Wilkins 2022 RV Parts Accessories



Turn Buttons Turn Buttons. Use for curtains, canvas covers, etc. 4 Per Pack.

Drawer Slide Kit Includes drawer slide, rear socket and two corner slides with a 24" rail. Rail may be cut.

Tubmaster Roller

3-93308 A308 4 Sets


RV Designer H573 Tubmaster Rollers - 2 Pack are used with RV window curtains. Tubmaster Rollers allow you to easily open and close your shower doors. 3-91573 H573 Tub Master Roller, 2-Per Pack $12.99

3-93603 H303 24" Rails



Drawer Slide Sockets

Slide Door Wheels

Window Latch Set

This left and right socket set comes with a 4-way adjustable base and mounting screws. Fits the small C-shaped style sized rails. Bracket measures 2" High x 1-3/4" Wide and 3/4" High inside. 3-91306 H306 Drawer Slide Sockets - Small "C" Shape $8.49

RV Designer Sliding Door Wheels & Hanger. Packaged 2. 3-91530 H530 Sliding Door Guide Wheels & Hanger, 2-Per Pack $19.59

• Replaces emergency RV window latches. • Similar to Hehr branded latches. • Mounting screws included. 3-11925 81925 Emergency Window Latch Set - Plastic $11.49

Drawer Slide Sockets

Slide Door Glide

Shade/Blind Knob

3-93305 H305 Sockets C Shape, 1 Pk


Drawer Slide Sockets

Sliding door guides are used with pocket and sliding doors to keep the bottom from swinging.

• Fits most standard crank type windows. • Knob must project past window frame 1/4". • Mounting screw included. 3-11895 81895 Blind/Shade Knob, pkg

3-91528 H528 Sliding Door Guide



3-93307 H307 Sockets "?" Shape 1 Pk.


Slide Mirror Latch

Drawer Slide Drawer Slide Sockets - Metal - 1-7/8" or 1-1/2".

Shower Curtain Rings

The RV Designer H527 Sliding Mirrored Door Latch - White is a universal tool that is used to keep doors closed while traveling. It works on RV sliding mirror doors. 3-91527 H527 Sliding Mirrored Door Latch - Universal $8.49

3-91325 H325 Drawer Slide Sockets Metal - 1 7/8" 3-91326 H326 Drawer Slide Sockets Metal - 1 1/2"



3-16557 81665 Metal Shower Curtain Rings, 12-Per Pack


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