The Chicago Bar Association 150th Celebration

Reflecting on My CBA Experience

Curated by Kathleen Dillon Narko, CBA Record Editorial Board Member

I have been a member of the CBA since my days as a student at DePaul Law. The CBA has had a major, positive impact and, I hope, enabled me to provide benefit to others. My CBA membership has had a major, positive impact on my legal career by providing networking opportunities, professional development resources, advocacy platforms, ethical

I would not be the attorney and person I am today without the CBA. Through the CBA, I have met fantastic colleagues, mentors, life-long friends, and even the attorney who counseled me during my condo purchase! The CBA’s Symphony Orchestra also gave me the opportunity to make a childhood dream come true: playing a concert at the

Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Most importantly, the trust and constant support the CBA has given me over the years allowed me to blossom and become a more confident and better advocate for myself and others. Kenneth A. Matuszewski , Member since 2016, 2023-2024 Young Lawyers Section First Vice President; Goldberg Segalla In 2015, I read an article about the importance of the judicial evaluation process. At that time, the CBA was seeking attorneys to volunteer for the formidable task of evaluating hundreds of sitting judges and candidates for judicial office. To serve on the Judicial Evaluation Committee (“JEC”) attorneys need to be a member of the CBA. So, I joined the CBA, with the sole intention of only evaluating judges. The

guidance, and support services that helped me thrive personally and professionally. Beyond providing topnotch learning and presenting opportunities through a myriad of CLE programs, the connections made through other members have enriched my life and career in many ways. Ray J. Koenig III, Member since 1999, 2023-2024 CBA President; Clark Hill PLC I am a long-time member of the CBA because of the people. The CBA Record Editorial Board is one of my favorite groups of word nerds and tends to attract folks with a deep commitment to providing a quality publication for our readers. It has also become a family, celebrating and supporting each other through life events. Being a member of other committees has provided

JEC was my gateway to all the wonderful events, services, and networking that the CBA provided. I haven’t looked back since. Peter McNamara, Member since 2009, 2023-2024 CBA Board of Managers; International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 399

educational programs with great speakers generous with their time and expertise. I also participated in the Justice Entrepreneur Project, a CBF program, which was invaluable in helping me set up a law practice, with a wonderful network of like-minded attorneys. Amy Cook, Member since 1994, CBA Editorial Board Member; Amy Cook Law LLC

My involvement with the CBA intensified 12 years ago after I sent a message to the CBA Record’s editor-in-chief volunteering to provide editorial assistance. Justice Michael B. Hyman asked me to join the Editorial Board but cautioned that it would be a “hands-on” role. In the decade-plus since then, I’ve been enriched by working with many outstanding board members, including YLS members and CBA staff, who contribute their expertise to ensure the quality of the magazine for every issue. I’m proud that the CBA Record reflects the high standards of the CBA as an association. And I’m grateful to have found a place where I can give back to the legal profession and to an organization that contributes so much to our community. Anne Ellis, Member, CBA Record Editorial Board since 2012 and Associate Editor; Council of State Governments Justice Center

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