Wilkins 2022 RV Parts Accessories



Deluxe Screen Door Grill

Fleetwood Style Door Holder

This rust resistant stainless steel T-style door holder will replace any type of door holder. 3-16421 10615 4" Stainless Steel Fleetwood Style Door Holder $13.69

Add stability and avoid repairs to your screen door. The push bar installs easily and adjusts from 20" to 32". 3-05971 43971 Aluminum Push Bar $46.49 3-05977 43977 White Push Bar $52.99

Protect your screen and add a decorative touch with sturdy grill work. Installs easily and adjusts from 20" to 32". 1-05991 43991 Door Grill, Mill Finish

$96.49 $111.49 $107.49

3-05997 43997 Door Grill, White 3-03993 43993 Door Grill, Black

Metal T-Style Door Holder

Screen Door Cross Bar

Will replace any type of door holder. Constructed of a durable steel with zinc plating for long life. 3-62139 10495 4" Door Holder $7.49 3-62505 10505 6" Door Holder $9.15

Standard Screen Door Grill

Sturdy Push Bar allows for easier exit and protection of your RV screen door. Adds a sturdy feel to your door and saves repairs to screens. Adjusts from 20.25" to 28". Easy installation, hardware included. 3-05183 42183 Black Push Bar $21.19 3-05186 42186 White Push Bar $21.19

Stainless Steel T-Style Door Holder

Installs easily to protect your screen from costly damage. Standard Grille adjusts from 20"-29" with easy installation, hardware included. Mill finish. 1-05980 43980 Door Grill $65.49

This rust resistant stainless steel T-style door holder will replace any type of door holder. 3-62595 10515 4" Stainless Steel $17.49 3-62525 10525 6" Stainless Steel $19.25

Screen Door X-Bar

Ultimate Door Holder

Metal T-Style Door Holder

The RV Screen Door Cross Bar not only makes your screen door feel sturdier, but it also helps protect your screen from being torn and punctured by providing an easier grip for exiting. The RV Screen Door Cross Bar extends to fit most RV screen doors. It also includes a mounting template and all the hardware needed to help with installation. Once it is installed, it is durable enough to stay in place and truly last. Adjustable 21-5/8"- 28-5/8" 3-02189 42189 Screen Door Cross Bar,White $42.49 3-02188 42188 Screen Door Cross Bar,Black $42.49

Made of durable plastic for long life. Specially designed holding rod uses the T-style idea, improving it by using round ball type ends, giving it a larger radius of fit and flexibility. Comes with attachment to keep rod securely in place. 3-62465 10465 4" Polar White $7.99 3-62475 10475 6" Polar White $8.25 3-62048 10482 10" Polar White $8.49

Constructed of zinc plated steel for longer life, Great for getting around obstacles like awning arms, mounting screws included. 3-11755 11755 45° T-Style Door Holder, Zinc $10.15 3-16755 11765 45° T-Style Door Holder, Stainless Steel $17.09

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