VYPE Frassati Catholic August 2022

home base for cheer, we can generate more energy since there is a place where energy can be held,” Amelia Payan said. Not only will this create more unity, but an increase in enrollment . Outdoor spor ts are very impor tant where we live and having a stadium will be a game changer and motivate more people to come to Frassati Catholic. For Homecoming 2021, 400 students willingly drove to Rosehill for the game. Imagine how much easier it will be having access to games right nex t to us. Timothy Lienhard states, “I think it ’s going to make a huge difference in our enrollment because the type of people that are going to come to these games are not only people in our community but people in middle school and even parents with young kids who want to do something on Friday night .” The stadium will expand our community and bring our school together, so whether you are a student , athlete or teacher, get pumped and be ready to cheer on our Falcons on our very own home field.

V O I C E S I N T H E S T A N D S “Having our own field will bring us closer as a school by resulting in a bigger turnout at home games and a more supportive atmosphere that comes along with a schoolwide pride for our wins.” - Ella Valdez “I’m excited for a non-bumpy field and a better environment.” - Luke Tucker “I’m excited to have another place where our community can be together and have somewhere else to gather.” - Dr. Cody Medina

A U G 2022 \\ F R A S S AT I C ATH O L I C \\ 17

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