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Designed to withstand the harshest environments.

30-AMP Locking Power Cord

4 Prong 30-AMP Generator Cord

20-AMP Generator Adapter

This adapter is required to utilize your 20-AMP generator outlet to 30 amp RV outlet. This is needed to run your RV off generators without a 30 amp outlet. 2-50127 126A 20-AMP Adapter $23.19

30-AMP locking to 30-amp male cord with LED power indicator light. Super flexible 10/3 cable. Comfort grip ends. Easy Lock™ system. Includes threaded ring and Easy Lock™ ring. Watertight molded plug connector ends. Available in 25' or 50' lengths. 2-50200 25SPP.RV 30-AMP Locking Power Cord - 25' $91.49 2-50205 30spp.rv 30-AMP Locking Power Cord - 30' $105.99

30 Amp, 4-Prong RV Generator Adapter. It has a molded RV standard female connector on one end 12 inches of 10/3 cable a 4-prong male plug on the other end. 12" in length. 2-50172 172ARV Generator Adapter 4-Prong 30-AMP 12" Long $50.99

3-Prong Generator Adapter

30-AMP To 15-AMP Adapter

50-AMP To 15-AMP Locking Adapter 50-AMP 125/250- Volt locking

connector with 15-AMP male 125-Volt straight blade plug. With comfort grip connector and Includes threaded ring. 2-50128 150SPPRV 50-A Locking - 15-A Adapter $88.49

Adapter plugs into 3 prong generator outlet to allow hook up of your 30 AMP male RV plug. 2-50126 125A 30-AMP Generator Cord Adapter $28.49

This twist-lock adapter allows you to plug into a regular 15-AMP household receptacle with your 30-AMP detachable power cord. 2-50104 104SPPRV Adapter 30 To 15-AMP $70.49

4-Prong Generator Adapter

50-AMP To 30-AMP RV Power Adapter Adapter allows hookup of 50-AMP twistlock on RV side to 30-AMP standard male plug. Available in two lengths, 18" and 25'. 2-50124 124ARV 18" Power Adapter 2-50125 124ARV-25 25' Power Cord

30-AMP 18" Power Adapter

Adapter plugs into 4 prong generator outlet to allow hook up of 30-AMP male RV plug. 2-51128 128A 4-Prong Generator Adapter - Locking $42.99

Power cord is rated for 30-AMP. Has a twist-lock on RV side and standard 30-AMP blade on park box side. 2-50102 1PCMRV 30-AMP Power Cord $44.99

$98.99 $150.99

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