Connective Issues Spring 2019


to know more about it and meet other people who were living with it,” said Justin. What started as a way to learn more, has now blossomed into a true sense of community. Over time, as their network of Walk friends grew, learning and living with the challenges of Marfan has become easier. That very first Houston Walk was where the Efurds’ Marfan family got to know each other. Now, the family focuses on paying it forward. “We want to help other people learn and connect,” said Justin. “Living with Marfan or a related condition can be a daily struggle. You can see it on their faces. But then you also see the relief when they realize they aren’t alone and are surrounded by others who understand.”

This year marked our 4th Houston Walk for Victory and, during that time, the Walk has brought together hundreds of people from the Marfan and related conditions community in the region. As one of our largest Walks, it features teams from our community that have participated since the beginning as well as new teams each year. Annual Commitment to Give and Get Support Justin and Jamie Efurd, and their daughter, Callie, have been a big part of the Houston Walk for Victory since it began in 2015. Callie’s Marfan syndrome diagnosis came just a few months before the first Houston Walk, and Callie’s Crew has been a leading Walk team every year.

p Callie Efurd (center) clowning around with family and friends. Photo courtesy of Matthew Daniel

“We got involved with the Walk because of the unknown. If Marfan was going to be something we were going to have in our lives, we wanted


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