Wilkins 2022 RV Parts Accessories




Interior Roof Wedge

Directional Handle

Installation Kit

TV Antenna Directional Handle Kit: 1 Directional

Handle, 1 Ceiling Plate, 4 Screws, 1 Spring, 1 Decal. 11-84226 RP6300 Directional Handle White $12.15

For use with RV Sensar antenna when installing on slanted interior ceiling. Use in place of regular ceiling plate. 5-85001 IW-5000 Interior Wedge For Sensar

Comes complete with everything you need to install a cable TV hookup in your RV. The kit includes: Interior plate, exterior weatherproof plate and 6' of our RG6 satellite ready coax. Polar White 3-16652 47815 Cable TV Install kit $19.25


Crank Handles

Exterior Roof Wedge

Exterior TV Jack 75 ohm F-Style

Don't let a broken handle keep you from raising your antenna any more. Pick up a replacement handle for your

Winegard antenna today. 11-84230 RP-6795 White


connector and a flip-up door which stays open for easier access. Constructed of durable polypropylene for a long life. 3-16646 47755 Exterior TV Jack, Polar White, Pkg. $6.39

Use on vehicles with sloped roofs to provide level surface for proper installation of Winegard Sensar RV antennas 5-85005 RW-2000 Ext. Roof Wedge $8.99

Cable TV Plate

Exterior Roof Wedge

Exterior TV Jack Direct OEM replacement. UV & impact resistant.

Designed to level satellite TV antenna on vehicle with uneven roof. For vehicles with extremely sloped roofs, multiple wedges may be needed. For use with RM model Winegard crank-up satellite antennas. 5-85002 RW-5000 Roof Wedge $13.59

Original Factory Parts/Direct OEM Replacement Made In The USA. Non-Yellowing, UV stable/colorfast. 1 GHz – Coax transfer power Includes installation kit. Impact & Road Salt Resistant Cutout Dim: 1" dia., Outside Dim: 3.125" dia. 3-16708 94320 Cable TV Plate, Polar White $10.25 3-14321 94321 Cable TV Plate, Black $10.25 3-00475 94208 Rubber Dust Cover For TV Cable Plate , Polar White $3.99

Resistant to road salts & acids. Paintable. Cutout Dim: 1.00" dia. Outside Dim: 3.125" dia. 3-16707 476-B-1-A Cable TV Plate Col White $9.59

Antenna Control Parts

Exterior Cable TV Outlet

Interior TV Plate 75 ohm F-Style connection. Works for any F-Style TV or satellite installations.

75 ohm F-Style connector for use with cable TV connections or satellite hookups and a rubber dust cover. 3-16650 47795 Square Cable TV Plate, Polar White, Pkg. 3-16651 47805 Replacement Dust Cover For 47795, Pkg.


Includes white directional handle, elevating crank, ceiling plate and hardware. 11-84634 CP-3634 Interior Control Parts $20.09


3-16649 47785 Interior Cable TV Plate - Polar White, Pkg.


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