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Dear Readers, Many feelings come with reaching this type of milestone – 25 years of doing ANYTHING is a long time! But, time certainly flies when you’ve been doing something well, and it’s time well spent when you can say you’ve left your mark. In those respects, I feel very fortunate. As a veteran salon chain operator back in 1997, I realized a need for a valuable tanning trade magazine. My success in the industry afforded me the opportunity to pursue magazine publishing, so I jumped in head-first and launched Island Sun Times . As it grew, the magazine evolved into a trade event producer, filling another need with our Solar Seminar Executive Retreats. Finally, I decided to create what has become the industry’s preferred salon operator education, the award- winning Sun is Life® Certification. The goal has always been to foster and support the industry that has been near to my heart and provided a great life for my family for over four decades. Of course, I didn’t achieve these goals alone – survival in any business requires a team effort. From sales to editorial to graphic design, many talented and dedicated people have helped this venture succeed from the get-go. It’s so rewarding to know that even in this day of “online everything,” I still hear from salon operators how much they look forward to receiving their printed magazines. And, I frequently find myself learning something new from our contributing writers – yes, even an old dog like me! Things have certainly changed since 1997, and we’ve been through a lot together. I’mproud of what we’ve achieved with ISTMagazine and look forward to providing a top-quality publication for many years to come. I hope you can attend one of this month’s events provided by two top tanning product providers: Heartland Tanning’s Product Prep & Retail Coaching Bootcamp (Sun is Life Training is available) in Blue Springs, MO on February 4-5; and Expo 2022 hosted by Tanning Supplies Unlimited in Indianapolis, IN on February 25-26. Take advantage of these great opportunities to up your game for the coming season! Thanks for reading,

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February 2022 | Volume 26 | Issue 1

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February 2022

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Contents February 2022 Volume 26 • Issue 1







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Sunless, Inc. Announces New CEO Focused on Innovation & Growth Former CEO Susan Copperman to continue as Board Chair MACEDONIA, OH – Sunless, Inc., the preeminent manufacturer and marketer of spray-tanning equipment, spray-tan solutions and other spray-tanning and personal care products, announced on December 8, 2021 the appointment of Randy Zeno as Chief Executive Officer and Board Member effective January 3, 2022. Zeno succeeds Susan Copperman, who will remain Chair of the Board. “I am very excited to welcome Randy as the next CEO of Sunless, and look forward to working closely with him,” said Copperman. “After a nationwide search, we strongly believe that he possesses the ideal combination of for- ward-thinking vision and experience that will continue to grow Sunless and serve our customers with the highest quality and innovative products for years to come.” “I am thrilled to join the Sunless team,” said Zeno. “As the beauty indus- try continues to evolve and innovate, so has Sunless, and I am excited to have the opportunity to use my experience and relationships to further develop the com- pany as it moves into its next chapter.” Zeno joins Sunless, Inc. from Urban Therapy, a global natural personal care product company based in New York City, where he has served as CEO since 2014. At Urban Therapy, Zeno helped build its U.S. based headquarters, open its international offices, diversify its brand portfolio and increase its revenue

“I am thrilled to join the Sunless team and excited to have the opportunity to use my experience and relationships to further develop the company as it moves into its next chapter.” Randy Zeno

year-after-year while reducing the compa- ny’s carbon footprint. Earlier in his career, Zeno drove revenue and bottom-line growth at consumer packaged goods com- panies including Nabisco, Pillsbury, Sara Lee and Reynolds Consumer Products. As CEO of Sunless, one of Zeno’s first priorities in 2022 will be the launch of Mystic Unity, its next-generation spray-tan booth. Zeno commented, “Mystic Unity is a leap forward in not only spray-tanning technology, but the overall consumer experience, and I am

enthusiastic about the impact it will have on the spray-tanning category and beyond.” n ABOUT SUNLESS, INC. Sunless, Inc. is a leader in spray-tanning, and the power behind the best-known brands – Mystic Tan, Norvell, VersaSpa – representing more than 18 million spray tans per year, delivered by more than 7,000 salons and professionals worldwide. A holding of Castle Harlan and Branford Castle, Sunless, Inc. is headquartered in Macedonia, OH. For more information, visit


February 2022


IST Magazine Celebrates 25 Years!

Forance /

FLINT, MI – This month, IST Magazine has published issue No. 301! Originally titled Island Sun Times , the Flint, MI-based magazine was founded in 1997 by tanning pioneer Vince Lorraine, whose Tropi Tan salon chain celebrated 42 years in 2021. The magazine has been committed to growing the industry with a publication designed to help salon operators succeed. “As with any entrepreneurial venture I’ve pursued, I always want to do it better than the other guy does,” the publisher commented. “We’ve grown so much – from producing top-notch trade events to creating the industry’s premier salon operator education. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved with IST.” Managing Editor, Sherron Barden, has been on Team IST since the beginning. “Much has changed through the years, but the one constant has been the great people who work in this business,” she stated. “I have so many special memories and relationships with the staff of the product providers and our excellent contributing writers. I’m still having fun!” Lorraine continued, “I speak for everyone on our excellent team when I thank all the industry ex- perts who have contributed to our content, and all the loyal product providers who choose to support our publication.We’ve helped each other enjoy success and it’s been a really great ride!”

“Congratulations on 25 years of excellence in the indoor tanning industry!We are grateful andhonored to be a part of the ISTMagazine history. ISThelps salon owners stay abreast of newopportunities to improve their daily operations. Through the years, ISThas helped Four Seasons grow stronger and better than ever.We look forward to the next 25 years!” Team Four Seasons “IST and JK are longtime business partners and we are thrilled that they are celebrating this milestone. IST’s commitment to the industry is unmatched and we look forward tomany more years of information, education and excitement from them in the future.” Brynn Scarborough President & CEO, JK North America “Decades may fly by, but recognizing the significance of this anniversary surely won’t! It’s truly beenmy pleasure to be affiliated with ISTMagazine in one capacity or another for almost the entirety. All the best for many more!” Joe Schuster Contributing Writer/Sun is Life ® Director “It is quite extraordinary to still be here and to be relevant and helpful to those in the tanning business. A big shout-out to IST and their 25 years of supporting the industry!” Leif Vasstrom, Principal Supra ® Brands Group “I remember being 16 and working in salons that received themagazine. I would see the beautiful ads for tanning products and pictures taken at the big industry events and think tomyself that I was looking at ‘tanning celebrities’. I would read articles and think how cool it would be to one day be in themagazine. I am so fortunate now, 20 years later inmy career, to have worked closely with IST and it is amazing to see that nomatter what happens in our industry, the magazine adapts, grows and creates relevant content.

Salon staff tell me they readmy ‘Notes from the Road’ articles everymonth, so things have come full circle! I amproud of the work IST does and that is why they have been a staple for 25 years, and will continue to be a leader for the next 25. Congratulations, Team IST! Keep doing what you do…you never knowwho you are inspiring in the process.” Lisa Saavedra Director of Brand Development Devoted Creations “Congratulations to IST for 25 years of serving, supporting and documenting the growth, success and evolution of our amazing industry. Looking forward to 25more!” Jerry Deveney President, SunForce Marketing you have built and nurtured within our industry. Thank you for your service and creating an amazing venue to spotlight somany of us, whether as a subject or contributor. Cheers to another 25 years!” Marie Rodriguez Administrative Assistant/Marketing Tanning Supplies Unlimited “‘Nothing stays the same.’ An overused statement, but truer words were never spoken. The tanning industry is certainly an example. So, any entity celebrating 25 years in our world deserves a hearty salute. ISTMagazine has changed with our industry and continues to be a solid provider of news, product information and trends that impact all of us. Given the pressures print media face in today’s digital environment, 25 years and going strong is evenmore reason for congratulations. I have very fondmemories of the IST Solar Seminar 2002 retreat in Cancun… what I CAN remember, that is! Vince, Sherron and staff, TeamHeartland acknowledges your effort and celebrates your success!” Brad Henson Partner/COO, Heartland Distribution ■ “Wow! 25 years! This milestone not only celebrates your success, but also honors the many relationships


February 2022


Randy Zeno CEO Sunless, Inc. 7 Questions with ...

1. What was your very first job? I was a sales representative with Pillsbury in Los Angeles, CA. I was responsible for sell- ing products made by Green Giant and Pillsbury to store accounts like Albertsons, Ralphs and Safeway. 2. If a toy company made an action figure of you, what two accessories would come with it? Well, folks I worked with in the past labeled me “Bob the Builder,’’ so they would have to be a hard hat and a tool belt. I’m always ready to jump in, get into action and work side-by-side with the team to build things. 3. What is one of your “pet peeves?” People who constantly text during meetings and in the presence of others. 4. What’s your most prized possession and why? I have a collection of family photos that goes back four generations. They anchor me in who I am, where I come from and the sacrifices that were made before me.

5. My friends would describe me as: Reliable, fun, motivational 6. What’s one work-re- lated thing you want to accomplish in the next year? Besides achieving our busi- ness goals for 2022, I would

Instead, judge yourself against what you know you are capable of. Second, be patient – patience and per- sistence ultimately pay off but usually, very slowly. Finally, happiness isn’t a destination but a lifelong journey. When in doubt, keep moving! n

like to further elevate the interest in Sunless brands and products among Generation Z consumers. 7. What advice would you give your 17-year-old self? First, don’t ever judge your- self in comparison to others.


February 2022

Industry Watchdog

Numbers Don’t Lie By Joe Schuster

T his entry “dovetails” nicely into this month’s Sun is Life® feature so, read both! In the SIL piece, I cover the myth of the tanner who supposedly “fried her internal organs” after many indoor tanning sessions in one day – a myth that is obviously not true and dispelled in my column. So I took it a step further, doing a search: “how many people have died in a sunbed?” Not the “Final Destination” movie kind of death, not from a heart attack or oth- er similar medical issue; but actually from the process of tanning indoors. I’ve been involved in our indus- try for several decades and have taught indoor tanning certification courses for almost as long. So, let’s look back at some numbers. How many commercial tanning beds have been in use in the U.S. during that time frame? Well, let’s take a jab at something perhaps more realistic. How many tanning

facilities are there in your town? Okay, how many sessions do those salons deliver to consumers in a year? Now, broaden that estimate, taking into account the number of salons in your state and those yearly sessions. Then, expand the data to include the number of sessions delivered each year throughout the entire country. Finally, roll that number up with the total number of sessions since the late 80s, when modern indoor tanning really took off – that’s about 40 years and that, folks, is a lot of sessions! So, how many people – as morbid as the question might be – how many people have died from tanning? In all of my research, I could find only one single event, and even that was the result of a tanner taking medication prescribed by her doctor and unaware of the potential side effects associated with UV exposure. About 33 years ago, Patsy Campbell of Portage, IN took a prescription medication called psoralen (used to

treat psoriasis) and followed it with a tanning session. Her doctor should have made her aware of the extreme risk of a photosensitive reaction from combining that drug with any UV source – indoor or outdoor. He did not inform her, and Campbell suffered burns over 70% of her body from which she subsequently died. After arguably hundreds of thousands of indoor ses- sions delivered not only in the U.S. but worldwide, I found that single incident. Look, any fatality is one too many; but it should put indoor tanning into perspective amidst the risky things we do in our everyday lives. A drive to the grocery store can be deadly! Drive safely … and enjoy indoor tanning in moderation. NOTE: The topic of using prescription medications while tanning is covered in depth in Sun is Life Certification. 

Team IST searches for erroneous, suspect or negative reporting by the media that adversely impacts the tanning industry. Reports such as these have plagued tanning businesses for decades. Although the media sources will seldom admit a falsehood and print a retraction, IST offers these well-crafted responses to the negative reports that can be shared with your customers and potential customers, alike.

martialred /


February 2022

Salon of Distinction

IST: Have your sanitization standards changed since the pandemic? If so, how? MF: Joe, we have always prided ourselves on the cleanliness of our salon, so I wouldn’t say our procedures have changed a lot. We were and still are known to be extremely clean and sanitary. But, we now offer our guests face masks and hand sanitizers throughout the salon. IST: You told me earlier that you en- joyed taking our Sun is Life® Certifica- tion class. What insights did you gain? How important is it to have a staff that is fully trained with Sun is Life? MF: I feel that Sun is Life Certification is very important. Operators and staff can learn so many key facts about the tanning process – factual information that is so important to share with your customers to help you meet their specific tanning needs. I feel that all salon staff should be certified so they, too, can be knowledge- able about the tanning services we offer.

Tan by Michelle STAY I NG STRONG By Joe Schuster

lavendertime /


two facilities and wanted to open a third. In 2002, we found a location and became partners. We refurbished an old video store and started Tan By Michelle as an invest- ment. After installing 19 (now 17) tanning units, we opened our doors in January 2003. This is the start of our 19th year! IST: Wow! That’s quite a strong run! Bet you’ve seen a lot in those 19 years. Dealing with COVID has certainly impacted many small businesses. How did you survive over the last year? How would you compare your business against this time last year? MF: Pennsylvania’s closing of indoor tan- ning and related businesses due to COVID was pretty rough for many. After four long months of being closed, we reopened and quickly resumed operations as normal.

have always said that one of the key factors in the longevity of the indoor tanning industry has been our resil-

ience – the abilities of salon operators all over the country to overcome the “brick walls” that can impede our business, be they regulatory, economic or the result of negative media among others. Well, Michelle Fulp of Tan by Michelle in Wil- liamsport, PA is certainly a fine example of that. Want to know more? Read on! IST: Michelle, let’s start at the beginning. How did you get involved in the tan biz? MF: My father started in the tanning industry back in 1989. It was a great opportunity to work side-by-side with him. I learned so much! By the time I graduated from college, my father had

In addition to Sun is Life Certification, Michelle has completed the Norvell University Master Spray-Tan Certification Course.


February 2022

IST: Michelle, thanks for your time and all the best in 2022! n

IST: You have a really nice social media page featuring updates and a list of di- versified service offerings, as well as good customer reviews. Do you have guests who come in only for those services or do you have a good mix of cross-over customers?

MF: We have a good mix of cross-over clientele. Most are loyal customers who have had enjoyable experiences at our salon. As they say, “it’s easier to retain your happy cus- tomers than constantly try to find new ones.” But there also are those who are new to the area and will look on social media such as Facebook to see business reviews. We really drive to provide great tanning and sunless experiences to get that positive feedback! IST: What are your business goals for the next 1-3 years? MF: I hope to get new high-output UV tanning units and upgrade our current equipment mix. I also would like to become more of a full-service salon, incorporating cosmetic services such as a hair stylist, nail technician or esthetician.

Location ....................................... Williamsport, PA Owners ...................... Michelle Fulp, Roger Andras Years in Business ........................................... 19 Staff ....................................................................... 4 UV Tanning Units ............................................ 17 Other Services ............................. AquaMassage, Custom Spray-Tans Lotions .................. Australian Gold, Designer Skin, California Tan, Supre Best-Selling Lotion Line ............. Designer Skin Distributor Partner ........................ Four Seasons Most Popular Tanning Program ..................... We differentiate ourselves by offering coin and dollar equipment operation, so guests only pay for the time they use. Social Media ............... Facebook: Tan by Michelle



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DEVOTED CREATIONS 1. Butter Rum Bliss™ Miraculously Melting Rich Herbal Body Creme • 300MG of CBD Isolate • Powerful Probiotics • Skin-Purifying Agents • Vitamin C-Infused • Anti-Inflammatory Calming Blend • Skin Softening Cocoa Butters

2. Coconut Color Cream™ Facial Tan Enhancing Moisture Mask • Multi-use Formula • Sunkissed Facial Bronzers • Sugarcane Squalane

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February 2022




TANOVATIONS 4. Waikiki Weekend™ Pacific Paradise Natural Beach Bronzing Cocktail • Indoor/Outdoor Natural Bronzer • Color-Correcting BB Crème Formula • 2 Melanin Stimulators • Jackfruit & Guava Extracts • Targeted Anti-Aging & Firming • Electrolyte-Rich Coconut Juice • After-Tan Odor Eliminators • Summer Escape Scent MSRP $53.95 11oz

ED HARDY 5. Desired Darkness™ Rapid Release Ultra Extreme Black Bronzer • Dark DHA, Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers • Coconut Juice Base • Antioxidant-Rich Formula • Melanin Stimulators

SELFIE GLOW SUNLESS 6. Double Bubble Body Wash Color-Extending pH-Balancing Skin-Softening Body Wash

• Sensitive Skin Formula • Watermelon Extracts • pH Balancers • Coconut Water • Cactus Water • Non-Alkaline Formula • 24-hour Hydration • Mandarin Mimosa Scent MSRP $16.98 8oz 

• Extreme Moisture Complex • Anti-Reddening Complex

• Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting • Exotic Black Amethyst Scent MSRP $38.95 10oz



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milatoo /

SUN EVOLUTIONS 7. Beach Access™ Blissful White Bronzer • Clear DHA • Pineapple & Coconut Oils • Antioxidant-rich Guava • Paraben/THC-Free, 100% Vegan

SUNLESS, INC. 9. Mystic Tan Wake-Up Tan Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Moisturizer Self-Tan Water Mousse • Created for All Skin Tones • Tri-Hydration Blend • D-Odor 200 ™ • 100% Vegan • Non-Comedogenic • Gluten/Paraben/Cruelty/Nut-Free MSRP $15 2oz

8. High Noon Summer Seltzer™ Hemp-Infused Natural Bronzer • Natural Streak-free Bronzers • Ultra Dark Formula • CX2 Skin Firming Complex • Aloe Vera • Vitamins A, C & E

• Odor Shield Technology • Blueberry & Acai Scent MSRP $35 9.5oz

• Aloe Vera • Vitamin E • Erythrulose • Odor Shield Technology • Surf’s Up Scent MSRP $52 9.5oz


February 2022

ASA News ASAUndefeated in 2021 State Legislative Issues


becoming more and more accepted. Mount- ing research showing that COVID-19 cases were less prevalent and less severe in people who had regular UV exposure or higher vitamin D levels has bolstered new inter- est in a balanced approach to sun care. “We have continued to put our case in a proper context and continue to demonstrate that professional indoor tanning facilities have a scientifically supported position,” Levy said. He has traveled to 43 different

taying ahead of attempts to over-regulate professional indoor tanning facilities at the state level continues

opportunity to lay out the unintended consequences of anti-salon legislation. The latest challenge has been the advent of under-21 restriction proposals that have cropped up in New York and California. In California, ASA worked with counsel to keep an under-21 bill from finding an author, despite attempts by state derma- tology groups to get it introduced. In New York state, ASA and counsel continue to work to keep an under-21

to be one of the American Suntanning Association’s top priorities in 2022. And, more than ever, ASA’s promotion and defense of the market with policymak- ers is founded in constructive dialogue that positions tanning professionals as part of the solution in real-world sun care. In all 14 state legislative issues raised in 2021, the American Suntanning Association came out on the winning side without a defeat, using science to convince legislators that our approach to sunburn prevention and parental consent for indoor tanners is the best way to address sun care issues. ASA prevailed in 2021 legislative issues in Iowa, Mississippi, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Ohio and South Caro- lina, all of which involved under-18 age restrictions (under-21 was introduced in New York state). Additionally, ASA convinced would-be legislative sponsors in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida and Connecticut not to re-introduce un- der-18 age restriction proposals in 2021. ASA also tracked and joined coalitions to successfully argue against tax bills introduced in Arkansas and Texas that would have included tanning services. Since 2013, ASA has blazed a com- mon approach of putting the industry’s positions in constructive, scientifically supported terms. That positive ap- proach has paid dividends. Since 2015, ASA has convinced state legislatures 109 times that our positions make sense – continuing to win when we have the

“The best way to keep legislation from getting traction is to re-dedicate your tanning business to professional practices and to be worthy of the path that is being blazed for the tanning market of tomorrow.” Joseph Levy, Director of Scientific Affairs

state capitols on behalf of ASA and ASA partners, leading ASA’s advocacy program. “The best way to keep legislation from getting any traction is to re-dedicate your tanning business to professional practices, sunburn prevention and to be worthy of the path that is being blazed for the tanning market of tomorrow,” Levy said. “And get involved with ASA. We need your support.” Call 855.879.7678 to join ASA today, or visit n About the ASA Founded in 2012, the American Suntanning Asso- ciation is committed to defending and growing the industry through a detailed and proactive plan directed by an all-salon board and executed by more than two dozen management and consulting team members who specialize in this type of work.

bill from gaining traction. That bill, in- troduced in 2020, is still active through the end of 2022 in New York. ASA Director of Scientific Affairs Joseph Levy worked with ASA counsel in New York to successfully prevent that bill from moving in 2021. “This has our full attention,” Levy said. “We have committed resources to not only fight this, but to make sure leaders in the New York legislature fully understand why this bill would be a mistake. Proponents are trying to suggest that this issue is similar to tobacco. Eighteen states have raised the legal age for smoking to 21. But UV exposure – from the sun or from a sunbed – is not tobacco. It is qualitatively and quantitatively deceptive to make that comparison.” The case for real-world sun-care solutions continues to grow stronger, as sunburn among non-tanners continues to be more and more prevalent, and research support- ing regular non-burning UV exposure is


February 2022

Ergoline Focus

JK Announces a NewCEO Experienced Leadership & Fresh Perspective: JK Continues to Lead the Way

Brynn Scarborough President & CEO

JK continues to make waves and open doors under the leadership of newly promot- ed President & CEO, Brynn Scarborough. Scarborough has been promoted to President & CEO of JK North America after serving as President & Managing Director for nearly three years. During that time, she successfully implemented strategic plans that positively affect the entire business. Her thought, leadership, tenacity and commitment to the advancement of North American business have been felt across all business segments worldwide. “I am humbled and excited to continue this journey with JK and to see the hard work of so many on this team come to fru- ition,” Scarborough states. “I am grateful for the commitment and integrity that our people show up with everyday. We have worked hard to create positive change in our industry and we are not done! I look forward to a bright future for JK.” As the industry has experienced challeng- es of historic proportion, Scarborough has participated with JK Subsidiaries globally to expertly navigate the business during the uncertain times resulting from the pandem- ic. Because of this involvement, JK North America has overcome, remained poised and resilient while preparing for the future. And the growth doesn’t stop there; JK is bringing new expertise and fresh talent to the industry. In a strategic effort to expand product offerings and heighten customer support, JK is proud to an- nounce additions to its Executive Team.

Jill Frank Executive Director of Consumables

Charles Lerebours Executive Director of Equipment

Jill Frank has joined the team as Exec- utive Director of Consumables. Bringing over 15 years of experience in sunless equip- ment and beauty industries and a passion for developing new business relationships, as well as providing extraordinary service. Born in Ohio, Frank spent most of her life in Columbus, where she attended Ohio State University. In her previous role as Director of Strategic Sales for Sunless Inc., she was responsible for managing key ac- counts and strategic business development. Frank has broad experience in equipment and product development, launch and train- ing. The entire team is excited about her arrival and looking forward to what’s next. “I’m happy to join the JK Team and reconnect with so many industry partners. Looking forward to exciting opportunities in 2022 and beyond!” Frank enthuses. With a heightened focus on equipment and diversified new offerings, Charles Lerebours joins JK as the Executive Di- rector of Equipment Sales. He brings fresh expertise in the wellness space and 15 years of experience working in sales, operations and international business development.

Lerebours moved to the U.S. from France and through his ten-year tenure, launched the North American branch for an innovative French company special- izing in industrial process solutions. In 2019, he joined Universal Companies, the largest distributor for spa equipment and supplies in North America, pivoting to the wellness industry. Lerebours is passionate about helping companies and business partners achieve their full potential. “Coming from different horizons and working together with the same goal, we will support our customers’ business, their growth and evolutions and achieve great things for the industry and JK,” he states. Both Frank and Lerebours join under the leadership of Scarborough, who is committed to the JK vision – one of synergy, growth and legacy. n


February 2022

Lamp Talk with Leif

tanning units, depending on cooling, as well as the ambient temperature in the salon. Lamps can be under-cooled and that can reduce their useful life by 100-200 hours. Q: Can I increase a tanning bed’s UV output by installing a higher-wattage HP lamp? A: You can – but it is a waste of money as higher-wattage lamps are more expen- sive and in fact, will not perform as well as the lamp specified by the tanning system’s manufacturer. The ballast employed by the tanning system determines the output. Q: Why are there several 800-1,000W high-pressure lamp models that have the same socket but their glass envelopes are different sizes? A: There are different reflectors employed by different tanning units that require different lamps, due to where the arc of the lamp output should be for best performance. In addition, a large glass envelope is easier to cool than a smaller one, as some older tanning systems may not have adequate cooling. One should not randomly pick a “similar” lamp just because it fits the lamp holder. Got a question for me? You can submit any lamp question at! n Visit, click on the “Lamp Talk” link and submit your question.

Let’s Do FAQ! By Leif Vasstrom


the peak’s amplitude and where on the nanometer scale the UVB and UVA peaks occur, in order to properly ascer- tain a lamp’s optimal bronzing ability. Excellent tanning performance is creat- ed by a highly-efficient UV spectral range characterized by proprietary metal-halo- genide mixture in high-pressure lamps, and phosphor mixtures in fluorescent lamps. Use of high-quality components such as the quartz glass for high-pressure lamps and electrodes and gas mixtures must be complemented by a rigorous control system to ensure quality, performance and long life. Same thing with the special transparent UV glass used for fluorescent lamps, and preferably, long cooling zones. Lamps must be designed for perfect sys- tem integration of filter glasses, reflectors, ventilation and comfort for the tanner. Q: What is the life expectancy of high-pressure lamps? A: Sunlamp life varies, as the same lamp model will perform longer in some

am often contacted by salon owners who are confused as to what UV lamps – both low- and high-pressure – really are, and what they represent. Here are a few of those frequently-asked questions: Q: What is the UVB percentage of a sunlamp? A: When it comes to performance, the percentage of UVB compared to UVA is less relevant than where the UVB peaks on the nanometer scale. For many years, and too often still today, the simple reference of UVB per- centage/content has been the only aspect manufacturers and salon operators have discussed. It is important to understand that the supply voltage – the actual current in watts – as well as the ratio of UVB to UVA are integral parts of the tanning unit’s performance. In addition, and herein lies the secret truth: The per- formance of a tanning lamp is measured in mw/cm 2 , and one must measure both

About the Author: Industry veteran Leif Vasstrom founded Napa, CA-based Supra Brands Group in 2004, and has been at the forefront of sun- lamp innovation since 1978. He

opened the first tanning salon in NYC on Madison Avenue in 1978. In 1985, his company designed the Breeze Salon Software and business manage- ment program, acquired by SunLync in 2003. He launched the Silver Solariumequipment line in 1978, and Dr. Müller systems in 1993. In 1986, he helped

start Applied Digital (T-Max). In 2011, Supra acquired indus- try forum as a means to further the message about the positive aspects of moderate UV exposure.

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February 2022

Lync IT


a bit vulnerable, and that is completely understandable. If so, you may consider employing a hosting provider so that you have confidence in knowing that you are securing your database safely and that it is protected against unautho- rized access. In some cases, your software provider might offer such services. Over time, workstations and associ- ated peripherals can also fail for various reasons. Have you given some thought to having pre-configured backup work- stations available at your disposal? Do you use peripherals in your salon that are imperative to your operation, such as timers or receipt printers? If so, you should consider having extras on hand in the event one becomes inoperable. It’s also important to document your disaster recovery plan once you’ve laid out the procedures for handling an unfortunate event. Equally important is the testing of the plan. Remember those annual fire drills you had to do as a child at school? Be sure to train your staff on the plan, and that it is easy to un- derstand and execute, especially during what might be a chaotic situation. A solid disaster recovery plan is an easy way to be prepared and alleviate

By Melissa Damiani

As we’ve moved into a new year and reflect back on the past two, one of the most valuable things we can take from this time is how to be prepared and how to adapt when unforeseen events present themselves. Over the past two years, you’ve surely experienced an increased dependency on information technology, not only in your personal life but within your salon opera- tions, as well – from communication with customers to facilitating social distancing in your facility and everything in between. Now is a great time to reassess your disas- ter recovery plan. Many of us have been guilty of thinking “it won’t happen to me,” but if we’ve learned anything through these unprecedented times it is that unfortunate events can happen to all of us. Not sure what I’m referring to as it relates to your salon specifically? I’m talking about the unex- pected technical disaster that could occur. The actions you take before, during and after an unforeseen disaster can make all the difference in terms of its impact on your business. While you can’t stop some disasters from occurring, there are things you can do to minimize their negative effects and maintain some stability during a potentially tragic time.

As your customer database is the life- blood of your business, one of the most vital components of your disaster recov- ery plan should be a regular schedule for data backup (stored offsite) in case you experience a damaging event such as a server crash. After all, if the location where your server is housed suffers a

The actions you take before, during and after an unforeseen disaster can make all the difference in terms of the impact it can have on your business.

natural catastrophic event, it may not survive. Additionally, you want to make sure that this backup can be easily restored and that you have an available resource to assist you with that, if needed. Another important preventative measure is to ensure that you have antivirus and monitoring software on your server and workstations in an effort to deter a malicious hacker from damaging your computer network. You may have experience with manag- ing a server and desire to host your data- base yourself as you have a high level of comfort when it comes to the associated required maintenance. Alternatively, the mere thought of being solely responsible for your database can leave you feeling

the stress you and your staff will undergo should you have an unforeseen technical calamity at your salon. You will surely thank yourself when you are able to continue operating seamlessly without your guests knowing that you experienced an unfortunate event! n

About the Author: Melissa Damiani is the Sales Manager of SunLync Software, Inc. a member of the JK-North America group of companies. With the company since 2002,

Melissa has served the organization in several capacities, and has extensive knowledge of all aspects required to deliver robust salon manage- ment software solutions that are designed to enable measurable growth within its users’ ever-evolving business models. Call Melissa at 866.SUNLYNC x3 or email

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February 2022

Monthly Motivation

Is Your Life Distorted Right Now? By Grant Cardone Distort: Pull or twist out of shape; give a misleading or false account or impression of. H ave you ever stood in front of one of those fun house mirrors? You know, the ones that distort your reflection in a crazy way? I know my life used to be distorted. I didn’t have enough money. I was always scared and worried about everything. I was lonely and an addict. None of those things were the real me. My life was distorted because of the decisions I made, the actions I took, and the resultant lack of fruit my life was producing.

Apart from looking at your reflection in front of a fun house mirror, how do you spot distortion in your life? Here are ten clues to look for: 1. You challenge authority but won’t challenge yourself. 2. You waste weekdays by getting wasted on the weekends. 3. You act like a know-it-all when you know nothing at all. 4. You talk more than you listen. 5. You criticize more than you create. 6. You never have time for anything productive, but make time for everything that isn’t. 7. You blame your situation on everything except yourself. 8. You don’t trust anyone because you can’t trust yourself. 9. You hate successful people and refuse to act like a success. 10. You think you’re too young, too old, too broke, the wrong color, wrong gender … Attitude is a choice. Stop distorting your life!

It doesn’t matter how others perceive you, what matters is how YOU perceive yourself. You have one life and one body – are you choosing actions that have a positive impact on you and your life? Take a moment and think about where you are and the direction that you are heading in right now. Take a good look in the mirror and if what you see is not the real you, start changing your life to be the person you know you can and should be. n

About the Author: Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the No. 1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on lead-

ership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media and finance. His companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing Influ- encers to Watch in 2017.” He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider , CNBC, and Entrepreneur. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters.

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February 2022

Notes from the Road

Love Is in the Air! By Lisa Saavedra

contain things like a body wash, tan extender, tanning lotion, facial product, etc. I would put all of these products together in a bag to sell for a special Valentine’s Day price. Throw in some free upgrade sessions for them as well, to create added value. Bonus points if all the items in your bag deals are pink or red! Share the Love! This promo is just an easy way to gain new clientele. You need some cute Valentine-themed cards that say, “Share the Love! Enjoy a free week of tanning on me! xoxo ______.” Leaving the blank line allows your guests to sign their own name There are many ways you can turn Valentine’s Day into a sales opportunity! and give the card to any family members or friends. Through the month of Feb- ruary, I would put one of these cards on each bed when it’s cleaned in hopes that your guests will take them and give them away. It’s a great way to keep your busi- ness top-of-mind and gain new customers with very minimal out-of-pocket cost. These are just a few of my ideas to increase your February revenue, as well as create something fun and new for your guests and staff. I hope you all have a very successful month and your business is feeling the love! n

T hanks to Hallmark (I think), February is the month of love! This is the time of year for red and pink heart-shaped candy boxes, floral arrangement options and booming restaurant reservations. At this time, you should also see an influx of tanners coming to your salon seeking that “perfect glow” for Valentine’s Day. There are many ways you can turn this holiday into a great sales opportunity while showing your customers some love. Let’s discuss some Valentine’s Day promotions. Treat Yourself! I call this sweet promo “Treat Your- self” or “Kisses from XYZ Tanning!” For this promotion, you need a bunch of Hershey’s Kisses (not only are they cheap and on theme, but they are individually wrapped). Next, get some tiny, round labels (stickers) and come up with some specials such as “FREE Upgrade” or “10% Off Any Product Purchase.” You can customize these specials to cater to your clientele and your salon's needs. Write the specials on the labels and stick one directly on the bottom of each Hershey’s Kiss. Put them all in a bowl or jar so

your guests can’t see which one they are picking, and place it on your counter with a cute sign. Every person who comes in to tan between now and Valentine’s Day can grab a “Kiss.” Not only will they enjoy a sweet treat pre-tan, but they will also have an opportunity to use their discount or buy something, as the promo special they find on their Kiss is only valid on that day. I find this to be a cute, fun way to increase sales because it has a sense of ur- gency with the “use it or lose it” mindset. A Perfect Glow from Head to Toe! This promo involves creating two different bag deals you sell for a set price and which also include tanning. The first deal is a “Glow on the Go” concept. This bag would include lotion packets, eye- wear, a week of tanning and/or red-light sessions and one spray-tan session. With this deal, your tanners who are coming in just to get some Valentine’s Day color will be able to try a variety of products and services and hopefully, you will be able to turn them into regular customers. The other bag deal would be tailored for your existing customers. It could

About the Author: As Director of Brand Development for Devoted Creations’ family of brands, Lisa brings 17 years of industry experience, knowledge and

enthusiasm to all aspects of the business, including social media, product development, training, customer relations, public speaking and marketing strategies. Lisa worked at the salon level managing a large chain of salons, which infuses her sales training and brand concepts with real world experience.

Lisa has been chosen the IST Magazine “Person of the Year” five times.

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Commit to Your Tan


February 2022

UK View

Well, We’ve Been Here Before By Gary Lipman

contracting COVID. That has done a full 360-degree turn and now, everyone will know of someone – and usually many – who has recently contracted the virus. With a mandatory ten-day isolation required once you test positive, it is easy to see how the na- tion’s workforce is being heavily impacted. Some businesses and salons are having to reduce open hours, the number of week- days open or in worst case scenarios closing altogether, albeit hopefully temporarily, as they simply do not have enough staff. Pressure is in place for govern- ment-funded financial support to help busi- nesses through these different but equally challenging times. Perhaps understandably but frustratingly the government is standing firm on its position that there are currently no further funds available for our sector. It is with a slight sense of relief that tanning salon owners expect the winter months to be quieter and we did, of course, have the much-needed benefit of an extend- ed season into late 2021 when holiday travel reopened. But after two years of COVID impact, there’s no doubt any amount of lost income even in the quieter months will hurt all affected businesses big-time. But we have been here before – this truly is a case of déjà vu – and I am pleased to say that professionally-run salons previously

Fact: We Brits, and indeed Amer- icans, are not renowned for our prowess in

and the words déjà vu (unfor- tunately) come to mind again. As I write, we have not gone into a lockdown in the UK, and I very much hope and pray that we will not. I simply do not think, as a nation, we could financial-

speaking foreign languages. Another fact: over 1.7 billion people, or a quarter of the world’s population, speak English as their first or

ly or emotionally afford it and there is a groundswell of resistance to do so

second language. Undoubtedly, my latter fact is a major influence on my former. However, as we will all no doubt appreciate, a conversation in English is often peppered with language “interlop- ers” when the English language doesn’t seem to quite have the right words to communicate a particular sense of being or feeling. Many such words and phrases have over time become part of the English lexicon and one such phrase which I guarantee we have all used in the UK and beyond in recent weeks has been “déjà vu.” Twenty-four months ago, our eyes were being opened wide to COVID-19, a new pathogen that was steadily and unre- lentingly marching across the globe. The ongoing issue of Brexit that had pretty much dominated the previous two years of conversation and media coverage in the UK, mainly evaporated (certainly in most peoples’ everyday thoughts). Fast forward 12 months and the virus we thought we were beginning to control took us into a third lockdown in the UK. Fast-forward another 12 months,

What will separate success and failure going forward will undoubtedly be a professional approach to the salon business environment and experience overall.

here. But the fear that it could happen is real. The Netherlands has just gone into full lockdown again, and it is on the agenda for other European countries. The impact of this fear and rippling insecurity is already impacting many sectors, including indoor tanning. The UK recently experienced its highest levels of COVID cases on record. Thank- fully, as a result of the hugely successful vaccination programme and a concerted push for boosters, the numbers of those requiring hospitalisation is statistically low compared to the number of positive cases. However, the impact of the volume of pos- itive cases on our workforce is significant. A year ago, it was still unusual to hear of someone you directly knew

came back bouncing high. What will sepa- rate success and failure going forward will undoubtedly be a professional approach to the salon business environment and expe- rience overall. Learning, planning, strategy, investment, belief and an ongoing passion for what we do will undoubtedly remain at the core of the continued success of the professional element of our industry. n

About the Author: In the tanning industry since 1982, Gary Lipman is Man- aging Director of the UK sub- sidary of Ergoline, and runs Ergoline Plus, the exclusive

distributor for a wide range of sunless products & spray systems. He is also Chairman of the UK’s Sunbed Association & a European Sunlight Asso- ciation member.

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February 2022

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