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Beyond the Bed! DC Facial Line is a Follower Fave

with enough DHA to blend out the color of the facial skin and neck with 1-2 days of use. Our third facial product launch was Halo Beam Cream™. This is another favor ite as it can be used in tanning/treatment sessions that utilize red light and/or blue light. It is a blue-hued accelerator formula, so it helps to not only enhance skin’s natu ral color, but also counteract orange tones. The two ingredients that are the same among all three of these products are Hyaluronic Acid and Vegan Collagen. To

Honey Gleam Cream™. The best way to describe this unique product is: Sorbet Dream Cream meets a flawless and glowy illuminating filter + tinted makeup-type moisturizer. Of course, it’s loaded with skincare – including skin-tighteners, hydrating and anti-inflammatory Niacin amide, power-packed antioxidants and a new secret: Porcelain Flower to hydrate and nourish the skin while also helping to promote a crystal clear complexion. Now that we’ve touched on the key benefits of all four Devoted Creations facial products, the stand-out benefit for many users is their multi-use feature. All four can, of course, be used as a tanning enhancer; but they have many other purposes. They can be used as a daily

By Madeleine Harrington Digital Marketing Coordinator & Product Specialist

T he world of skincare has been a grow ing industry throughout the past few years, one big product segment being facial care products. It was only right that Devoted Creations developed a facial line loaded with skincare and tanning benefits! Let’s start where it all began, with Sorbet Dream Cream™. This product contains Tyrosine to accelerate tanning results, as well as premium ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Vegan Collagen to promote hydra tion, improve texture and promote a plump look … just to name a few! Next in the facial product line came Coconut Color Cream™ that serves as the “bronzing version” of Sorbet with a differ ent fragrance, since it contains DHA. We also added Plant-based Stem Cell Extracts, Organic Grape Water and Erythrulose to create a more high-end skincare formula and promote optimal hydration with collagen production. The bronzer is transfer-resistant

moisturizer, makeup primer or even a fa cial mask. Personally, I like to use Sorbet as my nighttime moisturizer, while switching between Coconut Color Cream to wake up with added color, Halo in the morning and/or as my makeup primer, and now Honey before my makeup for a dewy glow or on a “makeupless” Saturday morning when I feel like I just need some immedi ate, luminous bronzing. We took to social media to ask some of our loyal followers about their favorite DC facial products and how they like to use them. As you will see, they all love how the entire line works to deliver optimal skin care and hydration throughout the day! ■

create Halo Beam Cream, we researched brand new ingredients that reduce redness, with vitamin C enhancement and Apple Cider Vinegar to help balance the skin’s natural pH, and really lock in the mois ture and hydration to become receptive to light therapy. Halo helps to turn the hydration and light into cellular energy to enhance collagen production and promote a smoother complexion over time by targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Last but definitely not least, our newest facial product (just launched!) is


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