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Time for Reinvestment

Dear Readers, It’s here: the time of renewal, emerging from the cold (if you’re up north, like me) AND best of all, it’s the time when people who love to tan are embracing the season and getting ready for warmer weather! For over four decades, tanning facilities have been places where people go not only for a tan that makes them look great, but also to enjoy some much-needed warmth, relaxation and stress relief – and who can’t use more of all those things these days? During this peak time for the tanning business, I hope your team is equipped to offer your salon guests a superior tanning experience. What does that mean, you ask? It means that each member of your team is confident in their knowledge of the tanning process and how to meet every guest’s individual needs. It means they represent your business (you) and our industry in a professional manner. They have confidence in doing their job well, which gives them satisfaction. That confidence carries over to their ability to sell products that help people get better tanning results; better results means happy tanners – happy tanners means repeat business and new customer referrals … see what I did there? If all that sounds like something you need, or almost have but not quite, I suggest you check out Sun is Life ® Training & Certification! It’s always available online, it’s effective and engaging, super-affordable and instantly elevates your salon’s level of professionalism. You can start today – visit for all the details. From what I’ve been hearing, salon operators are looking to invest in their businesses again amid the challenges created by ongoing economic uncertainty. This is great news! If you’re among this group of entrepreneurs who are pursuing growth, know that IST is here to help. And as you turn the pages of this issue, take note of the companies that support our efforts through advertising. If you don’t already support them – the industry leaders – I urge you to do so. They make IST Magazine possible! One of our loyal supporters is JK Products & Services. In June, they will host another exciting “Experience JK” event in Orlando, FL (see back cover for details). You owe it to your business to invest in this opportunity for quality networking with industry experts and successful tanning professionals. Register now – I hope to see you there! Thanks for reading,

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