The Chicago Bar Association 150th Celebration

Reflecting on My CBA Experience

Curated by Kathleen Dillon Narko, CBA Record Editorial Board Member

The CBA and its dedicated committees have played a crucial role in my career. I started as a law student in the late 1990s and increased my involvement post graduation. In 2001, I led the Computer Law Committee (now Cyber Law and Data Privacy). Around 2005, I joined the Law Practice Management and Technology

I can’t overstate the impact the CBA has had on my life. I joined in 1988 when I was a staff attorney at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and became chair of the YLS Appellate Law Committee. My time in the YLS, including as Chair, gave me valuable speaking, writing, and organizational skills, and allowed me to develop many meaningful community service

Committee. I enjoy aiding lawyers in improving their practices and using technology effectively. Recently, I joined the Board of Managers to contribute more broadly to the bar association, beyond chairing my committee. Kevin A. Thompson , CBA Board of Managers 2022-2024; Member since 1988; Levin Ginsberg As a young lawyer, I sensed early on that becoming involved in the YLS would be good for my career and good for my soul. Career-wise, I did not expect to get business from bar activities but did see my credibility enhanced. More importantly, I found that the service opportunities—service projects for

programs. This inspired me to move my career to public interest law–the first position being at the CBA and the CBF as Community Services Director– where my professional focus has remained since. Linda Rio , Member since 1988; YLS Chair 1994-95; CBA & CBF Community Services Director 1995-2001; Access to Justice Consultant and Life Ceremony Officiant The past 50 plus years have gone by quickly. I joined the CBA shortly after returning to Chicago after law school. I wanted to become involved in the legal community, participate in CBA programs that could enhance the legal process for Chicagoans, and broaden my network of colleagues.

the bar and pro bono projects— were terrific. Flash forward 30 years, as my career took a turn from litigator to mediator, and the connections I made back then are now mediation clients of mine. I didn’t see that coming, but what a blessing! Faustin “Frosty” Pipal, Member since 1980; Young Lawyers Section Chair 1991-92; Pipal & Berg, LLP I am so pleased I have developed meaningful connections with my peers as Chair of the Young Lawyers Section. Through my involvement over the years, I have come to appreciate the community and camaraderie of this organization, one that also offers an intersection of different practice areas and a diverse membership. Tracey Brammeier, Member since 2014; Young Lawyers Section Chair 2021-2022; Clifford Law Offices

I am proud that as Chair of the YLS in 1977, our Section was selected as the best large YLS Section in the U.S. by the American Bar Association. That designation has continued to this day. I am also pleased to have assisted in the preparation of bills that became new legislation as part of the Illinois Probate Act. Through the YLS and my continued CBA involvement, I have made many friends while at the same time elevating my law practice and hopefully helping others. Andy Gelman, Member since 1971; Young Lawyers Section Chair 1976-1977; CBA Board of Managers 1978 1980; Holland & Knight

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