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30-Male To 50-Female Dogbone Adapter

Power Ball Cord Lock The Power Ball deters theft of your

Hose/Cord Basket

surge protector or dogbone adapter at an RV park. High-

density polyethylene ball guards the connection point of your RV power cord and an adapter so that it can't be unplugged. Padlock and key included. Fits both 30 amp and 50 amp connectors. 2-05000 55000 Power Ball Cord Lock


Camco's RV Water Hose and Electrical Cord Basket is perfect for storing RV water hoses or electrical cords. It holds up to 75-feet of hose and features a middle compartment that accommodates water pressure regulators, a 10-inch RV water filter canister and other hose accessories. The basket is designed to wind and unwind hose/cord ends easily. Hooks located underneath the basket help uncoil the exact length of hose needed. Product measures 18-1/2" wide x 8-1/2" tall and is constructed of heavy-duty, UV-stabilized plastic. 7-00166 20166 RV Water Hose and Electrical Cord Basket, Blue $16.75


No more struggling to wiggle the plug loose from the park outlet! Integrated pull handles on the adapters and extension cord makes electrical hook-up easy. 30-AMP male to 50-AMP female. 18" length. 2-05181 55185 30-Male To 50-Female 18" Dogbone $34.49

Cord Carry Strap The Camco Hose and Cord Carry Strap is a simple, easy to use way to hang, organize and store cords, hoses and ropes. The carry strap will adjust to accommodate most hose, cord and rope sizes and lengths, and the handle doubles as a hanger for easy storage. An integrated slit on the carry strap

30A-Male to 50A Locking Adapter

can be used to hold and keep track of the ends on your rope or extension cord so that they don't get lost in the coil. The durable polyethylene hanger makes a great addition to any garage or shed. White. 2-00165 20165 Hose and Cord Carry Strap $4.75

Hose Caddy

For hooking your twist-lock style 50-Amp RV power inlet to a standard 30-Amp power source. 90° connector reduces strain on the cord and allows easier connection in tight places. Threaded locking ring helps to create a weatherproof connection. 2-05582 55582 50F Locking Adapter /30M Std, 18" $67.49

Power Grip Storage Bag

17” wide, 6-1/2” tall Holds up to 75 feet of hose Stores hose accessories Each hose end unwinds, bulk of hose remains in caddy 7-09075 HC-75 Fresh Water Hose Caddy $21.49

High quality duffel bag stores Power Grip extension cords and accessories. The large main compartment is big enough for a 50-foot extension cord, and the bottom compartment has separate, padded areas to protect accessories. The easy to carry duffel has two handles on the top, or a long, removable shoulder strap that attaches end to end. Duffel bag is made of heavy duty material and stitching. • High quality duffel bag stores Power Grip extension cords and accessories • Large main compartment big enough for 50-foot extension cord • Bottom compartment has separate, padded areas to protect accessories • Easy to carry with two handles on the top, or connect a long shoulder strap from end to end • Heavy duty material and stitching 2-05014 55014 Power Grip Accessory Bag w/ Adapter Storage (Bag Only) $62.99

50 Amp Generator Adapter

Power Grip Protectant & Lube

Use on any electrical connector to improve conductivity and protect from oxidation. perfect for any adapters and extension cords. 1oz. tube.

50-AMP Power Grip Generator Dogbone is 12" in length. Available in 3 or 4 prong styles. 2-05412 55412 Generator Dogbone, 50-AMP 3 Prong $51.49 2-05422 55422 Generator Dogbone, 50-AMP 4 Prong $78.49

2-05013 55013 Power Grip Lube


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