time out of your busy day for this interview. Over the last several years, I’ve seen a wave of new sa lon owners come into the industry. Many get their start by purchasing an existing salon, others see it as a great business investment and build from the ground up. Some do it as a solo project, some have a partner. How did you get your start? RS: We opened a beauty salon in 2020 and originally wanted to include tanning on the service menu. Instead, we stum bled upon the opportunity to purchase a local tanning salon and decided to pursue both businesses separately. It was a great move for us! IST: I’m always interested in salon demographics. Historically, the ma jority of indoor tanners are females


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