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• Treatment and Rehabilitation for Headaches • Neck and Back Pain • Sports and Gym Related Activities • Disc Problems and Neck Problems • Auto Injuries • Pregnancy Related Aches BASS FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC

Born and raised in Shanghai, Yan’s athletic journey is a combination of eastern and western fitness practices to promote holistic wellness and healing. With over 10 years of studying ballet, to weekly sparring oppo nents 2x her size in Muay Thai, Yan proves to demonstrate the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a remarkable athlete. In 2015, she made a life-changing move to NYC to attend Columbia University. This transition into a new multi-cultural land scape had both its challenges and rewards.

Everyday she worked to navigate barriers of language and cultural stereo types, finding ways to overcome the mishaps of often feeling misunderstood. She turned to athletics and fitness as both an outlet and means to connect with those around her. What started as a stress relief, has evolved into a disciplined practice to help people find empowerment and accountability over their own health goals. Through guided natural movement, resistance techniques, Qigong methods, and mind-body training exercises. She uses her diverse background in sports and athletics to create specialized fitness tracks towards holistic healing. She is SOMA’s athlete of the month, as well as a trainer, coach, teammate, wife, mother, business owner, and active participant in the community.

ABOUT DR. BASS If one word were used to describe Dr. Wayne J. Bass, it would be “community.” As one who has served on the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce for a number of years, Dr. Bass understands the needs of the community and strives to achieve excellence with every appointment. In fact, his business was founded on the principle of excellence in the community in 2006. While there are many chiropractors out there, Dr. Bass is one who truly cares about the well-being of his patients. (973) 378-2277 BASSFAMILYCHIRO.COM 491B VALLEY ST, MAPLEWOOD, NJ 07040



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