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Sliding Door Hanger

Door Carrier •Used on most accordion doors in RVs. •Additional attaching fasteners may be required.

Door Bumper Universal Door Bumper can

be installed anywhere doors or cabinets can come into contact with stationary items. It is constructed of white polymer rubber to provide excellent protection and is easily installed using the peel and stick adhesive backing. 2" diameter. 3-16462 20625 White Door Bumper $4.25


3-11865 81865 Door Carrier, 14/pkg


Used most commonly on pocket style and sliding doors. The unit is mounted to the top of this style of door to provide a smooth operation. 3-16616 20565 Sliding Door Hanger $13.75

Adjustable Door Guide

Universal Door Security Strap

Top Wardrobe Door Hanger These are factory replacement wardrobe rollers that are installed on the upper portion of most mirrored RV closet doors. These are fully adjustable to provide the proper alignment and tension for the doors to operate smoothly. 3-16617 20575 Top Wardrobe Door Hanger $10.25

Universal security straps are designed to keep doors in the open position while traveling. These straps are 18" long and can be cut to fit. Comes complete with everything you need to make a professional decorative installation. 3-16461 20615 Universal Door Security Strap $8.15

The door guide is found on most pocket style or sliding doors. It is used to keep the bottom of these style doors aligned for smooth operation and to lessen the noise or wear caused by the wall or pockets. It is adjustable for a variety of door sizes. 3-16619 20595 Sliding/Pocket Door Guide $6.15

Door/Drawer Bumpers

Bottom Wardrobe Door Guide

Closet Pole Socket Set

These are factory replacement bottom door guides for most mirrored wardrobe doors. These are installed in the floor track and on the bottom of the doors to provide smooth operations. 3-16618 20585 Bottom Wardrobe Door Guide $11.15

Bumper guards will protect walls and any surfaces that a door or drawer comes in contact with. 12/pkg. 3-16511 71015 1/2" Door/Drawer Bumpers $4.15

These plastic closet sockets are used to hold any style closet rod. They are secured to the sides of the closet using the supplied screws. 3-16459 20535 Closet Pole Socket Set $4.39

Folding Door Latch

Roller Catch W/Clip

Closet Door Bumper This is a universal door bumper used most often with sliding

•Used on most accordion doors in RVs. •Requires 1/2" deep cutout in door or jamb. •Mounting screws included. 3-11855 81855 Folding Door Latch/Strike

closet doors. It is easily installed anywhere the door comes into contact with the wall or metal frame to prevent damage. 3-16460 20545 Closet Door Bumper $3.39

Roller friction catch with clip, 1 per package. 3-16478 70225 Double Roller Cabinet Catch W/Clip



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