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Sleep is crucial for metabolic balance, memory, concentration, immune health, and removing toxic waste. Here are five things that can ruin a good night’s sleep: Not winding down: Like a child too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve, or after a day so busy you replay it in your head, failing to calm your mind at night can harm your health. Decompressing is key to avoiding the next day’s fatigue and long-term health issues. Bringing the phone to bed: The blue light from your phone disrupts your circadian rhythm, and endless scrolling through social media can prevent sleep, making it difficult to disconnect. Not getting enough sunlight: For those stuck indoors, lack of sunlight affects our sleep cycle. Bright light, especially in the morning, aligns our circadian rhythm, helping us sleep better at night. Being stressed: Stress leads to shallow breathing, elevated heart rate, and insomnia. It’s how you respond to out-of control situations. Constant stress keeps you alert, affecting sleep and overall health. Lack of physical and mental activity: Active days or focused work improve sleep quality. Sedentary behavior harms sleep, and poor sleep reinforces bad habits. Prioritizing sleep is a significant life investment. Sleep is a critical health aspect. For more insights, get our “Searching for Health” booklet to evaluate your health facets.

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