Connective Issues Spring 2023

Mental Health Resources: More Accessible Than Ever

“After many years, I came to realize that treating the physiological challenges posed by Marfan syndrome is not the same as confronting the inevitable psychological burden of the disease. Don’t go it alone. Seeking out support and/or professional help can be transformative in ways you cannot imagine.” ~Raymond Chevallier, PA

Mental health issues, including psychological, emotional, and social well-being, are common in the general population, but even more so in people with chronic health conditions. Unfortunately, mental health is frequently ignored or avoided due to stigma and, oftentimes, those who could benefit from help go without it. The Foundation is committed to helping people in our community identify mental health issues and encouraging them to prioritize their mental health in the same way they do their physical health. As part of our plan to highlight mental health concerns and encourage members of the community to take personal action when it comes to their own,

chair of our Mental Health Task Force. “This webpage is just one of the many initiatives we are implementing to

address the mental health of our community. By making it a greater focus, we hope to destigmatize some of these common issues and raise awareness while helping members of our community realize they’re not alone and empowering them to seek help.” The Foundation has always recognized the

the Foundation launched a new Mental Health section on our website, The launch coincided with Mental Health Awareness Month in May. The new webpage gives our community easier access to our existing mental health content and resources. Plans are also underway to expand the mental health content and update it on an ongoing basis. The webpage is

need to address the mental health concerns and needs of the community, in addition to physical health, and continues to do so , support groups, conference p g posts, social media, and online content. This webpage enables the Foundation to highlight these e ff orts and make them more easily accessible to those who need it. To view the new webpage and access mental health resources, visit, through webinars workshops, blog p “After my daughter Cassie was diagnosed at birth with Marfan syndrome, our lives became a whirlwind. I ignored my own mental health to the detriment of not only me but also my whole family. I needed to make sure I had a place to talk about my worries and fears, as well as our triumphs, and I’ve made sure to see my therapist ever since (on and o ff for years). Making sure that everyone in my family is getting the support they need is one of the best ways I know for us to take care of ourselves.” ~Alix McLean Jennings, NJ

organized into topic-specific sections, including common challenges such as anxiety, depression, grief & loss, and bo sections include targeted stages of life, finding help and support, getting connected, and various mental health resources. ody image. Other es of life finding “Mental health is a critical part of overall wellness, and we’re thrilled to be bringing it more to the forefront,” said Dawn Reiner, a Foundation board member and

“Mental health providers have helped me sort out my fears and wants in ways even close family and friends could not. They gave me tools and ideas for managing my stress and often gave me encouragement. I know I’ve lived a longer, better, deeper life because I learned to work on my mental health as diligently as I did my physical health.” ~Chris Heaney, NC


Spring 2023

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