The Chicago Bar Association 150th Celebration

Reflecting on My CBA Experience

A few of the reasons I belong to the CBA: O The sense of community, purpose, and service, at once fulfilling and motivating. O The camaraderie and sharing of perspectives, talents, viewpoints, and interests with lawyers from diverse practice areas, experiences, and backgrounds. O The collective approach to advancing policies and initiatives benefiting the law, the administration of justice, and the legal system. O The engagement in cultivating diversity and inclusion in our profession, infusing social equity and equality in our community, and ensuring access to justice and fairness in our courts. O The commitment to better each member’s career, self, and soul. Justice Michael B. Hyman , Member since 1977, Illinois Appellate Court, former CBA president, and Editor-In-Chief of the CBA Record I joined the CBA in 1993 when I auditioned for the Bar Show after graduation. There was no way to predict over 30 years later that I made the best friends, have had a blast performing, and partici pated in many CBA events/CLEs. The CBA is about bettering the profession; it’s also about the relation ships we make – many that span a full career. Kate Kelly, Member since 1993, United States Department of Justice, and Bar Show cast member I got involved with the CBA as a mid-career attorney looking to develop leadership skills. After re-engaging with the CBA, members welcomed me with open arms, and I hopped into planning events that benefit our community. Working with the Young Lawyers Section allowed me to lead a team of lawyers and develop marketable management skills. My career advancements are largely because of the network and leadership skills I built with the CBA. Margaret Mendenhall Casey, Member since 2013, General Counsel for the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA), CBA Board of Managers, and CBA @thebar podcast cohost

It can be hard to envision what the CBA will look like 25 years hence, if only because we know that there will be much about technology, fashion, politics, and cultural mores that will be distinctly different. But I also imagine that some things will remain the same. For example, I expect that the CBA will continue to offer numerous and unique events to allow members to connect to one another, assist one another, and build their respective professional networks. I expect the CBA will continue to offer varied and timely continuing education courses so members can keep up with the latest legal developments. I expect the CBA will provide myriad opportunities for its members to serve the legal community and the larger public in Chicagoland. I expect these things because they reflect the core values of the CBA and what it has to offer. And I don’t expect that to change. Daniel J. Berkowitz , Member since 2014, Member at Aronberg Goldgehn, Immediate Past Chair of Young Lawyers Section, and CBA Record Editorial Board Member

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