Elite Traveler September-October 2018


The unique Soumaya museum of art in Mexico City

Walking the picturesque, buzzing streets of Mexico City, you’d never know that a year ago on September 19, the city experienced a devastating earthquake — 32 years to the day that another history-making tremor had occurred. Sure, some physical signs remain — such as cordoned-off buildings in certain neighborhoods — but there’s a palpable, positive energy that’s impossible to ignore. This metropolis of almost nine million people is undoubtedly thriving, and there’s never been a better time to visit. Chefs both young and established are transforming the dining scene, one modern Mexican, Italian or Mediterranean restaurant at a time. The destination is a design force, which helped it earn the designation of the World Design Capital for 2018 (a first for a city in the

Americas). There’s enough to do to keep a visitor busy for weeks: countless museums celebrating everything from history to modern art; a historic center that’s always a hive of activity; and beautifully restored buildings that now house cool cafés, stylish boutiques and cutting-edge art galleries. The best way to tackle it? Create a short must-see list and leave the rest to chance by wandering through its many vibrant neighborhoods. No matter what, chances are you’ll be planning a second trip before your journey home.

by Brooke Porter Katz

Photo The St. Regis Mexico City, Kamira / Shutterstock.com

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