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Dear Readers, Things certainly look different for our entire industry since last November ... a big cheers to that! At this writing, salon operators are getting ready to head for St. Charles, MO to attend the two-day Four Seasons School of Business event. We will have coverage of all the action in the December issue. Of course, one of the most exciting features of the annual fall trade events has always been the introduction of the new products for the coming season. There’s nothing like shelves full of new lotion bottles to give sales a boost. This issue includes our annual New Product Preview – the new stuff all in one place! Salon operators can make room for the latest tanning and skincare products and get ready to sell, sell, sell! Check out nearly 60 new offerings starting on p.50. The School of Business agenda included a classroom session of Sun is Life® Training & Certification presented by SIL Director, Joe Schuster. The industry continues to recognize the value of Sun is Life – it’s the preferred salon operator education program at all the major events. Our graduates all agree that completing our super-affordable program quickly takes their staff and their business to new levels of professionalism. Did you know that when a salon trains their team with the Sun is Life program, they are eligible to be in our Salon of Distinction feature? Being highlighted in a national magazine is great (FREE) PR for your business – your facility could be next! The program is available online 24/7/365 and you can certify your team for a whole year for only $99 ... see the ad on p.26-27 and visit today. This issue also includes the much-anticipated list of the top vote recipients in the 2021 Industry Choice Awards (p.16-17). Look for the winners next month. It’s hard to believe there’s only one issue left of 2021! I’m thankful for the recovery we’ve experienced and hopeful for the future of our industry. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

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November 2021 | Volume 25 | Issue 10

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November 2021

Contents November 2021 Volume 25 • Issue 10

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Contents November 2021 Volume 25 • Issue 10







32 7 Questions with ... Mike Hazen Equipment Sales Executive Heartland Tanning 48 Get the Facts with Sun is Life ®

50 2022 New Product Preview 86 The 3 Cs: Coaches, Champions & Cardinals

FEATURES 16 2021 Industry Choice Awards Nominees 18 Tan-Link Customer Spotlight Fit n Tan Salon & Spa St. Louis, MO

Spe Inter

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SUNLAMPS Low-Pressure 9k90 |Cosmedico Light, Inc. Cosmolux VHR TT 160W |Cosmedico Light, Inc.

Awestruck |Designer Skin Dark AF |Devoted Creations Filthy Rich |Devoted Creation Misbehaved |Designer Skin Moroccan Midnight |Devoted Creations Non-Tingle Color Me Coco |Devoted Creations Dark AF |Devoted Creations Endless Vacation |Australian Gold, LLC Opalescent |Devoted Creations Prismatica |Devoted Creations Tingle Bombshell 100XX Bronzer |Designer Skin

Genesis 120W |JK Products Radiance R2 |Four Seasons Velocity |Wolff System High-Pressure Brilliance Advanced 600W |Ultraviolet Resources InternationaI Ergoline Ultra 520W |JK Products Radiance |Four Seasons Supra 600W |Supra Brands Group UV SYSTEMS Low-Pressure Sunbed Prestige 1600 Hybrid |Ergoline - Part of the JK Group of Companies Prestige 1400 |Ergoline - Part of the JK Group of Companies Prestige 1100 |Ergoline - Part of the JK Group of Companies Sun Angel |Ergoline - Part of the JK Group of Companies High-Pressure Sunbed 8000 Series |KBL Open Sun 1050 |Ergoline - Part of the JK Group of Companies Stand-Up System Sunrise 480 |Ergoline - Part of the JK Group of Companies Sunrise 7200 Hybrid |Ergoline - Part of the JK Group of Companies Vitesse |Sun Capsule

Fuel My Fire |Devoted Creations Ignite Noir |Devoted Creations Love Boho Festival Fever |Swedish Beauty So Shameless |Designer Skin After-Tan Moisturizer Awestruck Tan Extender |Designer Skin Coconut Krem |Devoted Creations Enchanted Emerald |Devoted Creations Hemp Nation Asian Pear & Coconut Water |Australian Gold Sunkissed Sweet Tea |Devoted Creations

Package Design Awestruck |Designer Skin Filthy Rich |Devoted Creations iParadise |MR International Moroccan Midnight |Devoted Creations Prismatica |Devoted Creations


November 2021


Eye Protection Glamour Eyes |Designer Skin Peepers |California Tan Ray Blockers |My Eyesunshields Soft Podz |OL Products WINK-EASE |Eye Pro PRODUCT MARKETING Ad Campaign

MobileBronzer |California Tan Sunless Mobile Z3000 |Norvell Skin Solutions Spray Booth Mystic Tan Kyss |Sunless, Inc. Norvell Auto Revolution |Sunless, Inc. Sunstyle |Ergoline - Part of the JK Group of Companies VersaSpa PRO |Sunless, Inc.

Professional Solution Norvell Venetian One Hour |Sunless, Inc. Norvell Venetian Plus |Sunless, Inc. Rapid Dark Tinted |California Tan Sunless Sunstyle Bronze |Four Seasons VersaSpa Ultra Pro Catalina |Sunless, Inc.

Devoted Creations Experience Ergoline New Sunshine Brands SALON SUPPORT Distributor All Hours Four Seasons Sales & Service Heartland Tanning Suntan Supply Ultraviolet Resources International Person of the Year 2021 Brandon Cardinal |Sunless, Inc. Jenni “JWOWW” Farley |New Sunshine


Devoted on Demand |Devoted Creations Helios Marketing Hub |New Sunshine Sun is Life Training & Certification |IST Magazine Tan-Link |Tan-Link Software |New Sunshine

Megan Racine |Devoted Creations Lisa Saavedra |Devoted Creations Jess Snyder |New Sunshine Congratulations & Good Luck!

Software Program Helios |New Sunshine Salon Touch |Interactive Designs SunLync |JK Products Tan-Link |Tan-Link Software Tan Track |Nichesoft

TANNING ACCESSORIES Beauty Enhancing Drops |Devoted Creations Custom Baked Bronzer |California Tan Sunless

NailSavers The Tannie Twilight Teeth

Look for winners announced in the December issue!



Tan-Link Customer Spotlight FITnTANSalon&Spa St. Louis, MO

TL: Can you measure any improvements in productivity or time savings?

EC: I can’t say it enough; the EFT collection process has been phenomenal. The ability of customers to pay an account balance via text or email is so efficient. The staff sees daily numbers and PCA, creating a positive “friendly competition” sales environment. Customers schedule appointments online which means less calls to the salon ... the list goes on and on. EC: Yes, we’ve seen increased revenue from better staff sales performance – they have become a lot more competitive with their personal sales goals – and from increased EFT collections and retention. TL: What is your favorite program feature and why? EC: It’s the text/email features – the level of communication in day-to-day operations and with the customers is vast. Tan-Link’s unique platform allows us to connect with our customers and staff so efficiently. If so, do you have any feedback? EC: We LOVE the customer support “bubble” – it’s terrific to have that level of support. The added link right from the software is live, and we’ve never had to wait for any issues to be resolved. Well done, Tan-Link! Well done! It’s fabulous. ■ TL: Have you used Tan-Link customer support resources? TL: What about increases in revenue or growth?

We asked Elizabeth Coco, Owner of a Missouri salon chain and Tan-Link software customer, to tell us why she loves the program. Read what she had to say!

TL: Describe a few of the reasons you decided to go with Tan-Link. EC: EFT collection and the customer texts were two features that stuck out to me ini tially. In a world where technology dictates everything we do, the technology was far superior as far as what it did for business and customer communication. We can run our multiple locations from anywhere, even my phone, so that is also a huge benefit. EC: We’ve increased our EFT revenue and are collecting a higher percentage of EFT than we ever did before! Our inventory is consistent and we no longer have “software downtime” issues. Our team communicating daily in the chat is moti vating, as well as effective for all kinds of things every day, and the training process to get our team members up-to-speed is more efficient than ever. EC: Training costs have decreased, as it’s so easy to grasp operations in Tan-Link. We’ve reduced the price of our credit card process ing by going paperless. We have increased revenues with the online store and EFT, and created efficient schedules that track hours to reduce waste in payroll. TL: Can you measure any reduced costs from using Tan-Link? TL: How has Tan-Link impacted your operations?

TL: Give us a quick overview of FitnTan.

EC: We have three locations in St Louis. We offer tanning, three types of spray-tan ning, red-light therapy, infrared sauna, MyLipo Body Sculpting and Formostar Infrared Wraps. TL: How does Tan-Link help you achieve your business goals? EC: Tan-Link keeps everything running smoothly; frommorning check-in remind ers, sales numbers and PCA posted to improve performance, to inventory, sched uling, EFT collection and client retention. Tan-Link not only allows our business to run as efficiently as possible, but it also increases our revenue (over other software platforms.) TL: What were the major “pain points” of your process before Tan-Link? EC: EFT collection was horrible! Trying to get staff to make calls or send letters to customers was time-consuming, inefficient, and wasn’t nearly as productive as Tan-Link’s process.


November 2021

Industry Watchdog

At a Loss for Words By Joe Schuster differences between them. As it turns out, tanning beds are worse for you. The UVA radiation This month’s “bark out” comes to us courtesy of Central

employ a wide variety of intensities and exposure times to deliver a cosmetic tan. To which specific one with what specific type of sunlamp do they refer? (Crickets.) This reference does not include that vital information. And, just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean that the sun’s intensity has increased! Read more online at: The Real Difference Between Tanning Beds And Tanning In The Sun ( Seldom seen posted anywhere online will be “positive” health information regarding moderate UV exposure such as that received during a sunbed session. How many people will follow “directions” like those in the above-referenced article and suffer sunburn and/or overexposure when they bask in the sun at the pool, park, beach, lake or ball field? Well, even if it’s only one person, it’s one too many. And I would wager, it won’t be just one. ■

California’s Central Recorder with an attempt at imparting some nuggets of wisdom regarding our health. Seemingly innocuous, the article’s first suggestion will certainly leave most indoor tanning professionals at a loss for words. Okay, maybe one word – like, “huh?” “Slap on some sunblock and enjoy the sunshine, which has loads of proven health benefits, including boosting our mood. Just remember that when it comes to tanning beds, it’s better for your health to take a pass.” So, here’s what they’re suggesting: rather than seek a cosmetic tan responsibly and in moderation at an indoor tanning facility where the risk of sunburn and overexposure are minimized, roll the dice and take your chances with exposure to the natural sun. Hmm ... I think those

emitted by the fluorescent bulbs used in tanning beds is up to three times stronger than what you get from sunlight, and research shows that individuals who start indoor tanning before age 35 have a 75% increase in developing melanoma (via Harvard Medical School).” Whoa, slow down a little there, Cali Recorder . Three times stronger than what sunlight? At what location? What time of day? What time of year? Are there any reflective surfaces nearby like snow, sand or water that would increase the sun’s intensity? Y’all kinda left those factors out of your conclusion. A 2007 study published in the British Journal of Dermatology suggested that the risk of skin cancer from a tanning bed session is double that of spending the same amount of time basking in the hottest Mediterranean sun. Interesting comment – let’s try again. There are a plethora of tanning beds available to the public that

folks need to rethink that one. It goes on: “While sunlight and tanning beds both emit UV radiation, there are some

Team IST searches for erroneous, suspect or negative reporting by the media that adversely impacts the tanning industry. Reports such as these have plagued tanning businesses for decades. Although the media sources will seldom admit a falsehood DQG SULQW D UHWUDFWLRQ Ζ67 R΍HUV WKHVH ZHOO FUDIWHG UHVSRQVHV WR WKH QHJDWLYH reports that can be shared with your customers and potential customers, alike.

martialred /


November 2021


Sunless, Inc. Recognizes Sales Leaders

MACEDONIA, OH – Continuing his stellar run in the sunless tanning in dustry, Sunless, Inc. executive Brandon Cardinal has not only claimed his place among the leaders in the illustrious club of those with over 25 years of industry experience, but perhaps most impor tantly, he has earned it! From developing and marketing cutting-edge and industry-leading products that deliver natural-looking tans, to literally “writing the book” on spray-tanning by establishing Norvell University, Cardinal has been instru mental in creating the products and services that have delivered 15 million sunless tans to date. As of September, Cardinal has been promoted to the role of VP of Sales for all Sunless, Inc. brands: Mystic, VersaSpa and Norvell. “Everyone in the industry who has had the opportunity to work with Brandon knows that he possesses a wealth of industry knowledge and has been a great supporter and advocate for you over the years,” states Susan Copperman, CEO and Chair of Sunless, Inc. She continues, “His broad-based experience and track record of success across all facets of the industry is testament to Brandon’s firsthand knowledge of all things sunless. The relationships he has built and the growth he’s driven for our customers make him the ideal person to lead our sales organization. There is no one more deserving of this role than Brandon.”

Valerie Kolt

Brandon Cardinal

In addition, longtime Sunless, Inc. executive Valerie Kolt has been promoted to Director of Sales & Customer Experience. During her decade on the Sunless, Inc. team, Kolt has held positions in operations, supply chain and sales management, proving herself to be a committed industry advocate. Kolt holds an MBA in business analytics and possesses a passion and enthusiasm for the sunless tanning industry. In her new role, she will lead regional sales and work to improve the Sunless, Inc. customer journey. “Val is an extremely smart individual and has demonstrated her love and dedication to the industry

during her time at Sunless, Inc.,” Copperman says. “For the past five years, she has led sales for the eastern U.S. We are delighted that her commitment to our customers’ experience and her infectious enthusiasm is about to spread across the and Valerie (Valerie. are excited to work with you and welcome hearing from you at any time. –Congrats from Team IST! ■ country and around the globe!” Brandon (brandon.cardinal@

Zffoto /


November 2021


Refresh YOUR Team with FREE Salon Training About the Upside of Wearing Eye Protection!

FT.WAYNE, IN– EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in disposable eye protection for indoor tanning andmakers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash RoomWINK-EASE and WINK-EASEDark, wants to be sure salons are equipped to help their tanners understand the importance – and the benefits – of wearing proper eye protectionwhen tanning. Before the holidays and tanning season really get underway, a quick refresher course to help understandWHY eye protection is so important is a great way for salons to get their staff ready. “Some salon staff don’t evenwear eye protection,” explains Eye Pro President, Brenda Fishbaugh. “A salon team won’t push eyewear if they don’t believe in it, or understand it’s the federal law for EVERY state, as well as every country.” While Fishbaugh understands it’s a battle for salon operators to educate tanners on the importance of eye protection, she urges them to educate themselves, so that they can then educate tanners. “When a salon guest asks ‘Do I REALLYneed towear eye protectionwhen I tan?’ – that’s the perfect time for staff to say ‘Yes, you do!’ and then explainwhy wearing eye protection not only prevents potential eye diseases, vision loss, or permanent eye damage, but enhances the tanning experience.” Eye Pro offers a FREE online eye protection training for salon staff called “Don’t be Slow to Save Your Sight!” The easy-to-take training includes a quick, 20-question quiz to help determine who’s smart about eye protection, with questions ranging from what percentage of tanners seek medical attention after a single session, to the potential eye damage and vision loss, to updates on FDA recommendations and eye protection laws for individual states and countries.

The 30-minute training also includes helpful, usable tanning tips, such as how to combat “raccoon eyes” and the difference between eye protection types. Other information crucial for staff to be reminded of: how to clean and care for goggles and prevent eye infections by providing hygienic disposables – both of which are so important in the current tanning salon environment. At the end of the training, not only will salon staff find out how they scored, all attendees will receive lots of FREE educational materials for the salon and a personalized certificate to proudly display in the salon verifying their teammembers are “Eye Protection Experts.” To take Eye Pro’s FREE online training, go, hover over the “Support” navigation button and then, select “Salon Training” from the drop-downmenu. Formore info on all Eye Pro products, visit WinkEase.comor call 1.800.726.8322. To learn about special salon offers and promotions, follow and “like”WINK-EASE on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagramand Pinterest. ■


November 2021



Mike Hazen Equipment Sales Executive, Heartland Tanning 7 Questions with

How and when did you get involved in the tanning industry? I’ve been working in the industry since 1996. For ten years, I worked for Nutri-Tan, which was a Kansas City area salon chain owned by Don DeWit and also worked for his distribution company, AWTS (A Wholesale Tanning Supply). For the past 16 years, I have worked with Greg and Brad Henson and Tammy Reed at Heartland Tanning. What was your very first job? I was a busboy at Perkins Restaurant in Grandview, MO.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? A Chicken Bowl with rice and cheese from Chipotle. How would your friends describe you? They would say I am a very reliable family man who works hard. Do you hit the snooze button or wake up immediately? What’s a snooze button? (LOL) I wake up at 6:30am every morning, except on the weekends.

What do you like most about your job at Heartland Tanning? The people I work for are truly family – it’s a family environment. The owners Greg and Brad, along with Tammy, do everything they can to help all the employees and give us a workplace where we can strive to be the very best we can in our jobs. What is one of your pet peeves? I would probably say it is not giving your all – I hate wasted talent or time. Everything you do in life and in work, do it 100%. ■

ftotti1984 /


November 2021

ASA News An Ounce of Prevention By Matt Russell, ASA Executive Director

indoor tanning businesses would be suffering more than they could imagine. So, this brings me to the real purpose of this message: To try and understand why so many tanning salon owners do not support the ASA. Having spent decades managing associations for our industry, I’ve come to believe that most of us view funding our industry’s association as something that only the biggest, most successful salon groups should do. After all, don’t they make more money than a smaller salon operator? This is why the ASA set a membership dues structure based on the number of facilities. If you’re a single-salon operator, your dues are ten times less than someone who owns ten locations. That’s fair, isn’t it? Another reason salons have told me they can’t join is that business isn’t great at the moment, and they need to wait until things get a little better. Operators need to consider what business would be like if the ASA wasn’t able to maintain a healthy presence in Washington and state capitals. Imagine ridiculous restrictions placed on your equipment or an under-21 ban being passed in your state. Yes, things could and would be a whole lot worse. Protecting salons requires a well developed plan, credible scientific research, targeted industry data, strategy development and a team of seasoned professionals to deliver this information

2012, I was asked by a number of industry members I had worked with for years if I would be interested in helping

to state capitals and Washington, D.C. This is no easy task. Yet, ASA has been highly successful in defeating the vast majority of regulatory attempts made against our industry over the past decade. Attacks on our industry continue as several states currently entertain under-21 bans. These attacks are highly coordinated efforts from very influential and well-financed organizations and are difficult to stop. Though ASA has the plan, the science and the team to get the job done, we need more resources if we are to succeed in the future against the attacks from our much larger opponents. We’re all familiar with the famous quote from Ben Franklin: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” For tanning salon owners faced with business-closing regulation attempts every year, this couldn’t be more fitting. Keep your business healthy. Join the ASA today. About the ASA Founded in 2012, the American Suntanning Asso ciation is committed to defending and growing the industry through a detailed and proactive plan directed by an all-salon board and executed by more than two dozen management and consulting team members who specialize in this type of work.


develop and organize the industry’s first association created specifically for tanning salon owners. As the CEO of Smart Tan, I had decades of first-hand experience defending tanning salons, combating federal and state tan-ban at tempts, combating negative publicity and educating the masses on the truth about indoor tanning and UV light. I had also compiled a mountain of resources and infrastructure to help move our industry forward through this new vehicle. As I worked with the original group of organizers and eventual board members to establish the organization, we all came to recognize how important it was to have an association with one singular objective – to protect and promote tanning salon businesses. So, the American Suntanning Association was born and to this day, continues to fight for salon operators all over the U.S., stopping the attacks from anti-tanning groups and educating law makers, researchers and the world about our scientifically-supported position. Since that time, salon owners have told the ASA team how thankful they are for what the ASA does for their businesses. ASA President, Melinda Norton, regularly receives standing ovations at conferences and trade events when salon owners hear about the work being done to protect their businesses and their futures. Some operators have come to appreciate that without the ASA and their efforts,

Keeping salons protected requires a well-developed plan, GVIHMFPI WGMIRXMƼG VIWIEVGL XEVKIXIH MRHYWXV] HEXE WXVEXIK] development and a team of seasoned professionals to deliver this information to state capitals and Washington, D.C.


November 2021

Ergoline Focus

The Ultimate Relaxation in 15 Minutes or Less By JK Marketing

When was the last time you relaxed?

We over-book, over-schedule and over-commit, which creates stress. For most of us, stress has become an accepted part of life. We earn vacation time, yet often feel guilt or shame for taking time off work to get away. We know that we need to relax and slow down, but we are all looking for an efficient way to fit it into our schedule. There are many quick and easy ways to relax. In an article written by Elizabeth Scott, author of the book 8 Keys to Stress Manage ment , she suggests some of the following practices to “relax fast.” •Meditation •Progressive Muscle Relaxation •Visualization •Have a good laugh

Our minds are locked in a constant battle between living in the current moment and searching for the next. So, let me ask you again…when was the last time you relaxed? For most of us, time seems limited. We all have the same amount of time in a day and yet, it seems there is never enough of it. It looks like time is running out, and time is in high demand but short supply. So, how do we “find” more? We are surrounded by technology that is designed to make life easier. This same technology has created a modern-day work model in which employees are on-demand 24/7. With our ever-present smartphones, it has become impossible to escape work emails and business calls. Our work is with us everywhere we go.

These are all excellent suggestions. For some of us, spending time with our children, reading a book, doing yoga or working out might be our go-to stress-relieving activity. The bottom line is that we all need to make time to relax to avoid letting the pressures of life sneak up on us and stop us in our tracks. Relaxing looks different for everyone. Finding a relaxing activity doesn’t seem to be the problem. The question we all seem to be pondering is, “How do we find the time?” Here at JK, wemay not be able tomake you stop overthinking, over-scheduling or over-committing.Wemay not be able to send you away on a two-week vacation to a tropical paradise.What canwe do? Listen. Listen to your needs. Listen to the needs of society. Listen to your desire for a way to “relax on the go.” Unwind and decompress with full-body hydrotherapy, relaxation and rejuvenation. Experience 15 minutes of invigorating aroma therapy and soothing meditation tracks offered by aWellsystemRelax session. Let yourself be soothed by hydro-jet massage, aroma and color therapy, and a combination of calming and centering sounds. TheWellsystemRelax will transport you to a world of tranquility where you can experience superior health and wellbeing in even less time than it took you to read this article. Feel the difference 15 minutes canmake in your life. For more information

Finding a relaxing activity doesn’t seem to be the problem. The question we all seem to be pondering is, “How f ”

about the WellsystemRelax, visit or email ■


November 2021

Eye to Eye

to see a guest’s eye protection. We were told that if a ‘secret tanner’ came in and saw us send someone to a tanning room without eye protection, the store would be fined $1,000 and the employee would have to cover some of the fine! This made me always want to check guests’ eyewear because I didn’t want that coming out of MY paycheck. I explained this to the tanners and they wouldn’t want to pay that fine either – they simply have their eyewear ready to show whenever they come to tan.” Lezlie King of Pura Vita Day Spa in Conroe, TX practices good listening skills: “I listen to a guest who is expressing displeasure about the policy without interrupting and respond with, ‘I really do understand your point of view and your perspective. Unfortunately, I am bound to follow the rules of the state, the industry and our business as it relates to consumer safety and the fiduciary responsibility of my company and our employees. If I did not do my due diligence as a business owner, we could lose our license or at a minimum, have to increase our prices to cover higher insur ance premiums and possible fines. I trust you understand our position and know that we value your business and our em ployees’ livelihoods. Help us comply and certainly, what you do once you are in the privacy of the tanning room is your own life choice. We appreciate you!’” So, how do you handle this common situation? Email Brenda@WinkEase. com with the code: IST No Eyewear. “My bottom line is that it’s YOUR salon and YOUR rules and you are only trying to protect them.” Melissa Laribee, Colchester, CT

DON’T TREAT ME LIKE A BABY! By Brenda Fishbaugh

In my October column, I wrote about a longtime guests who didn’t like being asked to show the salon staff their eyewear before being able to tan. They felt it was demeaning and they were being treated like babies. I am not making this up! I was con tacted by a tanner in my state – Indiana – who wanted to know if it was the law that he had to prove he had eye protection. I sent him the 14-page Indiana law (with a three-page synopsis) and covered the several sections in Indiana regulations that stress the importance of eyewear. He wrote to me twice more, stating that even though the law states eyewear must be worn during a session, the law didn’t explicitly say he had to show his eyewear to salon staff every time, and he felt that he was being treated like a baby! I asked several salon operators how they handle this situation with their salon tanners who feel the same way. salon operator who recently encountered a couple of

Melissa Laribee, Owner of Golden Goddess Tanning Boutique in Colchester, CT said: “If only two customers are having an issue out of ALL your customers, I would just tell them it’s really simple: This is the rule here and if they don’t like it, they don’t have to come back! My bottom line is that it’s YOUR salon and YOUR rules and you are only trying to protect them. We aren’t asking for any thing out of the ordinary: when they tan, they have to wear eye protection and since we can’t be in the room with them to make sure they do it, the next best thing is to at least make sure they have it.”

Tabitha Camp, Tab’s Tanning in Portage, IN shared a great idea: “Most of our guests have the

‘keychain’ goggles or they have their see-through bag (that we sell) in which they carry their lotion and eyewear, so they just hold it up to show us they have it. I used to manage a large chain facility and was trained to always ask

About the Author: Tanning industry veteranBrenda Fishbaugh is president of Eye Pro, Inc., makers of disposable eyewear. She travels extensively training salons on

the effects of UV light on vision.


November 2021

Lync IT

A Time to Give Thanks By Melissa Damiani As we welcome November, we are presented with the perfect time for reflection – to show gratitude for all of those people in our lives for whom we are thankful. As we continue to navigate and adjust to the new reality we were presented with last year, it is more important than ever to express appreciation to the loyal cus tomers who have continued to support us, even through unprecedented times. You surely thank your customers verbally for their patronage with every visit, but do you show them just how thankful you are for their business? Per haps you have, but are looking for new or creative ways to demonstrate your gratitude, other than giving the usual “swag,” and don’t know where to start?

and increase referral rates is to start by implementing a loyalty program (or enhancing your existing one). A simple yet effective aspect of a loyalty program is to allow your customers to earn points on service and/or product pur chases. And if you are looking to increase

It’s no secret: the most inexpensive and powerful advertising method is word of-mouth. Another way to thank your existing customers is to automatically reward them when they refer new cus tomers to your salon. They will, without doubt, appreciate a store credit or even a discount coupon to be used toward a future purchase. As a result, these rewards may inspire them to make an even more conscious effort to spread the word about your business, allowing you the opportu nity to give a warm welcome to new guests. We are all in this together – and re gardless of the type of gesture you choose to implement, expressing gratitude to your customers is not only uplifting for them , but the positive vibes will surely impact you and your team, as well.

Regardless of the type of gesture you choose to implement, expressing gratitude to your customers is not only uplifting for them, but the positive vibes will surely impact you and your team, as well.

revenue in a certain area, you can configure your program so that earned points can only be redeemed for specific items, such as session upgrades or select retail products. Loyal salon guests tend to spend more over time; you can effortlessly view your top spenders for the year by tapping into your customer database. To show these VIPs your appreciation, you can do things like offer them a free upgrade to your highest equipment level, insert a recurring customer-specific discount on their account, or randomly choose to extend a one-time discount at the point of sale, to name a few possibilities.

If you currently use a salon manage ment system, you already know just how important it is to electronically track your customers and their contact info, as well as to maintain a history of their buying habits. Analyzing this valuable data will help you develop a solid plan for thanking your customers throughout the month of November and beyond. Retaining the existing customers who patronize your business on a regular basis requires less expense than obtaining new ones. A great way to maintain strong relationships with these valued customers, foster repeat business

About the Author: Melissa Damiani is the Sales Manager of SunLync Software, Inc. a member of the JK-North America group of companies. With the company since 2002,

Melissa has served the organization in several capacities, and has extensive knowledge of all aspects required to deliver robust salon manage ment software solutions that are designed to enable measurable growth within its users’ ever-evolving business models. Call Melissa at 866.SUNLYNC x3 or email

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November 2021

Monthly Motivation

I knew that I wanted to be somebody. And that’s exactly why I’mwhere I am today. So, how do you achieve financial free dom when you have absolutely noth ing – no money, no skills, no savings, no contacts, no support? You start by getting into the right mindset. A positive mindset, determination, grit and passion You need to get focused. Stop talking about what you wish you had and start taking action. are what will get you from Point A to Point B – from broke to financially independent. You need to think like a millionaire and someone who doesn’t quit. You have dreams and aspirations just like I did. But you can’t just read the books, follow the steps and then ask “Is that all there is?” Because it’s not enough! It takes doing something … you have to get out of your comfort zone. The first step is simple: stop talking about what you wish you had and start taking action. Get focused. Determine your “why” – the reason WHY you want financial freedom – and figure out the steps you need to take to reach your destination. Decide what you want and make a plan for how you will get there. Bottom line: To achieve financial freedom, you need to be willing to go ALL IN.

How to Achieve Financial Freedom By Grant Cardone

M ost people will tell you that to become financially free, you have to either win the lottery, inherit a large sum of money, or receive a massive windfall from a big investment. All those approaches sound great, but they’re simply not true. I want to tell you all about how to achieve financial freedom without winning the lottery or being an heir of fortune. But first … I want to share my backstory. When I was 23 years old, I lived in a tiny apartment in Lake Charles, Louisi ana. The only things I had were drugs, a few bucks and a dog that I could barely take care of. I fell to rock bottom. I was attacked – literally beaten from head to toe. I was a part of the wrong circle. After being in the hospital trying to heal from my wounds, I decided I was done with drugs once and for all.

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize myself anymore. It was time to change. But after a couple more years of using drugs and not changing, my moth er finally sat me down and said, “I don’t want to see you anymore.” That was the day I knew I needed to change my life. I lost my dad when I was ten years old, my brother when I was 20, I gave up a potential baseball career, had lost multiple jobs … but, I still had a spark within me that kept telling me, “You are special.” I was inspired. I wanted to do so much, but the drive was buried deep inside of me. I knew my life had to be more than what it had become. I wanted to write books, speak on stages, help people, and tell my life story so that others wouldn’t have to go through the same struggles. They would know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

About the Author: Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the No. 1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on lead

ership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media and finance. His companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing Influ encers to Watch in 2017.” He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider , CNBC, and Entrepreneur. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters.

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November 2021

Notes from the Road

Holiday Season Bundles

By Lisa Saavedra


Yes, I said Holiday Season! I know it seems crazy to think about the holidays when it feels like summer just ended, but the best way to ensure your holiday season is a profitable one is to prepare and execute . This month, we are going to discuss ways to get your salon, staff and product shelves ready for your holiday tanners. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, then Val entine’s Day … oh, my! Big holidays are coming up that many of our salon guests had to put on hold last year, which means big sales opportunities for you! Here are some examples of how to make the most of these opportune times: CREATE HOLIDAY BUNDLES – This is a perfect way to introduce guests to add-on products. Most lotion man ufacturers offer some kind of boxed set or bag deal during the holiday months, which incentivizes tanners to buy lotion and facial products, tan extenders or body washes together. This is great for many reasons. First, you are “training” custom ers on the importance of using aftercare to maintain their tans, and they feel like they are getting a better value when products are bundled together. There is a reason that every perfume, makeup and hair care manufacturer produces holiday bundles – because they SELL! If you don’t like the pre-made ones your distributor offers, you can always create your own. BUNDLE FOR GIFTS – Of course, your customers are buying holiday gifts for family and friends. The average Amer ican spends $850 on Christmas shopping – why not capture some of that revenue? Many people start shopping early, which is why I suggest getting your bundle deals and holiday promotions out there ASAP. Offer lotion bundles that come with a free

The best way to ensure your holiday season is a profitable one is to prepare and execute! gift card for a set value; this makes an easy gift purchase because there is something for the recipient to open and you will gain a new tanner! Or, current tanners may buy the lotion deal for themselves and they get a free gift card to give someone! Don’t forget to reward your existing customers! Offer a free upgrade or $10 credit for each bundle or gift card they purchase. What an easy way to gain sales – you reward them for shopping with you! For example, I know a successful salon that offers a $10 credit for every $50 spent on gift cards from November 1 - December 24. There is no limit and sometimes, people just buy the gift cards for themselves. Either way, you increase your cash flow in what are historically some of the slower months. STOCK & DISPLAYS – This is the biggest mistake I see in holiday prepa ration: not having enough products on hand. Choose your bundle kits and order an adequate quantity. Making sure you don’t run out will ensure more sales. Also, if guests don’t know what a great deal it is, they won’t be as likely to purchase it. Display the bag or box deals on your

counter with a little sign (in a cute picture frame) explaining the kit and how much of a value it is. Impulse buying is real, especially around the holidays! So, make these bag deals, gift card promos and any other holiday specials you run visible to your guests; placing them within reach goes a long way in generating sales. Whatever promotions, specials and holiday deals you decide to offer, make sure your staff is prepared to explain, promote and sell them. You can create the greatest promotion in the world, but if your staff doesn’t see the value in it, or have a personal incentive to sell it, it won’t work. Make these promos exciting and something your team wants to sell and talk about! Happy Holiday Selling Season! ■

About the Author: Lisa Saavedra is Director of Brand Development for Devoted Creations family of brands. With over 15 years in the industry, Lisa brings

knowledge and enthusiasm to all aspects of the business, including social media, product development, training, customer relations, public speaking and marketing strategies. Lisa worked at the salon level managing a large chain, which infuses her sales training and brand concepts with

real-world experience. Lisa has been voted the IST Magazine Person of the Year four times.

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November 2021

UK View

It’s Looking Good Out There! By Gary Lipman

In the last couple of with easing of restrictions on overseas travel to all countries not on the “red” list, and COVID testing requirements to be reduced for fully-vaccinated adults. This news was further buoyed as the U.S. lifted its 18-month restrictions to allow fully-vaccinated visitors from the UK and the rest of Europe to travel to the USA, resulting in one international airline reporting a 600% increase in bookings. This news has realised a wonderful ripple effect for our industry, delivering a much welcomed boost to tanning salon footfall at a time when salons would normally start to enter the annual low season. But as we all know, there has been nothing “normal” about business over the last 18 months and this extension to the tanning season represents a fantastic and, in many cases, much-needed revenue boost. In the UK, one of the main reasons people use a tanning bed is to gain a pre holiday base tan before they jet off to much sunnier climes and then, to top-up their tan in the weeks after their return. This year, the majority of people committed to a staycation rather than risk last-minute travel bans and the not insignificant costs of COVID testing prior to and on return from overseas travel. And let’s not even factor in the costs of hotel quarantine in a so-called “red zone!” There’s no doubt additional revenue is always welcomed, but the timing of this extended season couldn’t be better weeks, some excellent news for our industry was announced

for many salon owners, with most of the government’s pandemic-funding support initiatives coming to an end. This winter was always going to be a challenge for many businesses, and not just in the indoor tanning industry, with government support ending and cash reserves perhaps only just starting to be replenished. Ease of restrictions is delivering a much-welcomed boost to salon footfall at a time when we would normally start to enter the annual low season. Our industry has already shown great resilience during the pandemic and the commitment to ensuring salons have fully complied with all government COVID requirements has no doubt helped secure continued customer trust and loyalty. Interestingly, salons are also reporting a steady new footfall from those who recognise the benefits of optimum vitamin D status and have not had their usual summer of sun exposure, either from the lack of overseas travel and/or combined with our own poor summer, weather-wise.

recovering economy sprouting up nationwide with new start-up salons opening, chains expanding and many existing salons investing in additional and/or upgrading existing tanning bed offerings. These are all excellent signs for our industry’s post-pandemic recovery. The only serious challenge that could potentially hinder this excellent recovery pathway to some degree is the pressure on tanning bed manufacturers to meet demand. There’s no escaping the fact that just about every manufacturing sector is to some extent struggling with securing the level of component parts and raw materials they need. So, I don’t for one minute think our post-pandemic recovery will be plain sailing all the way; but I am certainly feeling a great deal more optimistic than this time last year – so let’s see where the next 12 months take us! ■

About the Author: In the tanning industry since 1982, Gary Lipman is Man aging Director of the UK sub sidary of Ergoline, and runs Ergoline Plus, the exclusive

distributor for a wide range of sunless products & spray systems. He is also Chairman of the UK’s Sunbed Association and a European Sunlight Association member

These factors may very well be influencing the green shoots of a

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November 2021

Feature A Delicate Subject Answer most often given: It’s those darned microwaves! Question: Why should pregnant women avoid indoor tanning? By Joe Schuster A mong the most popular and repeated urban myths about sunbeds, this one is (of course) false. As Sun is Life® Certification graduates are well aware, UV light emitted by sunbed lamps lacks sufficient energy to penetrate skin past the subcutaneous layer. Experts say that during pregnancy, women should avoid all sources of heat, such as a jacuzzi, whirlpool or sauna, as well as sunbeds. Pregnant women who choose to tan indoors should obtain their physician’s approval due to the possibility of elevating their core body temperature, which can affect the fetus. However, listen up: this next point is important, regardless of obtaining a doctor’s note or not. The fact that a woman’s physician approves of tanning indoors in no way, shape or form,

absolves a salon from liability for ANY potential accident at the facility. Let’s say one of your best customers informs you she is pregnant, shows you a doctor’s note and lines up several months worth of tanning sessions. Along the way, after about a month, she (heaven forbid) slips on a wet floor in your salon and bumps her belly on a door knob. She reports to you that her belly hurts and goes to see her doctor. I’m sure you can see the direction this could take. Of course, it could also lead to a story in your local paper: “Pregnant woman injured in tanning bed mishap.” And then, the microwave myth will surely follow. Many salon operators will suggest “freezing” the woman’s membership until after the pregnancy when she wishes to return to moderate and responsible tanning sessions. Let’s move on. As Sun is Life® Certification graduates are well aware, UV light emitted by sunbed lamps lacks sufficient energy to penetrate skin past the subcutaneous layer.

During a Sun is Life classroom session several years ago, I had a salon owner ask me about breast milk. (Of course, I blushed a little.) The question was, “Does indoor tanning have a negative effect on breast milk production?” Well, at the time, I simply did not know. But I did research the topic and found that the well known La Leche League International had the answer. “No evidence exists that the use of tanning beds has any effect on human milk or breast-fed babies.” That said, they suggest protecting breasts from potential sunburn or overexposure. I also found some anecdotal evidence that as UV exposure does pull moisture from the skin, it “could” have a dehydrating effect. So, in sum, I have not found any restriction in any state regarding pregnancy and indoor tanning. But remember, if you choose to allow it, make sure you cover all of the aforementioned points. My wife just leaned over to ask me what this month’s topic was. I assured her this was all in the name of providing education to IST readers. ■

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November 2021

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