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Mini-Dish Drainer & Tray

Adjustable Cutlery Tray

Chef Style Knife Safe Camco's Large Knife Safe frees up valuable drawer and counter space

in your RV. It gives you convenient, safe access to your kitchen knives. The knife safe safely stores 2 larger chef-style knives, accommodating 2-1/4-inch and 2-1/2-inch blades. It features raised partitions to protect fingers from sharp edges

Fits RV sinks and is sized just right for limited counter space. Sloped drainer tray keeps counters dry. Drain tray snaps on top of rack for handy storage. Durable heavy duty construction. 1-05511 43511 Drainer W/Tray $10.49

Camco's RV Adjustable Cutlery Tray organizes and stores your kitchen flatware. It is sized to fit into RV drawers and is perfect for apartments & small homes. The tray slides out from both sides for an easy, custom fit. It adjusts from 9-inches to 13-inches x 1.75-inches tall. Constructed of durable plastic. 1-03504 43504 Adjustable Cutlery Tray, Black $17.35


and points. It mounts to your cabinet door on any smooth wood or metal surface; all mounting hardware is included. Made in the USA. 1-03587 43587 Large Knife Safe For Wide Chef-Style Knives, Beige $8.59

Mini-Dish Pan

Utensil Holder

Cookie Cutter

Fits RV & marine sinks, helps conserve water, "just right" size for washing dishes, durable heavy duty construction. 1-05516 43516 RV/Marine Mini Dish Pan $8.25

Cutlery Tray

Keep your kitchen utensils from moving around on your RV's or boat's counter during travel with Camco's Mechanical Suction Cup Utensil Holder. It's specifically designed for compact spaces and is perfect for RVs and boats. The utensil holder suctions tightly with a mechanical suction cup design, securing your kitchen utensils while your RV or boat is in motion. 1-03816 43816 Suction Cup Utensil Holder, Gray $6.99

Perfect for Making Decorative Cookies: Great for RV enthusiasts. Unique Design: Features (2) unique camp themed shapes. Food Safe: Made from food safe plastic. Measurements: RV: 4-inches x 2-3/4 inches; Campfire: 3-inches x 3-3/4-inches. Quantity: (2) cookie cutters per pack (1 campfire and 1 RV) 1-03369 53369 Life Is Better at the Campsite Cookie Cutters, 2 pk $3.49

Economical cutlery tray fits easily into RV drawers to keep your flatware organized. Compact 7" x 11" size. 1-05508 43508 Cutlery Tray $5.59

Knife Safe

Can Holder

Cutlery Tray

Camco's Life is Better at the Campsite Can Holder is perfect for RV enthusiasts. It keeps your drink cold while keeping your hand warm and free of condensation. The sleeve is made of soft, resilient neoprene that is easy to grip. For 12 oz cans. 1-03247 53247 LIBATC Can Holder, Navy And Yellow Seal $4.79 1-03248 53248 LIBATC Can Holder, Burgundy Sunrise $4.79 1-03249 53249 LIBATC Can Holder, Teal Logo $4.79

Frees up valuable drawer and counter space. Gives you convenient, safe access to your kitchen knives. Holds

Economical RV Cutlery Tray: Keeps your flatware organized. Compatibility: Fits most RV drawers. Features: 4 compartments store various silverware; a mesh design on the bottom helps prevent crumbs and grime from collecting within the tray. Compact Size: Measures 12-inches (L) x 7-inches (W) x 1 9/16-inches (H) 1-05509 43509 Cutlery Tray, Black $5.59

seven knives up to 2 inches wide. 1-37583 43583 Knife Safe- Bone 1-03581 43581 Knife Safe, White, 9 X 11 X 5/8 1-03585 43585 Knife Safe, Gray, 9 X 11 X 5/8

$9.69 $9.69


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