The Chicago Bar Association 150th Celebration



Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Ƹ

Gymnast Nadia Com Ƒ neci scores a perfect 10 at the Montreal Olympics. Ƹ Esther R. Rothstein takes office as the CBA's first woman President. Ƹ The CBA's Ask a Lawyer program kicks-off (now known as Call-A-Lawyer). Ƹ The CBA Symphony Orchestra forms, consisting of 50 lawyers and judges. Ƹ The CBA Record debuts in its current form with Michael Pope as its first editor. Ƹ The CBA Alliance for Women is formed. The CBA proposes Mandatory Continuing Legal Education in Illinois. MCLE is not adopted in Illinois until 2005. Ƹ ƶ The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma is bombed, killing 168 people. CBA establishes Lawyers Lend-a-Hand to Youth Program. Ƹ


The Board of Managers adopts a resolution concerning the procedures for the evaluation of candidates for judicial offices on June 14, 1976. MTV debuts with the broadcast of “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. Ƹ Ƹ The U.S. space shuttle Challenger explodes after liftoff, killing its crew of seven astronauts. Ƹ The Earl B. Dickerson Award is established to recognize and honor minority lawyers. The Gulf War begins and the Soviet Union dissolves. CBA Insurance Agency is established. Ƹ Ƹ Ʒ Rene A. Torrado, Jr. becomes the first Hispanic CBA President. Ƹ

New Headquarters In 1985 CBA President Richard J. Phelan oversees the purchase of a six-story turn of the Plymouth Court, as the site of the CBA's future home. The CBA moves into its 16-story new home in 1990. century building, located at 321 S.

Female Leaders Esther R. Rothstein (right) becomes the CBA’s first woman

president in 1987. Laurel G. Bellows serves as the Association’s second woman president from 1991-1992.


Princess Diana dies in a car accident in Paris.

First African American President Chester L. Blair becomes the first African American President of the CBA in 1989.

CBA celebrates its 125th Anniversary. Ƹ Google is founded. Ƹ

Tiger Woods wins the Masters Tournament.

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