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De-Flapper Max

Awning Tie Down System

Spiral Anchor Secure your pet outside. Works well in all kinds of soil; ideal for securing in sandy areas. Swivel ring helps prevent your pet's chain from becoming wrapped around the stake. Sold each in bulk.


The De-Flapper Max provides maximum protection from rips and tears. The de-flapper proves secure holding power and easy releases. The soft pads grip without marring, staining, sticking or slipping. No holes, notches or rivets required to assemble. Easy to use velcro strapping holds the De-Flapper Max in place. 2 per pkg. 4-05251 42251 De-Flapper Max $27.99 4-05004 42243 DeFlapper Max Replacement Straps $8.75

4-05572 42572 Spiral Anchor


Hooks into roller tube of your awning. Fully rotates awning tube to keep fabric tight. Simply unhooks for quick awning takedown. Keeps tie down pressure on main support. 4-09002 A30-0200 Tie Down Kit $26.49

Awning Hold Down Strap Kit

De-Flapper For RV Awnings

Awning Stabilizer Kit

Secure your awning in breezy conditions through evenly distributed tension. Fits awnings up to 25'. 4-05514 42514 Strap Kit $21.59

Protect your valuable RV awning from costly rips and tears while preventing noisy wind flapping. De-Flapper holds securely with hook-and loop fastener straps. Made of durable nylon with UV stabilizers, chemically resistant and rust proof. Universal fit. Soft, non-marring grippers protect awning fabric. Can be used with screen room in place. Patented. 2 per pkg. 4-05063 42061 Awning De-Flapper $16.75 4-05083 42083 Replacement Straps for De- Flapper 2-Pack $6.99

Fits all awning sizes. Perfect for use at the beach. Spiral stakes work well in all types of soil. Many other uses in securing volleyball poles, dining flies or canopies. 4-05563 42563 Awning Tie Down Kit $18.49

Power Hook Awning Tensioner

Reduce the noise of flapping fabric without stakes or anchors. The Power Hook awning tensioner pulls your awning roller taut. Easy installation requires no tools and attaches to all existing awning hardware. 4-05013 42013 Awning Tensioner $27.49

Awning Stabilizer Kit W/Tension Strap

Awning Saver Clamp

Awning Tie Down Kit

Extra holding power of spiral stakes works well in all kinds of soil and

The best and easiest-to-use device for wind control. Secures tightly to the side arms of awnings to prevent wind flapping and accidental rips or tears. Will not harm fabric. No parts to replace. High strength plastic clamps come with a lifetime warranty. Fits most awnings. 2/ pkg. 4-12253 A10253 White 2-Pack $17.89

makes this unit ideal for uses in sandy soil. Sturdy Tension strap makes securing your awning easy. Kit stores compactly and fits all awning sizes. Perfect for use at the beach. 4-05593 42593 Awning Stabilizer W/Tension Strap $37.49

Heavy duty awning tie down, secures awning in high wind conditions. Uses heavy duty nylon strap, 2 steel stakes and awning tension spring. Fits awnings up to 25'. 4-16004 09253 Tie Down Kit $30.99

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