SOMA Living April 2024

COALITION ON RACE Disinformation and Its Adverse Impact on Race

This year’s Conversation on Race will take place on May 14th at 7:30pm at Congregation Beth El, South Orange. We are excited to welcome Dr. Kelly Harris, Sr., Staff Director at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Africana Studies. He will discuss the threats of disinformation and its role in perpetuating racial stereotypes and hindering

Dr. Kelly Harris

progress toward equity and inclusion. This community conversation aims to increase awareness, understanding, and collective action against the damaging effects of intentionally misleading, racially charged propaganda. Disinformation has shaped narratives around racial justice and worsened social inequalities for decades. Historically, racialized propaganda manipulated public opinion, maintained racial hierarchies, enforced segregation, undermined civil rights, blocked access to housing and various services, and promoted voter suppression. The rise of the internet and social media allowed disinformation to spread at an unprecedented rate. False narratives quickly become widespread, targeting specific racial and ethnic groups and swaying public opinion on efforts to combat systemic and institutional racism. As we confront new and escalating challenges to diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools, workplaces, and civic life, we encounter Dr. King’s “fierce urgency of now” once more. Finding ways to strengthen our advocacy for racial justice is crucial. Register today at

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Nancy Gagnier, Executive Director of the South Orange/ Maplewood Community Coalition on Race, develops pro-integrative strategies to support racial equity and inclusion.



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