CBA Record July-August 2020


1984 by George Orwell Like me, you probably haven’t read 1984 or Orwell’s other masterpiece, Animal Farm , since high school. During the quarantine, I reread both. They are as timely and as frightening as ever. Read Orwell again because, as the essayist Christopher Hitchens reminded us, Orwell’s “commitment to language as the partner of truth” illustrates “that it matters not what you think, but how you think.” Recommended by Justice Michael B. Hyman

THE NO 1. LADIES’ DETECTIVE AGENCY by Alexander McCall Smith A NewYorkTimes Best Seller &HBOOriginal Series! This book chronicles protagonist Mma Ramotswe’s work as the first and only detective in Botswana. Ramotswe solves mysteries big and small for friends and clients. With her dogged observation, woman’s intuition, and a compelling drive to help her fellow man, Mma exemplifies the strength we need in a Covid-impacted environment. Recommended by Nina Fain

FRANNY AND ZOOEY by J.D. Salinger Frenetic family dynamics plus an honest, introspective analysis of ego and ambition will leave you wanting to know what’s next for the quick-witted, relentless Glass family. These two timeless stories first written over 60 years ago in The New Yorker remain relevant and captivating. Recommended by Katie Liss

WHERE’$ MINE by Charles O. Kocoras Federal Judge Kocoras presents a fictionalized version of Operation Greylord, the federal investigation and prosecution of lawyers, judges, court staff, and police who fixed the outcome of civil and criminal cases. The incidents and experiences of the undercover agents and attorneys are captivating. The inside look has produced a page-turner that I found hard to put down. Recommended by Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr.


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