Wilkins 2022 RV Parts Accessories



Antenna Parts

Indoor TV Jack Outlet 75 Ohm TV Outlet; Flush Mount; AC Passive; F-jack; White.

Satellite & TV Wall Plate


5-85004 OT-8740 Indoor TV Jack Outlet - White $5.69

TV antenna power supply includes cable input jack, built- in two set splitter. Wall plate also equipped for input of satellite signal from external jack. White in color. 5-84542 RV7542 Wall Plate Satellite & TV Hook-Ups $36.99

Power Receptacles

Signal Amplifier

Twelve volt DC power supply with polyfuse in a flush mount wall plate. Provides the option of watching TV from the Winegard RV TV antenna or from external source (cable). Includes standard duplex wall plate with 75 ohm coax input/output, 2-way splitter for a second TV set, input switch for cable or TV antenna with select LED light. 1 per pack. 11-84203 RV-7042 2-Way White $34.49

Amplified wall plate with 12V DC receptacle. Amplifier has on/off switch and indicator light, works with Winegard non-amplified 75 ohm RV antennas. Uses 12-volt DC. 11-84020 RA-7296 Amplifier, White $37.99

Wall Plate/ Power Supply

Winegard antenna parts for Sensar III antennas. 11-84216 RP-2900 2. Elevator Tubes 2 Pack $30.49 11-84220 RP-2000 3. Level Mount Kit $8.69 11-84221 RP-3000 5. Elevating Gear $10.15 11-84222 RP-4000 6. Worm Gear & 12.25" Shaft W/ Washers $18.49 11-84223 RP-2049 7. Gear Housing W/ Hardware $42.49 11-84224 RP-3523 Base Plate With Hardware $24.99 11-84225 RP-6200 9. Directional Handle, Ceiling Plate W/ Spring - Ivory $12.15 11-84227 RP-6822 Spring $5.15 11-84228 RP-2658 11. Nylon Bearing $2.25 11-84230 RP-6795 White $13.79

Replacement Crank Handle

12 VDC power supply with polyfuse, flush mounted wall plate. Includes 2-way splitter for second TV, on/off switch with LED, 75 ohm coaxial input and output connections. Does not have 12 VDC receptacle. 5-80822 RV-0822 Wall Plate/Power Supply - Ivory $13.49

Replacement interior hand crank for manual crank-up satellite antennas. 5-85003 RK-HAND Replacement Crank Handle, White $13.75

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