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Understanding long-term care is crucial. We all wish for health and independence, but the unpredictable nature of life might lead us to require long-term care, posing a significant financial question. Long-term care includes services ranging from home health aides to nursing home stays. The chances of needing such care are high, with nearly 70% of those turning 65 today likely needing it in the future. Costs are steep, with home health aide services averaging over $60,000 annually and nursing home stays exceeding $100,000. Medicare often covers little of these expenses. Relying on family for care is not always feasible due to skill and proximity limitations. To manage potential costs, you have two main strategies: self-insure or purchase long-term care insurance. Self-insuring, suitable for those with significant financial resources, involves setting aside funds specifically for long-term care. However, predicting the exact amount needed is challenging due to various factors. Alternatively, long-term care insurance covers a range of services but can be costly and requires thorough comparison of policies for benefits and costs.

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