Midwest Tech 2016 Product Catalog

Electric Motor Repair Questech Students learn motor disassembly, identification of parts, changing rotation direc- tion, reassembly and changing the capacitor. They'll install, maintain and repair motors. • Test internal circuits • Replace motor's starting capacitor

Machinist Questech Students use tools and jigs to machine raw materials into finished products. They'll shape metal parts using a drill press, bending jig and drilling jig to learn accuracy and machine operation techniques. Students make dimensional computations and layout

parts. They'll make a padlock key ring from aluminum. Special drilling jig and bending fixture will be used. Apprenticeships and training are emphasized. • Material layout • Filing • Sawing • Assembly • Drilling • Bending • Threading Includes 5' locking desk, scratch awl, machinist vise (3-1/2"), metric/stan- dard ruler, specially designed drilling & bending jigs, hacksaw, electric drill (3/8") , Allen wrench, 3/8" die, tap handle, adjustable wrench, 6/32" die, drill press, file card, die handle, brush, mill file (10") , combination square, 3/8" tap, 3/8", 5/16", 1/4" & #29 drill bits & automatic center punch. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684075 CZ018 8-12 $5,359.00 Painter

• Complete a wiring diagram of the motor Includes 5' locking desk, 1/2 HP AC motor, circuit tester, needle nose pliers, replaceable 3-prong plug, screwdriver, test receptacle, hex wrench, combination wrench, repair saddle, replacements capacitor, small AC motor & wire stripper/crimper. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684080 CZ031 8-12 $4,235.00


Floor Covering Installer Questech Students install and replace resilient tile, linoleum, vinyl sheets, and carpeting. They'll re- pair subfloors, cut and fit underlayments and install carpeting using tackless strips. Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, knee kicker, carpet trimmer, utility knife, hammer & stair tool.

Questech Students prepare and paint a wall section, apply protective or decorative coating materials. They'll sand surfaces to be coated and apply paint, varnish and other finishes. • Mix & apply paint w/brush or roller • Apply cleanup techniques



Grade Level






Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, can opener, paint edger, putty knife, hammer, mixing stick, paint brush, sanding block, paint roller & plastic bottles for paint storage. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684079 CZ027 8-12 $4,032.00

Insulation Installer Questech Students calculate ratings for instal- lation, then measure, cut and staple up fiber- glass insulation. They'll also review batt, blanket, board, loose fill and other forms of insulation in

Sheet Metal Questech Students layout, fabricate, erect or install and maintain items made of steel, cop- per, stainless steel and aluminum. Using profes- sional tools, they will practice laying out, cutting to size, bending and riveting of sheet metal in fabrication.

homes and industry. • Measure wall space

• Place insulation in wall • Cut electrical outlet openings • Figure job materials costs

Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, staple remover, dust mask, work gloves, staple gun, tape measure, straightedge, utility knife, cut- ting board, safety goggles & apron. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684087 CZ055 8-12 $3,725.00

• Measure metal & cut it to shape • Punch holes & bend metal

• Assemble pieces by riveting Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, marking jig, pop rivet gun, aviation snips, scratch awl, ruler, center punch, tinners hammer, brake, pattern template, 6" file & hand punch. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684091 CZ066 8-12 $4,746.00 Plumber Questech Students assemble, install and re- pair plumbing fixtures and pipe in a section of stud wall, then determine labor and materials cost. They'll also assemble, install and repair pipes, fittings and fixtures of heating, water and drainage systems, according to specifications and plumbing codes. Students will use plastic, copper and galvanized pipe. • Disassemble & repair a water faucet • Replace faucet washer • Cut, thread & ream pipe • Install water supply lines Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, adjustable wrench, chain pipe vise, hose bib faucets, tape measure, pipe reamer, pipe wrench, brush, drip pan, leather gloves, pipe cutter, pipe threader, screwdriver & quenching bucket. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684069 CZ002 8-12 $5,972.00

ElectricalWiring Questech Using a stud wall, students wire a general purpose circuit including a receptacle outlet box, junction box, switch box and a light. They'll also learn electrical terms, installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems, plus cover power line transmission of electricity from its source to consumption.

• Split & strip electrical wire • Install light switch & fixture • Make electrical connections

Includes stand-up workstation w/locking tool cabinet, 12V tester, spade bit, crank-handle screwdriver, tool pouch w/belt, light fixture, cable ripper, hammer, 12V bulbs, electric drill motor, awl, needle nose pliers, duplex re- ceptacles w/covers, switch covers, junction boxes w/covers, boxes. Stk. Mfr. Grade Level Price 684070 CZ008 8-12 $4,950.00


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