Midwest Tech 2016 Product Catalog

CONSTRUCTION ZONE LAB MODULES CareerTech Ed / STEM • Complete hookups of supply lines, pipes & hoses • Install shower head & spigot Includes 5' locking desk, 8" wrench, 3/16 & #2 Phillips screwdrivers, pipe wrench, tube cutter, level, 2-handle kitchen faucet, double sink P trap, sink basket/strainers, 2-handle shower valve kit, hose bib, tub drain kit, 24" flex supply lines, 90 ° chrome shut offs, CPVC 1/4 turn x 1/2" shut offs, CPVC 1/2" std. shut off, 1/2 black pipe 4" nipple, 1/2 black pipe street 90 ° , 1/2 shut off (lever style) , 1/2 black pipe floor flange, 1/4 flex gas line, channel lock, 10' x 12" CPVC pipe, waste tees, PVC 90 ° , clean out adpt. 1-1/2" PVC, Trap adpt. PVC 1-1/2", bathroom faucet, clean-out cap & work panel. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684095 CZ046 8-12 $4,950.00 Construction Measurement Questech Students learn to read standard, metric and tape rules and more. • Use chalk line to snap straight line between points • Use framing square to determine truss pitch • Set up & adjust sight level, tripod & grade stick Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, safety glasses, string line, line blocks, levels, master ruler, protractor, tape measure, folding ruler, carpenter square, marking gauge, sliding T-bevel & chalk line. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684093 CZ026 8-12 $4,032.00 Residential Plumbing Questech Students will learn about residential plumbing components and complete actual plumbing hookups, including supply lines, shower head and gas line. • Install tub drain stopper & drain cover

Bricklayer Questech Students mix mortar and lay a course of brick. They will learn about spacing, vertical and horizontal alignment, cutting, shaping and notching to construct and repair brickwork. They'll also dis- assemble a brick line.

• Level a line • Cleanup techniques • Rake & strike the joint

Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, story pole slide rod, story pole slide, masonry brush, mason level, cement hoe, joint trowel, brick line block, brick ties, joint raker (small wheel) , shovel, bucket with lid, mason trowel & mortar box. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684073 CZ013 8-12 $4,235.00

Cabinetmaker Questech Students use cabinetmaking hand tools, a router, miter box and saw to cut and shape wood. They'll cut, shape and assemble parts of a wood product, perform basic cabi- netmaking operations to construct a paper tray. • Read & interpret an assembly drawing

• Apply Danish oil finish • Measure, cut & plane wood • Mill joints using router table

Includes 5' locking desk, backsaw, woodworking vise, can opener, chisel, cutting board, hammer, miter box, metric/standard tape measure, rubber gloves, router table & router, putty knife, miter gauge w/clamps, nail set, sanding blocks, smooth plane & shop apron. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684092 CZ076 8-12 $4,746.00

Carpenter Questech Students construct a wall section, layout, erect, install and repair wooden struc- tures and fixtures using hand tools. They learn framing, estimating and blueprint reading. • Measure & cut studs & fire stops • Layout & nail parts

Cement Mason Questech Students mix concrete, pour and finish it to create a decorative stepping stone. • Mix, pour & finish concrete • Care for concrete tools Includes 5' locking desk, screed forms, trowel,

measuring cups, shall shovel, buckets, forming pan & float. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level

• Tilt up & place wall • Check vertical level of wall Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, handsaw, crowbar, tape measure, level, hammer, framing square & carpenter's apron. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684074 CZ014 8-12 $4,950.00






AC & Refrigeration Questech Students test and service an AC unit, perform electrical, mechanical and mainte- nance tasks. They'll also learn about the instal- lation, maintenance and operation of home AC and refrigeration systems. Covers principles of gas expansion and compres-

Drywall Installer Questech Students fit and apply wall board to a wall section, apply tape and compound, sand and smooth the surface. They'll learn about lathing, surface preparation and finishing. They'll also apply plaster, stucco and more to interior and exterior surfaces.

sion, heat transfer, evaporation, condensation, thermostatic control, motors and electrical circuitry. Students will calculate cooling requirements and per- form electrical, mechanical and maintenance tasks in a job simulation. • Test system pressures & temperature • Calculate cooling load for a given living space Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, test meter (multime- ter), window air conditioning unit mounted on workstation, filter, tape mea- sure, fin comb, safety glasses, apron, test leads, Phillips screwdriver, parts tray, face panel (decorative panel) . Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684088 CZ056 8-12 $6,073.00

• Measure, cut & layout drywall • Apply joint tape & joint compound

Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, T-square, drywall hammer, 4" & 8" joint knives, utility knife, tape measure, sanding block, handy boxes, compound pan & apron. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684071 CZ011 8-12 $4,338.00


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