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MagDaleno also reached the All-Region Choir for Frassati Catholic as well. The choir was also excited about per forming the piece Psalm 150 this past year, which was sung completely in Latin. “I think it is absolutely stunning,” DeGraaf said of Psalm 150 . “It is one of the best pieces we’ve taken on here at Frassati.” On the theatre stage, Frassati students per formed the Sound of Music this past year and this fall will per form Little Women with the hopes of adding a play to the spring lineup in April. The ensemble also provides enter tainment throughout the year at different school events including pep rallies. “ That ’s the best par t of this whole thing,” Garrett Fruge, who plays bass, said. “Just getting together with everyone in the ensemble and seeing the school listen to us and enjoy it .”

THE FINE ARTS PROGRAM AT FRASSATI CATHOLIC IS EXCELLING NO MATTER WHAT AREA YOU LOOK INTO, WHETHER THAT BE CHOIR, THEATRE AND EVEN THE ENSEMBLE. This past year eight Falcons received superior ratings at TPSMEA State Solo and Ensemble: Lorelei Hoff ‘25, Bianca Marsan ‘23, Elizabeth Abib ‘23, Annie Far fan ‘23, Mason Sex ton ‘23, Tiffany Twellman ‘23, Ren MagDaleno ‘23 and Ashling DeGraaf ‘22 . DeGraaf was one of the Frassatic Catholic singers to make the All-State Choir along with Sarah Page. “It was a thrilling experience,” DeGraaf said. “I made All-State last year but we didn’ t have an oppor tunity to attend in person. So, this year was just incredible getting to meet a lot of students like myself who take singing seriously and want to pursue it even fur ther.” Page added, “Going to All State was my favorite memory.”

Elizabeth Schramm

Annie Farfan, Ashling DeGraaf, Ren MagDaleno, Lorelei Hoff, Elias Nolin, Sarah Page and Bianca Marsan

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