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Jump Start a Child’s Imagination into aWorld of Wonder

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I ntroduce a child to Felix and his brother Leo, and watch their delight as those little ones set off on an adventure beyond time and space. No high tech toys, cell phones, or internet wizardry here – just the infinite twists, turns, and colors of a child’s unbridled imagination. Wise beyond his years, Felix intuits that while scientists use math and religious folk use prayer to explain the uni- verse, there is another way, as he taps into the world beyond human understanding though his rich imagination. The book transports Felix to a joyous world beyond conventional reality. Here, he meets loved ones from years gone by, talk- ing animals, and forces that make gravity irrelevant. Felix also learns some lessons that may not make sense to him until later in life. While fading into a gold and rose sunset, one creature explains to Felix that: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” And why is that, a reader may wonder? The book’s theme can be summed up in the following phrase: “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Blessed with these early insights, there is more than one reason that the guide to this other- worldly adventure is so appropriately named: In Latin, “Felix” means happy and lucky.

The Federal Government is fi nally pub- lishing the electric shock reports. Com- plainants are speculating their perceived causation in the reports. These include an entire class of immersion heated water units in millions of family homes and other locations. Subject dangerous com- ponents fail by the thousands each week, can and do cause electric shock because they are designed to send full amperes, about 1-12 to the shell and conductive enclosures, not enough to open a breaker. Manufacturers know above .004 to .007 amperes is a danger, which here is often reached via fault impedance. Unreliable design, codes and standards are inter-relat- ed. Each of these companies it seems are responsible jointly, and severally. At present, installations must be perfect, too many are not. Little if any installer training, no mandated intoxica- tion testing, improper dependence on the grounding and no testing thereof, results in a dangerous product. Defective and unmaintained grounding means upon expected element splitting, shocks or death occur just by touching the outer jacket or panel screw. There is no redundant safety fault shut down. The standards covering element construction defy logic. The im- mersion failure is designed to pour deadly current to touch points occurs regularly. I, Robert Boiko, may be the pre-emi- nent expert in the country on this speci fi c technical electrocution subject. Strategical- ly, I think I can help you win. Research my knowledge and see my LinkedIn pro fi le. No one else has my background. Every time the blame is handed off, I have had experience with the hand off. They cannot pass the buck. If you get a class action to- gether, this is winnable on a massive scale. Coroners are missing deaths due to electric shock because limited current looks like merely a heart attack. If not your fi rm? Who then protects the public, encourages safe design, codes or standards? Per- haps, your fi rm will decide we can work together professionally (no free informa- tion). At the present time any consulting contract, if it occurs, will go through my representative at NGE Chicago. Please contact me at robertboiko@robertboiko. com (Northbrook IL 60065-0544). Publication of advertisements by The Chicago Bar Association is not to be deemed an en- dorsement of any product or service adver- tised unless other stated.

By Augie Holiday (pen name of Judge James M. Vargas, Law Division, Circuit Court of Cook County) Independently published (2020)

Reviewed by Rosemary Simota Thompson, CBA Record Editorial Board Member

The Young Lawyers Section presents: Make Your Voice Heard: Legislative Advocacy for Young Lawyers

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 2:00-3:00 p.m. CLE-Advantage Plan Member/Law Student: $0

CBA Member: $25 / Non-member: $50 Register at

The organized bar has advocacy platforms to effectuate meaningful change. At this program, you will learn about how you can be heard on matters impacting your practice and the broader justice system. The Chicago Bar Association’s legislative program reviews and analyzes over 1000 bills during each session of the Illinois General Assembly, and the advocacy work of The Chicago Bar Foundation is aimed at increasing access to justice. Program speakers will explain how you can get directly involved in the CBA and CBF’s legislative initiatives, or simply stay informed and provide important feedback. Youwill also learn about advocacy opportunities at the national level in the American Bar Association through its Young Lawyers Division. This program is brought to you by the CBA YLS Racial Justice Coalition, formed with the purpose of collaborating with leading forces in the Chicagoland legal com- munity and beyond to take action against racial injustice through service programs, educational events, and community engagement.


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