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Solera Universal Slide-Out Fabric

Awning Repair Tape

Awning Cleaner Restores the appearance of RV awnings Removes mold stains, dirt, tree sap and road grime Safe for all fabrics Professional Strength.

3-01024 41024 Awning Cleaner-32 oz 3-01028 41028 Awning Cleaner-Gallon




The Solera universal slide-out fabric is designed to be cut to fit to the size of the slide-out. Box contains 50' of material with bead on both sides of fabric to fit any slide-out. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of- the-art technology and with customers in mind. Black or White in a dispenser box. 6-02253 432253 50' Slide Topper Fabric - Black $229.99 6-02252 432252 50' Slide Topper Fabric - White $229.99

Permanent repair for rips and punctures. Aggressive adhesive resists tearing in any direction. Use for RV awnings, boat sails, canvas, tents, rain wear, backpacks, pool covers and liners, seat covers, popup campers and more. 4-05623 42623 Awning Repair Tape - 5" x 15' $18.09 4-05613 42613 Awning Repair Tape - 3” x 15’ $16.25

Awning Roller Protect your awning fabric from rips, tears or scuffs that can be made by entry and screen doors. Heavy duty, extra wide

plastic roller mounts easily to any entry door and special plastic disk to your screen door (pkg. only). 4-15004 05004 Awning Saver Permanent, Pkg. $9.39

Premium RV Awning Cleaner

VLP Vinyl Repair A high-strength, flexible adhesive designed to mend rips, tears and small holes on most types of flexible vinyl surfaces. High-strength formula: stronger than original vinyl. Versatile: Use on all vinyl, leather and fabric. Flexible: weather resistant; waterproof formula won't become brittle. Clear: resists yellowing, matches all colors 8 oz. tubes. 4-99001 61Z09 VLP Liquid Vinyl

Awning Door Roller Ball

Open your door without the worry of damaging your awning. Camco's

RV Awning Door Roller ™ mounts directly on your door to protect your awning from wear and tear. Innovative roller-ball design rotates 360° to follow the arch of the door. Includes Screen Door Slider and mounting hardware. 4-05002 42005 Awning Door Roller Ball W/ Screen Door Slide

Specially formulated to remove mold and mildew stains, dirt, tree sap and grime on and under awnings. Helps keep awnings looking as good as new. Protects against damaging effects of the sun's rays, weathering and salt. 100% biodegradable. 32518 6 per case, 32519 4 per case. 3-60518 32518 Awning Cleaner 32-Oz $7.99 3-60519 32519 Awning Cleaner 1-Gallon $25.49



3" Awning Repair Tape This emergency repair tape offers the utmost in durability, strength and unbelievable aggressive adhesive, even on damp surfaces. This product offers so much emergency protection that it should be

Screen Door Awning Saver

Awning Water Proofer

RV Awning Waterproofer waterproofs and protects fabrics. Also great for outdoor furniture, pop-up campers, RV covers and tents. Restores water repellent qualities to fabric; lasts through several washings. 4 per case. 4-05072 41072 RV Awning Waterproofer 22-Fl Oz

carried as a vital part in any repair kit or tool box. Great for auto, boat, RV, hunting, farm equipment and backpackers. Shelf talker display contains 8 units. 4-82848 RE3848 Clear 3" x 15' Tape $18.19 4-82016 ST6016 8 Piece Tape Display $135.49

Keep the sharp corner of your screen door from tearing your expensive awning. Snaps on quickly and easily without tools and fits most screen doors. 2 per pack. 4-05073 42073 Screen door saver $0.99


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