Connective Issues Fall 2018


Heart of the Matter Award

Fundraising and Awareness Recognitions

Stefani Adams, New York Jennifer Aguayo, Illinois Chapter Jennifer Alden, North Carolina Heather Bergstrom, Minnesota Linzy Brown, West Virginia Emily Chu, Indiana Teri Dean, Iowa Heather and David Earnhardt, Illi- nois Andy Erikson, California Diana Fotios-Kafantaris, Indiana Liz Funk, Florida Michelle Gaddie, Washington Cindy Gossett, Alabama Bob Graybill, Washington Jordan Hannan, North Carolina Amber Harbison, Alabama Carla Harris, Australia Ryan Infraffia, Georgia Jennings Family, New Jersey David Katzive, New York Vera Keller, Rhode Island Selma Kerzman, North Dakota Dawn Knowles, California Nicole Kramer, New York Kacey Lamphier, Canada Carly & Sydney Lerman, New York Li Li, Michigan Ailyn Lim, Florida Rebecca Lipinski, Minnesota Lonn Lorenz, California Karen Maxwell, North Carolina Barbara Miller, Florida Gary Moultrup, Michigan Christy Nath, Oregon Carole Nowak, Arizona Sheilah Papageorgiou, Texas Auburn Ponder, Arkansas Dawn Pulliam, St. Louis Jennifer Reisinger, Virginia Jon Rodis, Massachusetts Lindsey Rusche, Canada Helen Shelton, New York Ashley Siano, North Carolina Lindsey Trebesch, Minnesota Deb Trebesch, Minnesota Beth Utz, Ohio Emily Wheeler and Myles Danielson, California

SUNNY PELLONE In recognition of outstanding care of patients and families with Marfan syndrome and related conditions and dedication to the mission of The Marfan Foundation. Pictured above, left, with Austin Carlile. JIM CAVAN In recognition of commitment to finding breakthrough solutions to advance research and increase qualify of life for people with Marfan syndrome and related conditions.

AUSTIN AND FARLEY FAMILIES In recognition of dedication to the children in the Marfan syndrome and related conditions community. LOU ARIAS In recognition of the leadership provided to teens with Marfan and related condi- tions and ongoing commitment as a role model to young people in our community.

Cheryll Gasner Spirit of Service Award MAYA BROWN- ZIMMERMAN This award is presented to people who, like Cheryll Gasner, are leaders both nationally and locally, despite the med- ical problems they face due to Marfan syndrome or a related condition. Pictured above, with Steve Gassner.

Community Leadership Award BECKY GUNN In recognition of outstanding efforts to create connections for the Marfan syndrome and related conditions community. Pictured above, left, with Alix McLean Jennings.

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