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Door Holder - Metal/Plastic

Spring Loaded Door Holder

Plunger Door Holders

One of the most popular door holders used today. The male end is constructed of zinc plated steel for rust resistance and durability. The C-Clip socket is plastic. Replaces the "Kwikee Grip-O" style door holder. 3-62545 10545 3" Door Holder $7.69

2" spring loaded H.D. door holder. Constructed of die cast aluminum. Mounting screws included. 3-62203 10335 2" Spring Loaded H.D. Door Holder $17.99

RV Designer Plunger Entry Door Holder. Metal plunger is held by round rubber socket. Screws included. Pack of 1. 3-90253 E253 Entry Door Holder - Metal Plunger - 4 3/4" $10.25

Angled Door Holder

4" Spring Loaded Door Holder

C-Clip Door Hold Back Replacement door clip (female),

plastic. White. 2 per package.

• 4" Spring Loaded Door Holder • Constructed of die cast aluminum • Mounting screws included • Lifetime Warranty 3-62205 10345 Spring Loaded HD Door Holder

3-62395 10394PW Socket Only Polar White 2/Pack


Entry door holder with metal plunger and round rubber socket Zinc base 3-90257 E257 Entry Door Holder, Metal Plunger - 4 3/4" Angled, 1-Per Pack $10.25


Bumper Catch

C-Clip Door Holders

Pivoting Door Holder This door holder uses a polymer plastic receiver that can be adjusted to the amount of strength needed. The arm is designed to pivot so that it can be folded out of the way when not in use. Built of durable zinc plated steel. 3-62645 10645 3-1/2" Door Holder

Metal entry door holder with bumper Use to hold entry door in open position 3-90261 E261 Entry Door Holder With Bumper 2 1/2"

3-90241 E241 Entry Door Holder, Plastic Clip - 3", White, 1-Per Pack 3-90243 E243 Entry Door Holder, Plastic Clip - 3", Colonial White, 1-Per Pack 3-90247 E247 Entry Door Holder, Plastic Clip - 5 1/2", White, 1-Per Pack






Bumper Door Holder

Plunger Door Stop Angled/ Straight Original replacement plunger style door holder. Constructed of zinc plated steel for long life. 3-62305 10304 3" Angled

Door Holder Clip

Made of a unique flexible polymer plastic that will not rust or fade, providing a secure catch when connected. Doubles as a bumper when not in the catch position, reducing damage to your unit from the door. Measures: 1-1/2"Tall x 1-1/4"Dia. 3-62665 10665 Door Holder $10.25

$10.15 $10.15

3-62314 10314 4-3/4" Angled 3-62404 10404 Rubber Socket 3-62284 10284 3" Straight 3-62294 10294 4-3/4" Straight

3-90242 E242 Entry Door Holder, Clip Only - Plastic, White, 2-Per Pack 3-90244 E244 Entry Door Holder, Clip Only - Plastic, Colonial White, 2-Per Pack



$10.15 $10.15


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