Connective Issues Winter 2019

CreATing ConneCTionS

CAmP VICTORY IS COmING SOON! opportunities for children to share a safe and normal experience

Camp Victory for Kids for children and teens, ages 7–18, an opportunity to have an independent camp experience. Children participate in all camp activities, such as lake swimming, boating, archery, arts and crafts, dances, camp- fires, and much more in a safe environment using only therapeutic and adaptive equipment. when your child shares these experiences with their peers, they create memories that can change them forever. both Marfan camps include accommodations and all meals. A Marfan-knowledgeable nurse is on-site throughout. The camps are located in winder, gA, approximately 50 miles from Atlanta. For more details, please visit if you have any questions, please contact Susan Leshen, LCSw, my son attended Camp Victory last year. He cannot wait to go back again! Surrounding yourself with your people during the teenage year is so vital to emotional well-being. – Tasha Smith, mom to Rolfe, 17, of Kentucky

new FriendS: (L-r) KeLLer JoHnSon, LiAM neLSon, CATie SHeLey, LeiA HArdiSon, And (in FronT) eMiLy JoHnSon

Summer camps are a rite of passage for many children— where they can learn independence and grow in a safe environment. A regular day camp or sleepaway camp is not always practical or safe for children with Marfan or a related condition. now, children with Marfan and related conditions can have a camp experience in an environment that is safe for them. it also enables them to create connections with other kids who are just like them and form meaningful bonds that can last a lifetime. Benjamin loves Family Camp! He has a great time, and loves being "normal." – Brandi Smith, mom to Benjamin, 5, of Tennessee we offer: Camp Victory for Families for children and teens, ages 5–18, and their parents, grandparents, and/or guardians. it features traditional summer camp activities, such as archery, paddleboats, arts and crafts, mini-golf, and swimming, as well as other standard camp activities that are modified so that all can participate. parents have the opportunity to get involved in activities with their children and participate in professionally-led support groups.

noA ruSSeLL enJoyed ArCHery AT CAMp ViCTory.

Save the dates! Registration is coming soon! Camp Victory for Families—April 5–7, 2019 Camp Victory for Kids—June 30–July 5, 2019


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