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Salon of Distinction

tanning, which we were able to then share with our team and train them. This has improved our professionalism, and has led to our guests feeling empowered to make informed tanning decisions. We also learned many ways we could improve our policies and procedures to be better protected against liabilities. Thanks for leading such a great course! IST: When it comes to consumer decisions about where to spend their discretionary income, customer service plays a huge role. In our Sun is Life class, salon operations are covered, including ways to resolve issues with a dissatisfied tanner. I have asked this question of several “Sun is Life has led to our guests feeling empowered to make informed tanning decisions.” - Rebecca Stoddard

Salon of Distinction operators: Give me an example of a “testy guest” situation (no names, please!) and how you resolved it. RS: We really have great customers and strive to keep them happy, tan and satisfied. When we have the occasional dissatisfied guest, our staff follows the guidelines we have put in place such as listening to the complaint, learning what their needs are and helping them the best they can. If the team member can’t resolve the issue, management will step in and care for the guest. For example, if a guest has reached a plateau in their tanning journey, we would further educate them on how the UV light works in the bed

they are using, and explain how switching beds or even lotions can help them get past that plateau. IST: Time for the wrap-up. What are the 3-5 year goals for SunTouched? RS: We want to bring in more wellness service options such as infrared sauna, cryotherapy and compression treatments. We are also working toward growing our monthly memberships and overall sales. We would love to open a second location! Well Rebecca, it seems that you and your team are heading in the right direc tion for that expansion plan. Best of luck on the journey! n


April 2023

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