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50A Transfer Switch Enjoy hassle free power transfer between the shoreline cord and your generator. Can be used as a deck

Portable Surge Protector Perfect for pop-ups and travel trailers. Identifies faulty park power plus offers surge protection. Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power. Tests for and indicates: open ground, open neutral and correct polarity. Illuminated power status indicators. 30- amp: 2,800 Joules of power surge protection, 50 amp 4,200 Joules of power surge protection. Easy-T-Pull handles. Weather resistant.

Portable Surge Guard w/ Bluetooth Automatically shuts off power to RV when electrical fault occurs. Low/high voltage & frequency, open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, elevated ground line current, and Patent Pending Load Side Open Neutral Protection

mount or mounted to the back of Parallax Power Centers. Features electronic operation and generator time delay. Transfer switch will work on up to 2 air conditioners. 4-3/4" W x 4-1/8" H x 6-1/4" D. Weight 3-1/2 Lb. 2-year warranty. 2-36068 ATS501 50 Amp Transfer Switch $280.99

2-83590 44260 Surge Guard 30A Surge Protector 2-83570 44270 Surge Guard 50A Surge Protector


(34951 Only). Includes Bluetooth communication to optional 40301 display. Multiple displays can be connected to a single Surge Guard. 10 second start up delay and 128 second fault restoration delay. Text based display shows all faults along with real time voltage and amp draw. 2-84931 34931 30A Portable Surge Guard Wireless $351.99 2-84951 34951 50A Portable Surge Guard Wireless $503.99


50 Amp Generator Switch The ATS line generator switches transfer power between shore service

Portable Surge Protectors UL listed surge protector designed to handle the high power consumption demands of RVers. Analyzes circuits to identify power supply status. Checks for open ground, open neutral, correct polarity, and NEW reversed lines/ground. Features surge protection indicator and NEW thermal sensor to indicate overheating plug/receptacle. Weather resistant with a NEW rain-proof cover. 2-83280 44280 30 Amp Surge Guard 2-83290 44290 50 Amp Surge Guard Hardwire Surge Guard Automatically shuts off the power when excessive voltage, Low (132V), open ground or neutral is present. Auto reset on power restoration. Caution light indicates Surge failure, miswired pedestal, reverse polarity and elevated ground voltage. 128 second reset delay. Fits neatly inside RVs electrical compartment. Optional Remote Power Monitor LCD Display (sold separately). 2-83550 35550 50amp Surge Guard Hardwire W/ Telecom Jack

and RV generators. With extreme ease, the improved ATS

models transfer power smoothly regardless of line voltage conditions. Benefit from elimination of handling plugs or electrical cords. To be used in 50 Amp 120/240V electrical systems. Will power up to 4 air conditioners. Measures: 4"H x 12"W x 10"D 2-36069 ATS503 50 Amp Transfer Switch $462.49

Wireless Surge Guard Display Optional Bluetooth®

LCD screen .Compatible with Surge Guard*models 34931 & 34951 Automatically detects 30A and 50A Surge Guard* Provides detailed information regarding:

$124.49 $153.99

Single Pole Breaker Siemens one pole, type QP circuit breakers, require 1" space. Are HACR SWD rated. 120VAC

Voltage, Amp draw, Frequency, Kilowatt usage, Current fault screen, Fault log of previous 4 faults, Connection status, Visual alert of fault, Range of 100’, Includes optional mounting bracket, Operates on 3-AAA batteries 2-84030 40301 Wireless LCD Display $66.99

2-02992 ITEQ130 30-AMP 1-Pole Breaker 2-02991 ITEQ120 20-AMP 1-Pole Breaker

$17.75 $17.75

Hardwired Surge Guard Monitor For use with Surge Guard Hardwire units, the

Twin Pole Breakers Siemens breakers, Twin pole type QT. Plug in, require 1" space, HACR SWD rated. 120VAC. measure: 2.5" x 1" x 3.06" 2-36151 UBITBBD1515 15/15 AMP Twin Pole Breaker 2-36205 UBI-TBBD1520 15/20 AMP Twin Pole Breaker


optional Remote Power Monitor LCD Display is connected to a Surge Guard unit via a RJ12 (6 pin) connector cable and

Hardwired Surge Guard Improved 30 amp hardwired


conveniently monitors your electrical power anywhere inside your RV remotely from the Surge Guard's location. This display allows you to see more detailed information such as voltages, current draws, and status/conditions of the Surge Guard Hardwire unit. Electrical faults such as Low Voltage or an Open Ground connection that cause the Surge Guard Hardwire to shut off power are shown on the remote display, allowing you to retrieve via the joystick a log of the fault conditions kept by the Surge


Surge Guard monitors shore power continuously and shuts off when it detects power surges, open ground, open neutral, low or excessive voltage, miswired pedestals, or reverse polarity that could damage electronic equipment in your coach. 2-83530 35530 30amp Surge Guard Hardwire W/ Telecom Jack

2-26207 ITEQ2020 20/20 AMP Twin Pole Breaker


2-36204 ITEQ3015 30/15 AMP Twin Pole Breaker 2-36203 UBITBBD3020 30/20 AMP Twin Pole Breaker



Guard pf electrical power at your location. 2-83300 40300 Optional Hardwire Remote Power Monitor

2-26208 ITEQ3030 30/30 AMP Twin Pole Breaker




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