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RoadTrip T4

Carryout G3 Automatic Dish

Roller Plate

Roller plate design to create a solid landing area for LNB roller arm. Ideal for rubber roofs. 5-84004 SKA-004 Roller Plate $13.15

The RoadTrip™ T4 is a fully automatic roof mounted antenna with one button on/off operation, it receives DISH, DIRECTV and Bell TV so you will be able to watch LIVE programming while traveling down the road. Its updated design offers a quieter system and improved tracking capabilities. This is Winegard's smallest in- motion antenna and requires minimal roof space and no storage space. Compatible with DISH (SD and HD), DIRECTV (SD) and Bell TV (SD and HD) 5-80200 RT2000T Roadtrip T4 In-Motion Satellite System, White $1871.00 5-80235 RT2035T Roadtrip T4 In-Motion Satellite System, White $1871.00

Carryout Tripod Mount

The Carryout G3 provides award winning, reliable performance and features a power inserter to provide single coax cable entry operation, making set up and usage easier than ever before. •Power inserter connects antenna to receiver and powers through coax to 110V for simple set up (25’ coax included). •Maximum satellite provider flexibility – DIRECTV (SD), DISH (HD) and Bell TV in Canada (HD). Satellite provider setting is located on power inserter for fast and easy changeover. •Compatible with wide variety of receivers •Single satellite viewing antenna with two coax inputs allow for multiple receiver hook up. •Ultra-compact design (13” h, 16” dia). •Features easy grip handle for effortless carrying. •Compatible with Winegard’s RK-4000 and TR-1518 mounts 5-89035 GM-9035 Carryout G3 Automatic Satellite Antenna, Black $554.49 5-89000 GM-9000 Carryout G3 Automatic Satellite Antenna, White $554.49

Aluminum tripod elevates your Carryout or Pathway portable satellite antenna off the ground for protection from mud and water. Adjustable height settings from 14" to 22". Sturdy ground anchor, 6" bungee cord and anchor loop hold the tripod and satellite antenna securely. Easy assembly; quickly disassembles for compact storage. Shipping weight, 4.4 lbs. Antenna sold separately. 5-84518 TR-1518 Carryout Tripod Mount $114.99

Pathway X2 Antenna Designed exclusively for DISH Network satellite TV programming, the Pathway X2 antenna offers a whole

new look at automatic satellite TV acquisition. Powered through a DISH ViP 211 series HD receiver (sold separately), the Pathway X2 requires

Satellite Alignment Compass

no separate power cord. Simply activate the receiver through an existing DISH account or subscribe to Pay-As- You-Go programming. A unique feature to the Pathway is the ability to point to either Western or Eastern arc satellites, offering the most programming available. The larger reflector size also provides superior signal performance compared to other automatic portable satellite systems. Features 2 coax outputs to allow for multiple receiver hook-up, an easy grip carry handle, and a security eyelet molded into the base so the antenna can be locked up. Includes one 25’ coax cable. Stores to 15” x 21”. Weight 16 lbs. Compatible with Carryout tripod mount (sold separately). Not compatible with

Roof Mount Kit

Carryout ladder mount. Made in the U.S.A. 5-86003 PA-6002R Pathway X2 Antenna/ DISH ViP 211Z Receiver Bundle

Convert your portable antenna into a permanent roof mount unit with this simple to install roof kit accessory. Remove portable feet and antenna dome; line up roof feet and fasten into place; replace dome antenna and mount on roof 5-82002 RK-2000 Roof Mount Kit $79.49

Use local zip code to obtain azimuth setting from satellite receiver. Aim your dish in the direction indicated by the compass. Easy to read instructions printed on compass. 5-84181 SC-2000 Satellite Compass $14.39


5-86002 PA-6002 Pathway X2 Portable Antenna


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