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Happy New Year!

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Dear Readers, Last year at this time, our industry was still struggling and gathered for trade events only in the virtual world. Crazy times, indeed. All credit to the companies that got creative and made it happen; but in a community as small as the tan biz, there’s nothing like the in-person opportunity to reconnect with each other. That said, I’m happy to mention the upcoming events being hosted by two top product providers. On February 4-5, Heartland Tanning will present their Product Prep & Retail Coaching Bootcamp in Blue Springs, MO. Among the variety of great training opportunities available is IST Magazine’s popular Sun is Life® Salon Operator Certification class, presented by Director, Joe Schuster. (See inside-back cover for info.) On February 25-26, Tanning Supplies Unlimited will host their Expo 2022 in Downtown Indianapolis, IN with a packed agenda that includes an exciting equipment reveal. (See p.14-15 for many more details.) These distributors will dedicate considerable time and resources to help tanning salon professionals get ready to crush the upcoming season. Don’t miss these opportunities! I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to everyone who supports IST. From the contributing writers providing expert content on so many subjects and the readers who tell us they enjoy every issue, to the loyal advertisers who make it possible to print this publication each month. We appreciate you! At the helm of two of our MOST loyal advertisers are Leif Vasstrom of Supra Technologies, and Lewis Henry of Devoted Creations. They are both good friends of mine and are profiled in our “7 Questions” feature this month, just for fun. Gotta have some fun, right? They’re enjoying the sunshine in CA and FL while I’m in MI shoveling snow in my driveway – so unfair. (I don’t really shovel my driveway.) Whether you’re selling sunshine where it’s warm or freezing, I want to wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year!

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January 2022 | Volume 25 | Issue 12

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January 2022

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with Sun is Life® Training

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Industry Watchdog

Let’s Be Real! By Joe Schuster

As a UV tanning expert. The information provided by the Sun is Life® Certification pro- gram is excellent for helping equip salon staff with the knowledge they need to assure they minimize risk of UV overexposure at their profes- sional facilities. It is recommended for all salon operators who want to understand the facts about tanning. Alas, if it were only that simple. Witness the information being provided to the public who live “Down Under.” I am certainly aware of Australia’s proximity to the equa- tor, but Geez, Louise! How about using some common sense, people? Find this report at augustafree- cancer-in-australia/ with “Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer in Australia.” 1. “Applying sunscreen is one of the most effective ways to prevent skin cancer. But you must be diligent about wearing sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen 20 minutes before go- ing outside – even if you are only plan- ning to stay out for a fewminutes!” OMG. Here’s my brain at work … Wife: “Honey, we’re out of bread and it’s lunchtime. Can you run to the market and pick up a loaf?” professional, you are probably a skin care/overex- posure/sunburn

still 30-minute sunbeds out there? My advice: when using a modern-day sunbed, do not exceed the 20-minute (or less) exposure time, and certainly avoid the maximum session time until you’ve obtained a base tan! 3. “Stay out of the sun between 10am and 4pm.” I’ve spent all the money I’ve saved this year to take my wife to Aruba for a vacation. (Honey, if you’re reading this, I’m being facetious to create a point.) We arrive at our tropical destination exhaust- ed, get a good night’s rest and are ready to hit the beach the next morning after breakfast. Then, she tells me that on the flight, she read this particular “suncare tip’’ and says we can’t go to the beach until 4pm. Instead, we can go shopping indoors all day. (Insert here what you think I’d say to this suggestion.) Okay, I’ve taken a few liberties to provide some illustration; but, the point is that when it comes to UV protection, let’s offer the public and our salon guests pragmatic suggestions – not tips or guidelines that are clearly ridiculous and probably will not be followed. Best bet: if you want you and your staff to know the facts, get on board with Sun is Life Training & Certification! „

Me: “I’m watching the game and you shoulda told me 20 minutes ago. I gotta slather my SPF on first.” Wife: “I’m past the point of being hangry! You’ll only be outside for a few minutes. Go! Now!” Me, in my recliner: “Well, I’m reading these tips on suncare and I’m supposed to use SPF at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure, even if it’s for just a few minutes. Kinda like not swimming for 20 minutes after eating.” Wife: “Put on a $&@$%* hat and go get me some bread.” Me: obliging and grabbing my hat and keys in the interest of marital bliss. 2. “Avoid tanning beds and sun lamps to prevent skin cancer. Use sunscreen when using these types of devices. Limit use to no more than 30 minutes per session.” First, simply avoiding tanning beds does NOT prevent you from getting skin cancer. Moles on your skin, your skin type and heredity play huge roles in developing the disease and some folks are more predisposed to it than others. Sunbed use in a tanning salon limits UV exposure, as the session time is determined by individual skin type and controlled by a timer. If one intends to obtain a tan, I’m not sure why an SPF product would be appro- priate; maybe some folks just want the warmth of the sunbed. Lastly: limit use to 30 minutes per session? Are there

Team IST searches for erroneous, suspect or negative reporting by the media that adversely impacts the tanning industry. Reports such as these have plagued tanning businesses for decades. Although the media sources will seldom admit a falsehood DQG SULQW D UHWUDFWLRQ Ζ67 R΍HUV WKHVH ZHOO FUDIWHG UHVSRQVHV WR WKH QHJDWLYH UHSRUWV that can be shared with your customers and potential customers, alike.

martialred /


January 2022


Leif became a proud citizen of the USA in 2017.

Principal, Supra Technologies LEIF VASSTROM 7 Questions with …

1. Where did you grow up, and what’s the best thing about that place? Hanko is a small coastal town and the center for sailing regattas on the southern tip of Finland. 2. What was your very first job? I was a pool boy at my parents’ Motel

a tradeshow in Germany and it seemed like a good idea to enter a new industry. 4. Do you live by a piece of advice/motto? My father’s advice to me as a young teenager was, “Always be kind, helpful and giving – it costs absolutely nothing and gives back great dividends.” 5. What do you do in your spare time? I’ve belonged to a group for about 15 years – we call ourselves The Clydesdales. Members must be 50+ years old, not in the greatest of shape … it’s a Drinking Team with a Bicycling Problem. In Napa, it is all

about wine tastings and dining. Every Friday, we ride up and down the valley and end the trip with lunch. Almost all of us live in vineyards, either grow vines and/or make wine – more than just a hobby. Eat, Drink, Sleep, Repeat. 6. What is your primary goal for Supra Technologies in 2022? Continue to innovate, build on previous successes and help the tanning industry as a whole. 7. What’s one thing that can in- stantly make your day better? When customers and fellow tanning industry people tell me I’ve been helpful. „

Salman /

Silversand in Hanko, Finland. 3. How/when did you find yourself in the tanning industry?

In the late 70s, I had started a spa, hot tub and sauna business in San Francisco, CA. I found tanning beds at


January 2022


7 Questions with ...

LEWIS HENRY President, Devoted Creations

4. What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play? The one I watch is Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey – going for our third consecutive Stanley Cup. Go Bolts! Being at Fenway Park watching the Sox is always magical, too. If I am playing a sport these days, it is going to be golf. My baseball/softball days came to an end a couple of years ago with multiple shoulder injuries/surgery. Opportunity – there is no better gift one can receive (besides life … thanks, Mom). With any opportunity, it is up to you to create what you want from it. 6. What makes you laugh the most? Lately, that has to be Camden, my 1.5 year-old Rottie pup. He’s a riot! I’m not sure I could pick just one thing. I work with the BEST team in the tanning industry. We have a huge Devoted family all over the globe which is fantastic! The friendships, relationships and fabulous times I have had over the past 20+ years are nothing short of amazing. „ 7. What do you enjoy most about your job? 5. What is the best gift you’ve been given?

Lewis, Oxana and Camden are always on the go!

what we “wanted to be” and we put the drawings in a time capsule. I drew a picture of me as president of the United States (Reagan was president at the time); but of course, a couple years later, I was hoping for a career in baseball or basketball. 3. What is the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten? As a diehard foodie, I don’t find many foods unusual and I love trying different things from around the world. I think the better question for me is what’s the most unusual food I have not eaten: that would be Rocky Mountain Oysters! My family at Midas Touch Salon in Emporia, KS (shout-out to the Ringlers!) keep wanting me to try them, but I’m giving that one a hard pass.

1. How did you get into the tanning industry?

When have I NOT been in it? (LOL) I would say I’ve been involved with tanning since my first session in a Sun Capsule getting ready for senior prom! Growing up in Maine, we only had about four sunny months, if that. Tanning just made me feel better (I didn’t know anything about vitamin D at the time) and I loved it. I was lucky enough to wind up having a lifetime career in a profession that I not only knew a lot about, but also loved. 2. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Funny enough, my second grade class was asked to draw a picture of


January 2022


Tell ‘em you saw it in ,67 ąðĀð=,Ć(


DEVOTED CREATIONS 1. Sunset Strip™ Red Carpet Ready DHA-Free Bronzing Elixir • Indoor/Outdoor Natural Bronzer • Color-Correcting BB Crème Formula • Helps calm compromised skin • Cellulite Fighters • Targeted Anti-Aging & Firming • Organic Grape Water • Plant-Based Stem Cells • Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting • After Tan Odor Eliminators • Coco Cocktail Scent MSRP $79.98 12.25oz


2. Tanovations Chronic Color™

Natural Botanical Bronzer • Indoor/Outdoor DHA-Free Natural Bronzer • 675MG CBD Isolate Cannabis Complex


• Quad Tyrosine Blend • BB Crème to Prime, Mattify & Protect • Color-Correcting Formula • Hemp Seed Oil • Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting • After-Tan Odor Eliminators • Dazed Dragon Fruit Hemp Scent MSRP $77.95 13.5oz

3. Hemp IQ 6ťHHW 9DQLOOD 6XJDU Whipped Body Souffle • Sensitive Skin Formula

• 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil • Hemp, Cocoa & Shea Butters • Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Infused • Marshmallow Extract • Papaya Extract • Rice Extract • Ginger Root Extract • Aloe Vera Base • Vanilla Musk Scent MSRP $19.99 8oz


January 2022



CALIFORNIA TAN 4. Cýphêr Titanium Intensifier Step 1 • Step 1 – Produces Base Tan, Resets Color • Tyrosine • White Lotion Color • Anti-Aging Skincare • Vitatan ® • ATO Inhibitor • Zesty Lime Verbena Scent MSRP $110 6.8oz SWEDISH BEAUTY 6KHD


• 95% Naturally Derived • No Added Dyes, Gluten, Hemp or Parabens • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

• Fragrance-Free MSRP $48 8.5oz DESIGNER SKIN 6. Triple Threat™ UV+Sunless+Red Light Beauty Light Elixir • Tyrosine Intensifier

• Erythrulose for Sunless • Beauty Light Peptides • Collagen • Optimum pH Serum • Cruelty-Free • Passion Fruit Mango Scent MSRP $114 13.5oz t



Tell ‘em you saw it in ,67 ąðĀð=,Ć(




SUN EVOLUTIONS 7. Hempz Hydration for Love LIMITED EDITION Herbal Body Moisturizer • 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil • Shea Butter

JWOWW 9. Hypoallergenic Warming /HJ %URQ]HU • High DHA, Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers

8. SNOOKI ® Collection ąLQG á %RG\ á ĀORè Refreshing Violet-Based Bronzer • Bronzing Blend w/Natural Tan Enhancers & DHA

• Plum, Violet & White Tea Extracts • Tattoo ColorShield Technology™ w/ Essential Minerals, Aloe Vera & Algae • Vitamins A, C & E

• Toning Caffeine • Shave Minimizer • Moisturizing • Hypoallergenic • ATO Inhibitor • Agave Nectar Scent

• Sunflower Seed Oil • Chamomile Extract • Aloe Vera • Cruelty & Dye-Free

• Skin Nourishing Oil & Extracts • Vegan, Paraben & Gluten-Free • Odor Shield Technology • Positive Energy Scent MSRP $75 12oz

• DHA, THC, Gluten & Paraben-Free • Wild Orchid & Sweet Orange Scent MSRP $14.99 8.5oz

MSRP $39 5oz


January 2022

ASA News

What Are Your Top Priorities? Roger Holmes, Celsius Tannery • Member, ASA Board of Directors


why would I give the American Suntanning As- sociation one single dime of my hard-earned money?

have participated in discussions with members of Congress, Senators, lobby- ists, attorneys, public relations groups and other specialists who were called upon to help protect our industry from further attacks. And over those many years, I’ve learned to appreciate the resources that are necessary to protect our industry and my business. As an ASA Board member, I know every detail of the thousands of face-to- face meetings ASA has attended over the

“those people” to carry out our profes- sional indoor suntanning mission. I real- ized that “those people” were you and me! That’s when I chose to invest my time and also my money, because I finally understood that if I wished to continue profiting from my business, I needed to pay to protect it by sup- porting a trade association that repre- sented all of us at the federal and state levels. $100 per salon is a small price to pay for that level of protection.

For years, as we grew our profes- sional indoor suntanning business, we watched every line item of our expenses. But we spent most of our time focused on key performance indicators such as membership per person average, income by unique customer, by equipment, type of equipment, product, and even by salon square footage, just to name a few. About 11 years ago, after attending an industry meeting in Washington, D.C., my financial priorities changed. At that meeting and for the next several years, I learned about the FDA’s reclas- sification of indoor tanning equipment, I heard of the attacks on our industry by the CDC, I discovered an EPA pro- gram called “Sun Wise” that was teach- ing school children to abstain from all sunlight exposure, and I was shocked and dismayed by the implementation of the punitive 10% Tan Tax which was added to the Affordable Care Act. This was when I decided that protecting my business from federal and state govern- ment legislation, regulations and unfair taxes was as important to my business as any of my salon’s income or expenses. Since that time, I have attended every industry meeting in Washington and

I decided that protecting my busi- ness was as important as any of my salon’s income or expenses.

years and the millions of dollars ASA has invested to help keep our industry viable. As the owner of three tanning salons, I also know that without everyone contrib- uting to this cause, we would surely fall prey to more punitive regulations and unfair taxes. And that is something no indoor tanning business can afford today. So, after I attended my first few meetings years ago, I better understood the many issues our industry faced, and began to understand what might be done by “those people” in charge of our industry’s protection. And, then it hit me. I finally realized that there were no

That is why I am proud to say I participate in the ASA lotion program, as well as being a full dues-paying member for ten years. About the ASA Founded in 2012, the American Suntanning Asso- ciation is committed to defending and growing the industry through a detailed and proactive plan directed by an all-salon board and executed by more than two dozen management and consulting team members who specialize in this type of work.


January 2022

Epic Sales

Start Your NEWYEAR Off Right! By Gina Jaeger-Morris W ith the end of 2021 comes a whole new excitement for future success! Like any New Year, 2022 shouldn’t just be about improving yourself, but also improving your business. It’s a great time to refresh and recharge – to get new customers through the doors and enhance the experience for existing ones. Here are a few tips to help you make it happen. Set your mind and focus ads on new customers and their desire to look even more amazing in the New Year. What I have found to work best is to run a “free week” program for all new tanners, letting them experience your salon and enticing them to purchase an EFT or premium package you offer. Target New Customers with Social Media Ads Hire a Salon Influencer I’m sure you’ve noticed the boom of “influencer” marketing over the last few years. Businesses are increasingly turning to influencers to help generate awareness of their offerings and to generate attention out there on social media platforms. This is highly effective, especially for a tanning salon that delivers noticeable results through their services. So much so, that when the right person posts a picture of a transformational result from your salon, you will have new customers galore lining up for the same spray-tan or service the influencer benefited from.

hustle and bustle. Marketing designed around these other major and minor holidays can definitely boost your prof- its. Here are just a few to keep in mind: • Super Bowl Sunday - Starting two weeks prior to the game, offer VIP customers free upgrades and the chance to win a year of tanning if they can guess what the final score of the Super Bowl will be. It’s a great time to refresh and recharge – to get new customers through the doors and enhance the experience for existing ones. • Valentine’s Day - Promote gift cards and spa service packages for that special someone. • Mardi Gras - Give two weeks of free tanning with purchase of a monthly unlimited package. • International Women’s Day - Offer all female customers a free gift or service upgrade. • St. Patrick’s Day - Guests choose a sham- rock from a bowl for a free lotion packette. Create a Loyalty Program Gaining new business is important, but the majority of your salon’s profits come from your existing, loyal customers. Keep in mind that it always costs more to attract

new tanners than it does to retain existing ones – so, what are you doing today to re- ward those who stay loyal to you? Creating the right incentive program can save you a lot of time and money down the road. Gain New Business with a Refer-a-Friend Program The best type of new guest is one who has been recommended to your salon by another customer. Word-of- mouth marketing is the most common way for salons to build clientele, because it’s easy and it really works! Be sure to make it worthwhile for both the referred customer (with free upgrades or a free week of tanning), as well as the referring guest with a “thank you” and special reward. When people try a new sa- lon because of a friend’s great recommen- dation, they are more likely to become a loyal customer after their first visit. „

Happy New Year … and Happy Selling!

About the Author: Joining the Supre/Hempz team in 2006, Gina Jaeger- Morris brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience to her position as Business

Development Manager. Known as “Miss Gina” to the hundreds of salon professionals she helps, Gina combines Sun Evolutions product knowledge with solid retail expertise developed from her extensive experience in the indoor tanning, beauty and retail industries. Her unique combination of talents continues to provide winning sales strategies for salons across the country.

Drive Sales with Seasonal Promotions

Sometimes, I think we forget about the holidays celebrated in January - March because we are just so worn out from all the Christmas and New Year’s

Marta Sher /


January 2022

Ergoline Focus

A NEW YEAR TO SHINE! with JK Products & Services

W elcome to a New Year, and a new chance to shine with JK and Ergoline! Every new year brings fresh opportunities to put away the old, renew and evolve. JK Products & Services, better known simply as “Ergoline” has been the world’s leading manu- facturer of commercial indoor tanning equipment for over 30 years. It comes as no surprise that JK continues to lead and trans- form the industry to meet the changing demands and needs of our ever-growing market. Focused on reinforcing our long-term, customer-focused strat- egy, JK is making strong moves in the U.S. market. As our customer support and resources grow, we bring to you more opportunities to be successful. JK-Light offers a full line of supplies, lamps, accessories, and Devoted Creations lotions to stock your retail displays. We also have a team of experienced employees who know exactly how

to help you, and are dedicated to assisting you find what works for your business. We strive daily to provide our salon customers with positive experiences, helpful re- sources and high-quality products. Be on the lookout as Ergoline and JK announce NEW groundbreaking product releases, industry-wide events and much more. At JK Products & Services, we are motivated to present you with brands to love and be inspired by. Brands like Ergoline, Beauty Angel and Well System provide you with more than just indus- try-leading products to showcase. At JK, we work hard to ensure you

are equipped with what it takes to create a salon guest experience that keeps them coming back to your facilities time and time again. JK continues to be the market technology leader, and this culti- vation of change is our response to the market need to create new strategies and allow a fresh per- spective for businesses that rely on us. We are proud to partner with you to take your business to the next level with exclusive tech- nology, unmatched capability and a team that’s prepared to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. It’s time to get moving, get going and get glowing stronger in 2022. Be on the lookout as Ergoline and JK announce NEW ground- breaking product releases, indus- try-wide events and much more. „

sollia /


January 2022

Lamp Talk with Leif NEW

The UV/red lamps are considered tanning lamps with extra red phosphor added, and all carry the nec- essary compatibility for the OEM lamps they are replac- ing. These are only manufac- tured as low-pressure lamps; no high-pressure products have been researched or produced at this time. When you adjust a lamp’s phosphor content to produce more energy in a certain area of the light spectrum, in this case red light, you do tend

with hybrid light, because they are a different lamp that does not “pack the punch” a standard UV lamp does. Some salons will employ these lamp products in a UV unit and consider it a session upgrade, while others will offer it as a supplemental service in much the same way they do a traditional

The Buzz About Hybrids By Leif Vasstrom

red-light session. The benefits of sessions in

hybrid-light units are tough to explain, because the FDA does not allow

The UV/red lamps are con- sidered tanning lamps with extra red phosphor added, and all carry the nec- essary compat- ibility for the OEM lamps they are replacing.

our industry to make any

to lose energy in other areas. So, with these lamps, there is some loss of the UVB and/ or UVA ener- gy. Depending on the amount

claims regarding red-light lamps, and that includes hybrid types. Simply tell your guests that they are tanning lamps with extra red in them. How you explain it is up to you; but do not pro-

Q: I’d like to know more details about the combination UV/red-light/blue-light lamps. How well do they perform for the “UV crowd” and what percentage of UV does the lamp offer if “sharing space” with other lightwave spectrums? Will the RL or BL provide enough results for customers to actually see or feel? What benefits can I truthfully tell them to expect? Would this be considered a UV customer upgrade, or the same service? That’s a lot of questions, I know; but I need to understand this better. Thanks, LjM

of red phos- phor added,

the lamp could lose up to 45%

of the UVB/UVA. There is give and take depending on how much of the red phosphor is added. Red-light lamps have been in the market for a long time now, such as in the Ergoline Beauty Angel and of course, many salon owners are re-lamping older tanning units with red-light lamps. Customers’ opinions have varied and it is no different with the hybrid lamps. The salons we have tested have the same wide-ranging feed- back as with red-light units; some love the lamps and feel they have a “fresher” tanning experience, and others just want the UVB and aren’t into the hybrid-style lamps. Salon guests can expect a different tanning experience

vide any opinions regarding the benefits of red light. „

About the Author: Industry veteran Leif Vasstrom founded Napa, CA-based Supra

Brands Group in 2004, and has been at the forefront of sunlamp innovation since 1978. He opened the first tanning salon in NYC on Madison Avenue in 1978. In 1985, his company designed the Breeze Salon Software and business man- agement program, acquired by SunLync in 2003. He launched the Silver Solarium equipment line in 1978, and Dr. Müller systems in 1993. In 1986, he helped start Applied Digital (T-Max). In 2011, Supra acquired industry forum

A: Great question! There is current- ly a buzz in the market regarding UVA/red/ blue hybrid lamp products. I’ve heard some whispers about the UV lamps with blue light, but haven’t actu- ally seen a UV/blue lamp or tanning unit in the market. As for the UV/red-light lamps, or hybrid lamps as many call them, those seem

to be growing in popularity. I know JK Products and KBL currently offer systems that utilize UV/red lamps. As a result, many of my custom- ers have asked about the availability of these lamps to install in their salon custom- ers’ existing equipment. At the moment, some manu- facturers have produced a couple versions of UV/red lamps as private label brands. as a means to fur- ther the message about the positive aspects of moder- ate UV exposure.

starlineart /


January 2022

Lync IT

of tasks and arming your staff with in- formation throughout every transaction they process will ensure efficiency at the time of year when it’s needed most. Educating customers about tanning smartly is imperative – does your system allow you to create a survey for auto- matically determining a guest’s skin type based on their responses to specific ques- tions? Are you able to configure high-in- tensity warning messages for equipment that has just been re-lamped? Can you set up regulations in terms of the min- imum age to tan and the minimum time between tanning sessions? How about creating recommended exposure sched- ules for each equipment type? Anything you can do to automate your employees’ tasks will be a win-win for everyone! It’s also a good idea to take a peek at your reports from last year’s busy season. Were there particular equipment types that were used extensively and created wait lists? If so, you may want to consider adding another tanning system to your mix. Be sure to reference current lamp usage within your software for all of your tanning units as well, so you know ahead of time if any will be in need of re-lamp- ing and can place an order in advance. Having the right tools in place to operate your business will not only ensure that you will have the best season possible, but will also ease your mind and give you the confidence needed to focus your efforts on growing your business to the next level. „ Having the right tools in place to operate your business will ease your mind so you can focus your efforts on growing your business to the next level.

Start the Year with Peace of Mind By Melissa Damiani

N ow that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to begin preparing for the busy season. Are you feeling a little uneasy in terms of what to expect this year? Having been faced with a pandemic amid the 2020 busy season followed by what might have been a lucrative season for you in 2021, all while continuing to navigate through unprecedented times, it is completely understandable if you are. In prior years, you probably had a regu- lar routine to prepare for busy season; you might have decided which promotions you would offer and when, created sales goals for your team, established marketing initia- tives that you would run, and began hiring seasonal staff. As we push on through what seem to be ever-changing times, having the proper tools in your toolbox will not only enable you to operate efficiently, but will also help ease some of your anxiety. One of your most valuable resources is your staff. Regardless of whether they are veteran or seasonal, a well-trained team is key to your success during the busy season. A quick-to-learn and easy-to-use software program that can automate tasks will undoubtedly be one of your biggest assets. Creating a schedule of promotions that you would like to run throughout the busy

season is important. Now is a perfect time to determine if you are able to precon- figure within your software the specials you want to run during specific date ranges through the upcoming months. When completing this back-office type configuration, for those product-related promotions such as a BOGO half off, make sure you are able to set up inventory re-order points and quantities to avoid running out of stock when the time comes. You will likely have first-time customers during busy season, so make sure that you are able to electronically collect their demographic info, email address and cell phone number along with their preferred method of contact. Creating a positive initial salon experience and follow-up marketing will result in converting a large percentage of these guests into repeat customers. Ask yourself these simple questions: Does your salon management system give you the ability to display descriptions of products and equipment so that your team has the details needed to upsell lotions or upgrades? Does it allow you to outline policies for your EFT memberships, and automatically calculate first-draw dates and prorated dues? Providing automation

About the Author: Melissa Damiani is the Sales Manager of SunLync Software, Inc. a member of the JK-North America group of companies. With the company since 2002,

Melissa has served the organization in several capacities, and has extensive knowledge of all aspects required to deliver robust salon manage- ment software solutions that are designed to enable measurable growth within its users’ ever-evolving business models. Call Melissa at 866.SUNLYNC x3 or email

Elena Solodovnikova /


January 2022

Monthly Motivation

wouldn’t avoid enhancing your real estate property; people can make their property more valuable and save money by being a landlord or house-flipper who does all of their own work.

h They invest in assets that give massive tax benefits.

The best investors are incredibly clev- er regarding taxes, because they know how to reduce their real estate taxes to almost zero. Owning real estate comes with many benefits, but the tax advan- tages take one of the top spots. These advantages are used to offset income. h They play to get rich for real … not to get rich quick. Most people gamble when they invest their money without fully understand- ing the consequences of what will happen if they lose. That’s why most gamblers are broke guys who can’t afford to pay their rent or bills at the end of the month. Gambling, playing the stock market or investing in crypto- currency might seem like great ways to “get rich quick,” but those investments are highly volatile. Investors know that

How to Make Millions Like an Investor By Grant Cardone

I nvesting is not just for the rich – it’s a powerful tool that anyone can use to build real wealth and achieve financial freedom. But in- vesting isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Most people make mistakes when they invest because they do it without a plan or guidance from an expert. In this month’s article, I will tell you how to make millions like an investor, so you too can generate indestructible wealth. Following are the five traits of successful investors: h They don’t save; they INVEST. Rarely will you see a wealthy investor who keeps his coin in the bank. They usually invest their money into real estate or stocks that provide them with real income. People who are deep in debt are most likely to hold on to their savings, because they are scared of making risky moves. Savvy investors know that interest rates are near zero, so they understand there’s no real benefit in keeping their money in the bank.

because you buy tangible assets that ap- preciate over time. They know that real estate will only increase in value and is the best investment vehicle you can use to generate real wealth. As an investor,

If you want to learn how to make millions, you have to invest in assets that increase in value, provide cash flow, and have real tax benefits.

to produce money over their lifetime, they must play the long game. Only real estate investing can provide real income while building tangible assets. „

your goal should be to purchase real es- tate at a discount and sell it for a much higher price. Real estate investing pays you actual cash month after month, because the rent exceeds all expenses associated with the real estate asset. This monthly income is tax-free, as long as you can prove that you invested. Most real estate investors make cash monthly and they don’t invest in real estate that requires a lot of money and time upfront to maintain the assets. This is important to note when looking at real estate, because properties that are newer and in good condition will re- quire less money for upkeep. However, I h They only invest in assets that provide cash flow.

About the Author: Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the No. 1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on lead-

ership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media and finance. His companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing Influ- encers to Watch in 2017.” He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider , CNBC, and Entrepreneur. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters.

h They invest in assets that appreciate.

The top investors know that investing in real estate is the best way to get rich,

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January 2022

Notes from the Road

customers’ minds when they are stand- ing at your register. Making sure your retail items grab consumer attention is one of the most important ways to set your salon up for retail sales success.

P No.4: PROMOTION The fourth and final P is all about market-

Pondering The 4 Ps By Lisa Saavedra

ing, social media and product promotion strategies. The main goal of any promo- tion is to speak to your consumer through advertising of not only why they need There is no more perfect time than the New Year to start out with whatever neces- sary changes your salon needs to kick- start a successful year! the product, but also why they should be paying a certain price for it. There are so many different social media and promotional ideas I could share here, but we will save that list for another article. The model of the 4 Ps can be applied to any retail business, new or old. I believe it just allows you to take a deeper look at what you have, how you are marketing it, and readjust if necessary. There is no more perfect time than the New Year to start out with whatever changes your sa- lon needs to kickstart a successful year! „

If you have attended any type of marketing class or sales pre- sentation, you have undoubt- edly heard of “The 4 Ps.” If you are unfamiliar with them, they stand for: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This month, I will break down what each “P”means and how/why you should always keep them at the forefront of your mind when working to improve your salon’s sales.

P No.2: PRICE There are a lot of things to

consider when pricing your products and services. In my opinion, the most important thing is perceived value. No one wants to feel as though they over- paid for something, so make sure your pricing is in line with your competition and the value of the offerings. It is nice to build in a little buffer on your pricing, so you can offer different promos and incentives to generate impulse buys.

P No.1: PRODUCT This is your goods or services, or the meat and potatoes of what your business offers. We are a

P No.3: PLACE Placement is so key! Not only for your retail products, but also for your high-end equipment.

service-based industry, in which a lot of what we sell is not a tangible item. Yes, of course, we have tangible items such as lo- tions and accessories, but we focus on selling services. When it comes to offering a prod- uct or service, the most important question to ask yourself is, “Does it fulfill a customer demand or need?” It’s a question you have to really think about. Do you have a bed that never gets used or a lotion that just sits on your shelf? These are examples of prod- ucts or services that have little demand, and you could be utilizing that space and maxi- mizing your salon’s offerings by switching those products or services for something that does fulfill a need or demand.

About the Author: As Director of Brand Development for Devoted Creations’ family of brands, Lisa brings 17 years of industry experience, knowledge and

If you walk into any large, successful salon chain in this country, you will always notice they have their top-tier tanning systems placed front and center, with the room’s doors wide open so that customers have a visual of those premium beds from the time they walk into the facility. The same is true with your retail products. If they’re in a glass case, on a shelf across the lobby or in any other less-than-ideal spot, those items are not at the front of your

enthusiasm to all aspects of the business, including social media, product development, training, customer relations, public speaking and marketing strategies. Lisa worked at the salon level managing a large chain of salons, which infuses her sales training and brand concepts with real world experience.

Lisa has been chosen the IST Magazine “Person of the Year” five times.

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January 2022

UK View

NewYear, New Hopes

Of course, the vast majority of salons are compliant with all their legal requirements, but it is completely understandable that salon owners will want to ensure the safety of their staff as a priority and will not, there- fore, ask staff to enter into dialogue with customers about face-coverings and simply communicate the law via poster displays. Throughout the retail environment, busi- ness owners are extremely concerned about abuse against their staff from customers who do not want to wear a face-covering. Reminding them of the requirement was a big trigger for abuse for many when restrictions were previously in place and so, understandably, staff would be hesitant to challenge customers this time around. The ultimate responsibility for wearing a face-covering in-salon clearly rests with individual customers and this is where confrontations can and do arise. This reminds me of the entrenched positions of some people during the endless Brexit discussions when we experienced so much partisan rancour. It is not uncommon for a face-covering customer to directly challenge a customer not wearing one, even though that customer may very well be exempt. In this type of scenario, things can unfortunately get heated very quickly and this is where staff will find it necessary to intervene and then, potentially find them- selves on the receiving end of customer abuse. This is quite simply unacceptable!

By Gary Lipman

Happy New Year, everyone! C an you believe we are now in 2022? In the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Tiger and apparently, it promises positive changes, business stability and finances flowing smoothly throughout the year. Well, that certainly all sounds very positive to me, and I wish that experience for us all. In the UK and across Europe, we wrapped up 2021 with yet another coronavirus wobble that further exposed the ongoing fragility of our health services and economic recovery, as a result of the pressures imposed by this relentless virus. Just as we were gearing up for Christmas, the New Year and the additional footfall that these celebrations bring into the salons, another and supposedly more virulent strain of the virus entered our communities. In the Neth- erlands, for example, so-called “non-essen- tial” retailers, including tanning salons, must (at this writing) close at 5pm, thus missing out on essential evening business. With cases of the new Omicron variant being reported in the UK, the government immediately re-introduced restrictions

requiring mandatory face-coverings for staff and customers in all retail environments, including tanning salons. This in itself, is not too much of an issue for those custom- ers who understand it is a legal requirement and accept that it is about everyone “play- ing their part.” The issue lies with those who don’t or won’t wear face-coverings,

Let us hope that in 2022 we can, at the very least, all show each other respect and kindness.

The reality is that we are all frustrated, fed-up and maybe even conflicted about the rules; so let us hope that the positive changes expected in 2022 find their way to us soon and that we can, at the very least, all show each other respect and kindness. „

although bearing in mind some of these people will be exempt, and the inevitable level of confrontations that this requirement can and often does generate in the salon. It is a mandatory requirement for salon operators to encourage the wear- ing of face-coverings, but they are not required to enforce it. That is the job of the police and other public authority per- sonnel. However, salons must display a poster in a prominent position advising the legal requirement. Failure to do this can result in a first-time offence fine of $1,500 for the salon owner with a maxi- mum $13,500 fine for repeat offences.

About the Author: In the tanning industry since 1982, Gary Lipman is Man- aging Director of the UK sub- sidary of Ergoline, and runs Ergoline Plus, the exclusive

distributor for a wide range of sunless products & spray systems. He is also Chairman of the UK’s Sunbed Association & a European Sunlight Asso- ciation member.

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January 2022


• I’m pregnant but my doctor says that I can’t tan indoors anymore because of the microwaves that will affect my un- born child. Can you give me a refund? • I’ve had a little too much to drink today after work. I made an appointment for 6pm. Is my sunbed ready? These are great questions to review prior to the busy season. Don’t know the answers? Look for upcoming classroom training sessions in your area or simply go online and take our Sun is Life Certifica- tion course at It’s easy to follow and right now, you can train your entire team (up to 10 staff) for only $99! Let’s move on to salon safety. Does your staff know what to do in case of a fire? A robbery? A medical emergency? They do? Well, have you provided the procedures to them in writing ? These Getthe factsand prepareyourteam tocrushthe2022 busyseason! scenarios should be included as part of their initial training. Your staff may change throughout the season or the year, but your standard operating procedures (SOP) must stay consistent. Everyone must be on the same page, whether it’s answering guest questions, explaining how the equipment works, maintaining the equipment, and as just mentioned, what to do in case of an emergency. This crucial info and much more can be yours now, for about ten bucks a person. It’s a deal you can’t afford to pass up! Your staff gets a certificate of completion, and your salon gets a chance to be featured in IST Magazine – what are you waiting for? Get the facts and prepare your team to crush the 2022 busy season with the industry’s premier salon operator training program: Sun is Life! „



By Joe Schuster

Welcome to the New Year!

So what’s next? I’d suggest some role-playing with your staff on some (par- don the pun) “hot topics.” Can everyone correctly, factually and professionally address each of the following questions? • Is the UV in sunbeds stronger than sunlight? • One sunbed session equals how many hours in the sun? • Is an indoor tanning session equiva- lent to spending a day at the beach? • Can I get skin cancer from your sunbeds? • Can I get COVID or AIDS from your sunbeds? • My doctor told me I obtained a skin fungus from your sunbed. I thought you told me you sanitized them? • The ends of your tanning lamps are dark. Are they still good? • If I can’t really tan outside, will I get a tan from your sunbeds? • I’m pregnant but my doctor gave me a note that says I can still tan. When can I start?

time to brush up and prepare yourself for the season ahead. You

may have already seen an uptick in guest visits last month and/or maybe enjoying the results of strong holiday gift card sales. Nonetheless, are you ready to roll and get 2022 off on the right foot? Of course, a major part of your preparation should be salon and equip- ment maintenance. Inside and out, your facility should be spotless – dusted, vacuumed, sprayed, wiped, sanitized and more. Sunbeds should be cleaned outside and the components vacuumed inside. Lamps should be replaced, but if you’re waiting a little longer to replace them, at the least, remove them from the unit and wipe each one clean, as well as the re- flective material underneath them AND the underside of the acrylic shields. That dust build-up really affects the UV trans- mission, and your guests are looking to start the New Year with great tans!

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January 2022

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